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Today I went to see Choti Khala, I had to apologise to her for how she has been treated. It’s not right what the family does to her. She was in tears when I apologised and told her that she didn’t need to ask permission to come see us, she can come whenever she wants to. She said that she has never been treated so nice by anyone in the family before, because of her husband being poor, her family always put her down.
Her brother-in-laws and nephews and nieces all witnessed how she was being treated and also treated her and her family the same way. I couldn’t believe my ears, it was like a nasty dream. How can people treat others like this, just because they got no money. I bet if Choti Khala has to get a smart car or buy a smart house then everyone will treat her different. 
When I got home, my Mum said that Ahmed’s cousin had dropped of the salads and some baking for the night. I invited my neighbours also for the khatam and braai, I hope they all make it. Sabiha came over to see if we needed any help. The khatam was after Asr, so I wasn’t stressing at all. Shiraaz brought take-aways so we didn’t have to stress about lunch. 
I’m glad Sabiha and Shiraaz are around, when Ahmed goes away I won’t be so scared to stay alone. After Asr everyone started to come. I was panicking but wasn’t showing it. The ladies all sat in the TV room and the men sat in the guest lounge. I was glad we started on time and everything went smoothly. 
Just before the khatam could finish my Inlaws pitched up. I knew they would do that to us. My mother-in-law came in and the first thing she said to me, ‘ Don’t worry, we staying at my sisters place.’ That was not even an issue, our house is so big, we can cater for both families. Ahmed and I bought mattresses and each room besides our room has a sleeper couch. 
I didn’t want to say anything to her because everyone was sitting in the room. I thought I would just tell Ahmed to tell her that they don’t have to stay somewhere else when we have space. Anyways we were only using three rooms, there are still two rooms available. Unless they staying there, because we have my parents over. 
Eish, Inlaws and their drama’s. I really don’t have the energy to deal with all their drama’s. I’m going to leave Ahmed to deal with it. Anyways, coming back to the function, my brother read a few naats and then he read salaami and my cousin read the dua. While all this was happening we had the caterers start the fire and get everything set up.
By the time we finish with the khatam it was already maghrib. The men read Salaah where they were and ladies read in the lounge. The meat was put on while we read Salaah. I don’t know about anyone else but I was hungry. The braai was lovely, the meat was well marinated and the caterers did a lovely job braaing. 
After the braai we served desserts, tea and cakes and biscuits. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Tomorrow we had planned to go shopping with Ziyaad and Yaseen but now my inlaws are around and I don’t think we will end up going. I spoke to Ahmed, I told him what his mother said and that he should suggest that they sleep here. Ahmed said I shouldn’t tell them to sleep by us because they will just spoil our plans for the next day. 
When he saw his mother, this is what he said to her, ‘Mum, how can you’ll just come without telling us, you know my inlaws are here and you just pitched up, now they thinking that they should rather go, I can’t let them go, we have made plans with them tomorrow, I can’t just tell them we not going because you came, you tell others to let you know when they come to you but you couldn’t tell me. 
He could be making things worst, I feel he shouldn’t of spoken to his mother like that. But I know what he is trying to do, he is trying to make her see how she makes others feel, especially her sister. After everyone left, my mother-in-law said they were leaving, my Mum told them to stay but Aunty Shenaaz said no, they had to go stay by her sister because she promised them. 
I didn’t want it to seem like I told Ahmed anything or like I didn’t say anything, because I know she will turn around and say, ‘You didn’t stop us when we were going to stay by my sister.’ It will then become my fault and blame will be put in my family. So I told them to stay, I even said we not short of space, they will have their own rooms. 
They didn’t want to listen so I left it, when they left my Mum asked Ahmed why he didn’t stop them. He told my Mum that he asked his mother to go and the reason behind why he did so. Nomsa and Thandi cleaned up and washed all the dishes. Nomsa said I should leave the inside, she will clean up in the morning. 
I was too tired anyway to do anything, I was just dragging myself through the night. Today I just wanted to put my head on the pillow and fall asleep, I didn’t want to talk. Ahmed was exhausted himself so he also wanted to go straight to bed. My family will be here for a few days and then they will go back. 
