This morning, Yaseen was awake since fajr. He couldn’t sleep at all, so I gave him company, he is so nervous. I’ve never seen him like this before. Everyone gets ready after breakfast and we leave to go to Raeesa’s house. Once we got there, Yaseen was not feeling too good. He started vomiting in the car, we took a few minutes before we could go in. 
I messaged Raeesa to ask for tablets for Yaseen. We somehow manage to slip it to him without anyone noticing. the men all go outside, my father and Raeesa’s father discuss about Yaseen and Raeesa. Raeesa’s father is a bit strict in his ways so he doesn’t give us much leeway and we have to settle for a on the spot engagement. We wanted to have him propose and they would have an engagement in a few weeks. 
Raeesa’s father is more old fashioned so to him everything modern is wrong. My dad didn’t budge on one thing and that’s the wedding, we can only have Yaseens wedding after Ziyaads. He agreed to that, we haven’t really set a date as yet for Ziyaads wedding so we will have to sort that out with Humeira’s family. After all the discussions we have snacks and then we leave.
We then went to Spur for lunch, Ahmed and Shuaib have been feeling for steak. I don’t know what it is but Ahmed has been having a lot of steak lately. I can see this is going to be a weekend of take outs. When we get home Sabiha and Shiraaz come over to meet the family. Faeez and Faeeza love their small one Ebrahim and start playing with him immediately.  Sabiha in only fascinated that someone else also shares her name. 
Moinudeen is totally jealous of Ebrahim, he always hated other children around me, but he is now upset because Ebrahim is Ahmed’s tail whenever he comes and Moinudeen thinks Ebrahim is taking his Kaloo away. It’s cute though. We decided to invite them to join us for supper, my mum wanted seafood so we decided on ocean basket. 
We get to the restaurant, everyone orders and then Ahmed disappears. I keep looking around but I can’t see him, I even send Faeez to walk around the restaurant to see if he maybe met someone and went to greet them. We looked out the windows and I see Ahmed arguing with some guy. I go outside with Shuaib, Shiraaz and Ziyaad.
Ahmed heard those guys passing remarks at Sabiha and I, so he approached them. The manager of the restaurant called the police and they arrested the guy for assault. He only touched Ahmed but the manager said he hit him which we didn’t see. Ahmed said the guy did hit him on his back and knocked the manager on his shoulder. I couldn’t believe that Ahmed actually went after the guy. 
I was furious at Ahmed, he should of just ignored the guy. These idiots say these things to get a reaction from others. We get on with our meal and then have desserts. The manager apologised a few times to us. He felt bad that we had such an experience at his restaurant. My mum and dad took the kids home while we went bowling. Ebrahim was so comfortable with my parents so Shiraaz and Sabiha joined us. 
We met Imraan and them there so we had a huge group with us, after bowling we went for coffee and then came back home. All the kids were asleep and my parents survived the night with them. We got to bed, Ahmed asks me if I’m okay, ‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ I asked. He thought that I was upset because he reacted to the guy at ocean basket. 
This morning, we packed the car and went to monte casino bird park, Faeez and Faeeza have been nagging to go since they came. Guess who we see at monte casino? It had to be Asad, I wanted to hide my face but he called out my name. Ahmed doesn’t know anything about Asad, not that I’ve hidden anything but there was nothing to tell at the time I met Ahmed. 
My mum was so excited to see him,like she was seeing her long lost son. 
‘Assalaamualaikum, how you beta?’ My mother said. ‘Wasalaam, Aunty, I’m well and you?’ Replied Asad. They started talking about Asad work and if he got married,that’s when he introduced us to his fiancé. My mum was just too happy to show off her son-in-law, ‘This is my Saajidah’s Ahmed,’ she said. 
Asad congratulated us, Ahmed was now curious, who this guy is that we know so well. I told him, I’ll tell him at home, it’s a long story to get into. My parents and my brothers are staying one more day, Faheema and her family are leaving today. It’s 5pm already so they leave straight from monte. We also leave back home, I’m absolutely tired, I can’t wait to get home, Take a shower and relax.
On our way home, I tell Ahmed all about Asad, he is surprised that I haven’t mentioned Asad before. I also end up telling him about Ridhwaan, he wanted to know what happened between Asad and I that I broke things off. He said he wasn’t upset, he was just surprised that I hid the fact that I had two guys who came to propose to me before he did. 
When we got home, Ahmed excused himself and said he was very tired, he was going to bed. I knew he would be upset, that’s why I never told him anything. There’s nothing to be upset about, this is the reason I never said anything. Really, for a second I thought we trying to better our marriage but here we stuck in the same story. 
In the morning, my parents get ready to leave, we have breakfast and then they leave. My