We just need to get the most important, their clothing sorted and then we can shop for the rest as I can get the rest when they gone. Good thing about being in Lenz, a lot of the things I need are sold around here. I might just have to go out of Lenz for the things I don’t get here. Sabiha and Shiraaz are joining us for shopping. 
They have become a part of our family, my Mum asks Sabiha about things more than she asks me. My mother-in-law called and asked Ahmed what we were doing today, it’s strange because he told her last night that we got plans with my family today. I don’t know what is on her mind or if she just forgot. 
Slowly I’m getting to figure out that my mother-in-law puts an act of innocence on a lot of the times. I will have to learn how to deal with it, I’m not use to people like her, I’ve never been exposed to such people. I haven’t told Ahmed how she carried on when she came, in front of everyone she made like I didn’t want her around or I had a problem with her. 
Today we left early and had breakfast in Fordsburg, we went to see if we can get anything for Ziyaad and Yaseen. They don’t even know what they want to wear. I thought maybe we should go to Sandton, we went to a few shops at the Oriental plaza and then I suggested we go to Sandton. It would be easier to get something there. 
I’ve been with Ahmed to Sandton and he does all his shopping there. We decided to pay a visit to Carlo Pignatelli and Eurosuit. They saw a few things they liked but were not too happy. Ziyaad wanted a Sherwani, Yaseen wanted a suit but at the plaza he saw a few Sherwanis and liked them. I told them not to be in a hurry, we would visit other stores in lenz also and see from there. 

Sabiha, my Mum and I were checking for other things we could get for the wedding. I saw a lovely sari material that would look stunning on Humeira. Ziyaad didn’t like the colour so much, so we had to leave it. I can see my task is not going to be a easy one. I will have to work very hard for both these weddings. I will wreck Faheema’s brains in two weeks time when she comes. 

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So finally the day has arrived, we are finally moving to our new house in a new town. It’s a total change compare to the complex. We will have our own yard, we will probably only see our neighbours when we meet outside. Here in the complex I met my neighbours everyday. But I’m excited to move and experience new things.
We got ready,had breakfast and then left to our new place. The movers said they would be at the house at 7am, so we had to be there before them. I didn’t have to worry about making food or anything because Lenasia or as most people say Lenz, has so many Halaal places we can eat at. 
When we got to the house, the moving company was waiting outside already and so was my Mum’s cousin and her daughters. They told my Mum they were coming to help us. My Mum didn’t want me tiring myself so she agreed to their help. Nomsa came a bit late this morning, Ahmed had her fetch all her things from the place she was staying at. 
She helped me set up the kitchen and then I sent her to get her things sorted out. The rest of the house the movers were sorting out and my Mum and everyone else was supervising. I had everything organised and planned where I wanted things to go, so I didn’t have to be all around at one time. 
We finished unpacking everything and packing by 5pm, I was hoping we finished early so that we didn’t have to work till late and carry on till the next day. I’ve been thinking about a holiday after this move, I really don’t feel that the holiday we had was a real holiday. We fought most of the time and had to cut it short because my mother-in-law got sick. 
I think I have to speak to Ahmed about this. We got Romans pizza for supper, I was too tired to do anything. I must admit the house looks stunning. I never dreamt of having such a house. My favourite is the kitchen of course and the  chandeliers in the guest lounge, the dinning room and the passage at the entrance. 
My bedroom and the baby’s room are my special places. Ahmed has really made me feel like a queen, being in this house is any women’s dream. I’m glad I am experiencing all this with Ahmed. Another day that ended in exhaustion, but it’s all worth it. Ahmed says that this is the start of our life. 
My dad and my brothers are coming over for the weekend. My Mum will go back with them. They will be coming later today, but will be here before Jummah. I’m so excited to have them at our new house. I woke up early, cooked and baked also. I can’t believe there was no baking in my house yesterday. We had shop bought biscuits for the first time in my house. 
My Mum never bought biscuits ever, it’s like a sin for her. I’ve grown up with the habit of baking every few days, I’ve been maintaining that same rule since I moved to Jo’burg. With the move I didn’t get a chance to even think to bake. Ahmed is so use to eating biscuits with his tea that he went to buy biscuits. 
Luckily he didn’t buy a lot and most of it got finished by the workers. My Mum would of freaked, if it stayed over and we were forced to eat it during the weekend. Ahmed decided that since my family is around and we have family in Lenz, we would call them all on Saturday for a small khatam and then a braai. 
I think it’s a good idea, this way we get to invite everyone at once. Before Jummah we went to the butcher with Sabiha, we bought all the meat we need for the braai and I bought a little for the house. With places so close to us, I don’t have to stock up on meat and things for the whole month, I can buy as I need.
My Dad and my brothers got here round 10am, Ahmed took them for a tour of the house, they all were very happy for us. I gave Ahmed the task of calling his family and inviting them for the khatam and braai, my Mum said she would call her family. I didn’t want all the work to be left for one day so I decided to make three desserts today.
The salads I decided to leave to everyone to bring. They all offered so it wasn’t so much for me to do. We catering for 40 people, it’s something big. I’m not worried about the space but to entertain 40 people and since in a panic freak, I will not be at ease until the function is over. Ahmed hires tables and chairs from Kings Function hire in Fordsburg. 
I asked Nomsa to bring someone to work by us, she can’t handle such a big house on her own. So today she brought her friend, they come from the same Township. Ahmed sat with her and interviewed her, he took her ID and details and told her to work for the two days and then we would let her know. We have to do a police clearance, reference checking and so on. 
My Aunty said she will bring her domestic to help by me for Saturday night. My mother-in-law called today, she wanted to know about the khatam and what braai and what times it was and so on. I know when they said they won’t make it but I somehow feel they coming. I told Ahmed I have a feeling they coming, they just not saying. 
After Jummah, my mums cousin Uncle Luqmaan and his family came to visit us, his my Mum’s first cousin, so we pretty close. My Mum’s family is just as close as my Dad’s family, although they live far from each other but they share the same bond my Dad’s family has. My Dad’s family majority stay in the same town. 
Since we moved, our house hasn’t been empty for a minute. I guess because my parents are around all my mums family are coming to see them. Ahmed’s Choti khala called to ask permission to come see us. I felt it strange that she called to ask if it was okay with us if she came to visit us. I did tell Ahmed about it, he didn’t seemed bothered that his Aunty had to call to see if she could come. 
When she came, I had to ask, it was bothering me why she called first, it’s one thing to phone and check if a person is home, but to ask if you can come. Do people really do that? I asked Choti Khala if she calls everyone she visits to find out if she can visit them. She changed the topic, which I found strange. I didn’t ask again, I could see she didn’t want to answer. 
Before we went to bed,i asked Ahmed what’s up with the whole thing of asking if you can visit someone. I told him I asked his Aunty but she changed the topic. So here’s his answer, his mother has always made it clear that people must call them first before they visit so his Aunty must of felt that the same rules apply at his house. 
I felt so bad that his Aunty had to feel like an outsider, it hurt me knowing people treat their family so badly. People only come visit or think of visiting you because they care. I had to make his Aunty know that she is welcome at our place anytime, she doesn’t have to call. 



After supper Ahmed and I went to speak to Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina. We told them about Imraan and Sakina wanting to get married, Sakina is a nice girl and they know that, they’ve met her before. We didn’t have to do much convincing, both of them agreed to meet Sakina’s parents and take it from there. Uncle Abdullah wants us to go with them to see Sakina’s parents. 
Today Ahmed took off to spend the day with me. We planned a picnic at the botanical gardens and then decided to go for a long drive. It was really romantic and absolute fun. We haven’t done something like this in a long time, last I think was Cape Town. Since I’ve left work, Ahmed and I have been spending more time together.
Ahmed is really excited about the baby, we decided already on the nursery for the baby. We chose neutral colours, we have a artist come in and draw some trees and stuff on the wall. Ahmed wants to go tomorrow to buy the furniture and things. I’m really excited, we deciding to get a few things for the new house as well. 
We need a new lounge suites for the guest sitting room, we need coffee tables and side table and all that. We want our house to be fully furnished before the baby comes. After the baby comes we probably won’t have time to go shop for things. I saw some really cute baby clothing the other day, I wanted to buy all the things but I remembered my promise to myself.  
We will not buy anything for the baby as yet. We have both decided that we will only buy things between my 6-8 months pregnancy period, Nothing before and nothing after. My mum will be here by the weekend to sort out and help me move and also to sort out all the wedding shopping. 
Oh My God! I just realised,i will need something to wear for the wedding because I will probably be showing by then. I initially thought I would wear the white and red outfit Ahmed’s mother gave me the wedding time. That would definitely not fit me. This evening, I told Ahmed about my dilemma and he laughed. He clearly doesn’t understand what we women go through.
The whole day out is fun but tiring also. I need all the sleep I can get because my mum will be coming tomorrow and she won’t give me a chance to sleep early. After Esha Ahmed and I sit in bed and spoke about the baby and about our China trip. With children going back to school, everyone is complaining about covering books and how expensive schools have become.
I can’t believe how times have changed, I don’t entirely blame the schools. To provide proper facilities and maintain them it costs a lot. Some parents can’t afford it though and it’s sad. We went to the mall in the afternoon and this lady was in the store buying stationery. The child was reading out the list of things he needs and the mother just kept complaining.
She complained about how the school is taking advantage of parents. How she has to work two jobs just to pay for things. So Ahmed and I were discussing if a person should think bout children only if they can afford the expenses that come with a child. I feel only Allah can give you a child and when He wants to.
I guess we will experience everything now that we having our own child. It will be so different for us by the time our little one is all big and ready for school. Anyways Today I prepared lunch because my mum is coming, Ziyaad is dropping her off. I don’t know how my they going to manage at home without my mum.
Nomsa was here early, she knows my mum is coming so she came in earlier to get things done. Ahmed only woke up at 10am, He went into the shower and then I made breakfast for him. My mum was here shortly after that. Next week we will be sorting out the new house, painting and all that is being done. Then we will move in only after the painting has been done.
My mother-in-law called to see how the things with the house was going on. She tells Ahmed she can send his sisters to help, I was so annoyed because she knows my mum is here to help and Ahmed’s sisters don’t even do work in their own house how will they do by me. They got workers for everything, my mother-in-law does her things on her own but the girls are use to the workers.
Few days has gone by and we have packed all the necessary and important things. Ahmed had the movers come in and move our belongings to the new house. We will be moving in tomorrow, tonight we sleeping by Aunty Rubina. Tomorrow we will be in our new house, Everything will be sorted out and in place by the evening.
Then we can get on with the wedding shopping. Ahmed and I are married only a few months yet we have so many things. Our new furniture has arrived already and we will set up everything tomorrow. That’s when we will know exactly how much things we have. Ahmed’s family is more excited at the fact that we moving closer to them. 
We bought a house in Lenasia, a Indian town in Jo’burg. I am happy that we moving to a Indian town. I grew up in a small town and all my life spent my time with my Indian friends. Being in a white area was always strange for me. My Afrikaans has never been good, so it was always a struggle to speak to Afrikaaners.
One thing which is good, we both have family in Lenasia, yes I haven’t taken Ahmed yet to my family but when we there we will invite them all over. Sabiha is absolutely excited because she is also new to Lenasia, so at least she will have a friend around. We basically neighbour’s since I’m only two houses away from her.
My mum is relieved that I am moving closer to her family. I’m sad because I will be losing out on the weekly community get together. Im going to miss Uncle Abdullah and his family and most of all I am going to miss my friends. I will have to find new friends, I’m actually afraid of the change. 
It’s a big change and so much is happening, the baby, the move, the wedding shopping, the wedding, my Inlaws. I might just end up going crazy. Enough of complaining, I got so much to do tomorrow, I need to plan for that, I doubt I’m going to get much sleep tonight so I better get an early start to it. 



This morning my mother-in-law had to be admitted at 6am, so we all went with her, Ahmed dropped me off at work after she was admitted, then he and my Father-in-law went to the bank to sort out the paper work for the house. Today is my last day at work, a very emotional day for me. I just had to fill out paper work and then my boss organised a small farewell for me. 
I left the office around 11am and went straight to the hospital. My Father-in-law was there alone, he was waiting for Ahmed, who was still busy at the bank. After visiting hours we went home. I cooked supper for us and packed some for my mother-in-law, as well as some snacks. She doesn’t like the food or the things the mobile tuck shop has. 
I didn’t go to the hospital in the evening, I’ve been getting tired very quickly, I don’t know why, my Mum says it’s the pregnancy. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will have to check with my doctor. It’s such a strange feeling, usually after supper I get my clothes and things ready for work the next day, today I’m sitting watching TV. 
Ahmed and his father went to the hospital, they didn’t stay long because the doctors wanted to do some test on my mother-in-law. They looked worried when they came back, I asked what was wrong and Ahmed said, ‘We can’t get the house.’ I asked him why, he couldn’t handle it,he burst out laughing. They were trying to trick me but they couldn’t keep the secret. 
All the paper work has been sent in, now we just have to wait for it all to be finalised. Ahmed’s had his lawyers working on it, they say we can move in within two weeks time. Ahmed said he would get the same movers they hired the last time, they do all the packing and shifting for you. They also unpack how you want things. 
I don’t mind that, I hate the packing and unpacking. It’s the worst of moving and so tiring. Tonight’s discussion before we went to bed was whether we want a boy or girl and names. I think it too soon to choose names, I still haven’t even gotten use to the fact that I’m pregnant. I want a boy first, Ahmed wants a girl. 
From today I’m a housewife, it’s weird, I’m so use to my routine. Anyways I prepared breakfast and then my father-in-law went to the hospital. I had an appointment with the gynaecologist, so Ahmed came with me. On our way to the doctor, something came to my mind, I will be all alone in that big house when Ahmed is away on business. Although Sabiha and Shiraaz are two doors away, it still will get lonely. 
At least in the complex I have Aunty Rubina and them and my friends. I will have to get use to being alone during that time. My doctors appointment went well, I just have to be careful. My resistance is low and I lack energy because of lack of vitamins. I have to watch my diet, take vitamins and take special care, especially around those who are ill.
When we got home, we had lunch and then went to the hospital. My mother-in-law is being discharged today. The doctors will give us the test results in a few days. By the time we got home it was already maghrib, Ahmed and his father went for salaah, my mother-in-law laid in bed, she was exhausted from all the tests. 
I read my salaah and then set the table and then warmed the food. My Father-in-law wanted to visit one of his friends, so Ahmed took him after supper. I cleaned up and then went to check on my Mother-in-law. She was on the phone with someone so I left. Ahmed and his father only came back after Esha. 
With all the running around I needed to just get in bed. My Mother-in-law seemed a bit different today, I don’t know what it is but she was acting funny when she got off the call. I didn’t ask because I’m avoiding any conflict. At the moment all I’m focusing on is my marriage, my baby and the new home we getting. 
I didn’t tell Ahmed anything, I will if it happens again. I don’t want  to create a problem if it’s not there. Anyways Today Ahmed had to go to the office so I was alone with his parents. I spent most of the day in the kitchen, I cooked for lunch and supper and then I baked. My Inlaws went to the mall so at least I had some time alone. 
After lunch I went with the driver to the Oriental plaza to do some wedding shopping. We don’t have much time left so I want to get as much done as possible. Ahmed met me at the plaza and then we continued shopping. Then we went to the mall to meet his parents for coffee.
After coffee, we walked around the mall. Ahmed only wanted to see baby things, I think it’s too early to start buying things for the baby. Ahmed’s parents are leaving tomorrow so I decided to get gifts for his sisters. We got home, had supper and then Ahmed and I went to meet the owners of the house we buying. 
They wanted to show us a few things in the house. When we got home, my mother-in-laws some family was there. They came to see them. I didn’t know but they stay in the complex down the road, well I’m not that bad Ahmed didn’t know either. When they left we spent some time with my Inlaws since they were leaving in the morning. 
I’m going to be home alone from tomorrow, well Nomsa will be here. I gave my mother-in-law the gifts for my sister-in-laws. Before we could go to bed, my mother-in-law asked if we were going to attend the wedding that’s coming up in two weeks. Ahmed’s cousin is getting married, the wedding is in Roshnee. 
Ahmed told me about the wedding and I want to go but he doesn’t like the boys family so he doesn’t want to go. He did business with them once and they did him down. Ahmed didn’t answer and walked out, I told my father-in-law why Ahmed doesn’t want to go. I will have to get him to agree, it’s his father’s brothers daughter, his first cousin, he can’t not attend. 
This morning my Inlaws left, I must say although it was nice having them over, it was stressful as well. I didn’t know if my mother-in-law would react to anything or pick a fight, so I was on my nerves. Anyways tonight Ahmed and I are going to speak to Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina about Imraan and Sakina.  
I was telling Nomsa that we going to be moving and I want her to work there as a stay-in domestic and I need her to find someone who is trustable to work with her also as a stay-in. Last night we got the keys to the house, so we will be moving soon. My mum said she will come stay by us until the house is sorted.  

I’m not really worried about packing and unpacking because we getting movers. It’s just sorting the things out, seeing to the movers, all the odd work. Ahmed will be around but I don’t want to pressurise him, he has to prepare for a presentation he is having in a few weeks time in China. I will be going with him to China, it’s just for two days though. 



Before I left for work, Ahmed reminded me about my resignation. I feel so down today, how am I going to tell such a lovely boss that I’m resigning. I have to do it though. The whole morning I thought about what I would say. After lunch the first thing I did was call my boss and tell him, I’m resigning, he was not happy but after I told him why, he understood and was happy for me. 
He said I didn’t have to work for a month, I should just wait until the manager from our other branch comes this side. Ahmed called to check how I was doing, I told him the good news. He was very happy that I didn’t have to work anymore. The other manager will be here on Monday, my boss will explain to him about all the clients here in gauteng. I will just have to go in on Monday to welcome them and then I can leave.
I must admit it will be nice to be at home and take care of my family. I always admired my Mum for sacrificing her career to look after us. My Mum is actually a lawyer by profession, when my Mum was pregnant with Faheema she decided to quit her career and be a stay at home mum. She always says she never regrets giving up her career. 
Ahmed called and asked me to pick up his mum’s reports from the hospital, so I picked them up on my way home. Ahmed’s parents have been really stressed the past few days so we decided to take them out for supper. So we went to Rosebank, the food and company were both lovely. When we got home Uncle Ashraf said they were going to Lenasia to visit family and wanted to know if we wanted to join. 
I thought it was a great idea, I haven’t really met any of Ahmed’s family, besides for the wedding day, I don’t remember any of them though. Sabiha and Shiraaz came to visit, All of a sudden Ebrahim refuses to come to me. Aunty Shenaaz said it’s because he is jealous, he senses that someone is going to take his place. I don’t know how true that is, it’s weird though. 
After they left, we all went to bed, Ahmed said we should leave early so we can do some shopping and visit everyone. Today like everyday, Ahmed and I sat and spoke first before we went to bed. Ahmed wants to move, he said we should buy a house and he has seen one, Shiraaz told him about it, it’s two doors away from Shiraaz. 
I like where we living but it is small for us, when everyone comes over its a bit cramped, we all can’t sit in the lounge together, it’s too small. So we decided we would go and see the place on Monday together. I told him to make an appointment with the agent for Monday after lunch. With the baby we definitely need a bigger place. I’ll be sad to leave Aunty Rubina.
We left to Lenasia this morning around 8am. We first went to my mother-in-laws sister Choti Khala, she has two daughters, she invited us for breakfast. She is nothing like my mother-in-law. She is so welcoming and warm, she is also very sweet and not chicky like my mother-in-law. They not very well to do, they live in a two bedroom flat. 
Ahmed said he didn’t know how his mother agreed to have breakfast there, she is very particular and never goes to them for meals. She visits them but usually they all sit outside. She always complains about their house being small and crowded. I felt so bad for his Choti khala, she was doing her best but my mother-in-law kept putting her down. For Ahmed and his father this is normal, for me it’s not. 
How can you go to someone else’s house and complain and comment on how they live. She didn’t even leave the children. “Some habits die off hard.” Choti khala is the only sister that’s not rich, so I don’t think my mother-in-law will have a problem at her other sisters. After breakfast we left to do some shopping. My mother-in-law wanted to go to the Islamic shops that sell Abayas and scarves. 
After we shopped we went to visit Ahmed Nana and Nani. We spent some time with them and then we went to see his father’s sister. Ahmed’s Amina Phoopi, she is the only sister, so she gets spoilt by the brothers. She has three children, two sons and one daughter, sons are married. I fell in love with her house, it’s just so beautiful. Her kitchen is something out of a magazine. 
We had lunch with them, which was a five star course. After lunch we went to Ahmed’s cousins house. I was exhausted by then, I just wanted to go home. My mother-in-law still wanted to go few places so we had to just drag along. Shew I didn’t know they had so much family in Lenasia. It took us the whole day just visiting. 
We finally got home just after 9pm. I was exhausted, I just needed my bed. Luckily tomorrow is Sunday so we can relax at home. Ahmed said he confirmed with the agent about the house and we don’t have to wait until Monday, we can go tomorrow to see the house. I’m excited but sad to leave my place. I’m so comfortable in my place. The company will also need the place for the new manager so I will have to move soon. 
This morning my mother-in-law was awake before everyone, she made breakfast for us. I felt so bad that she made breakfast. She is not well and she is busy working in my house. After breakfast we went to the mall to get some things for my mother-in-law, she will have to be admitted to hospital on Monday morning. 
On our way back from the mall, we decided to go check out the house. The kitchen had shiny wooden floors, dark brown cupboards, silver appliances on one side is a round counter top with a basin and cupboards around, then on the other side is a breakfast nook, the kitchen is huge, the rest of the rooms were also huge. 
The lounge, you can fit three sets of lounge suites in it. There are 5 bedrooms, all the bedrooms are nice with built-in cupboards and all with ensuite, there’s a separate bathroom downstairs for guests. The bedrooms are all upstairs. I love the big windows and the view from the rooms at the back, the bathrooms got both shower and bath tubs, two bathrooms got jacuzzi’s.  
Just walking around the house, I’m already in love with this house. It’s huge though and we just two of us. Ahmed definitely wants to buy this house, he keeps saying, ‘This is the one, we buying this one.’ I would need three domestic workers to clean this house. I love the neighbourhood and location of the house. 
The property is huge as well, it has a pool, my problem is the price. Ahmed has no problem with the price. I told the agent we would let her know, we need to discuss this. When we got home, My Father-in-law asked if I liked the house, I told him I did, then he wanted to know why did I tell the agent we would let her know. If we like the house we should buy it, he said. 
I’m not sure if spending so much on a house is a good idea. My Father-in-law said I should not think about now but about the future. If we have more children we will need a bigger place. The rest of the day we spent relaxing. Ahmed kept talking about the house though, he wanted me to say yes to the house. I have never spent so much money on anything. 
My mother-in-law came to speak to me about the house when I was alone in the kitchen. She tried to convince me to take the house, she shared with me how she felt the same when they bought their house. But she gave in knowing they will need a big house. I still wasn’t happy spending so much on a house. Ahmed said money is not an issue, we can afford to buy the house. 
Later on I told him okay, I spoke to my mum and she said I should take it if we can afford it and if we like the house. We won’t be happy seeing another house. I think she is right, I don’t think I will find another house like this and one I love so much. Ahmed called the agent and by the evening we had the papers for the house to sign. We just had to go to the bank for some formalities.  



Back to work today, I’m so not in the mood to go to work, especially knowing that Ahmed is at home. Luckily the work load is not too much today but will start from tomorrow. I might have to take work home, which Ahmed hates. I’m so not in the mood to eat all alone. Lunch most of the guys go home but I stay too far to make it home and back. 
Also I don’t have a car, Ahmed refused to let me drive, so he sent me with the driver. Although I said so many times I can still drive. I can’t let the driver sit around here the whole day, so I sent him home and told him to come only when we close. The whole morning I kept thinking what Ahmed was up to, was he managing at home. 
Our domestic Nomsa returned today, so he doesn’t have to do any house work. But Ahmed gets bored easily and he gets annoyed when Nomsa is around because he says like he feels like he is in her way. I’m not worried about lunch, I left food for him, although I know he can sort himself out. I know I’m worrying for nothing.
Everyone left the office for lunch, some went home and some went out. I was offered but I refused, didn’t feel like going out. Ahmed surprised me and came to the office with lunch. It was amazing and the best surprise ever. It was just what I needed. After lunch he waited in the Conference room for me until I was done with work. 
On our way home Ahmed tells me that his parents will be coming tomorrow, he told them to stay at his apartment. I felt bad that they have our place and he told them to stay there. When I got home I called my mother-in-law and told her they must come stay by us. Why increase the distance between us when things look like they going on the right track. 
I cooked supper for us and then prepared what I could for tomorrow, Ahmed said he would take his parents out for lunch, so I only prepared for supper. I called my mum after supper to check how they were doing. They set the date for Ziyaad’s wedding, it’s so soon, we got just three months to prepare. 
My mum said they want to have it soon because we need time to prepare for Yaseen’s wedding as well. My mum hates pressure, she can’t work then. Ahmed went for Esha salaah, I read my salaah when I got off the phone. I went straight into bed after Esha. Ahmed came home and also got into bed. I was exhausted, being awake since 6am, especially after waking up later during the holidays. 
Ahmed and I started talking about his parents coming tomorrow and how will I handle being around his mother. I don’t have a problem with her. She had a problem with me, so it’s going to be difficult for her. Then we started speaking about the baby, Ahmed wants me to leave work from now. He doesn’t want me to stress about anything. 
I can’t just leave, I want to leave when the baby is born, I want to be there for the baby, not leave the baby with a nanny. I will have to want until a replacement comes in my position. Ahmed suggested I give a months notice and then I can leave. I will have to also get most of the shopping for the weddings now, I will do shopping for both weddings one time. 
I woke up a little earlier and put the food on to cook, I made the salad and rotis. The driver was already waiting for me, I quickly got ready and left for work. Ahmed was still asleep so I left him, his parents were only going to be there around 11am so he didn’t have to rush. I called Ahmed around 9:30 to wake him up, He was already awake, he said Nomsa makes so much noise he had to wake up. 
He said his parents were almost there, he called them and they left earlier so they will be in Jo’burg in about 30 minutes. I had Ahmed call me when they were there, so I know they reached safely. I made reservations for them at a restaurant not too far from the house. They were tired so I didn’t want to have them driving around Jo’burg just for lunch.  
When I got home, Ahmed’s parents were relaxing in their room. Ahmed was gone to the shops. I didn’t disturb them, I went to see Aunty Rubina. She was busy baking cakes for the cake sale that taking place tomorrow morning at the mall for the orphanage. I’m baking after supper, Aunty Rubina will take them for me. 
When I got back home, Ahmed was back and my Inlaws were awake. We greeted, my mother-in-law was all so lovey dovey and concerned. After supper, I went to my room to get something, next minute my mother-in-law is behind me. I turned around to ask her if she needed something, she had gifts in her hand. 
She asked me to go inside the room, She made me sit down and then sat next to me. ‘These are for you,’ she said. ‘What are these for?’ I asked. She said it was for all the times she was bad to me, for all the times I gifted them things and never got return gifts, for not getting a proper welcome to the family and one is for Ahmed as an apology. 
Although it was not needed, it was a good gesture. Maybe she has changed. I’m not 100 percent convinced but just maybe she has. I won’t let my guard loose until I’m sure. Aunty Shenaaz has her first appointment tomorrow, her appointment is at 4pm so I said I would meet them at the hospital. It’s not far from my work place. 
My father-in-law said I shouldn’t be around the hospital but I insisted. After I finish all my work, I left to the hospital and met them there. My father-in-law waited outside while I went in with my mother-in-law. The doctor did a check up, sent us for a scan and blood tests. We have to wait until tomorrow to get the results. After the appointment we went back home. 
I cooked supper and prepared for tomorrow lunch for them, its Jummah tomorrow and Ahmed also comes home for lunch. Ahmed helped a bit in the kitchen. After the men got back from maghrib we had supper and cleaned up, then it was time for Esha, after Esha I made tea for everyone and then we sat and watched some TV. 
It was nice to spend some time with Ahmeds parents. I got to know a little more about them and they got to know about me. We went to bed after watching the soccer. When we got to the room, Ahmed asked me if I have handed in my resignation. I haven’t as yet, he was not too happy, he said I should do so tomorrow, he typed it out and printed it. I told him I would call my boss tomorrow and let him know. 
If I give up my job, I will be dependant on Ahmed. Although I do have my own savings, I still don’t want to be asking him for money for everything. I’ve always been independent, so it’s a bit difficult. Also to leave work and sit at home, I will get so bored. I love my work, even though life has gone a bit hectic with running a household as well but I still enjoy it. 

I don’t really have a choice, I want to be there for my baby as well. I am not comfortable with leaving my baby with a nanny. You hear so horrible stories about what nanny’s do to the children. I’ve watched a video recently of an incident where the nanny hit the child because of revenge from the parents.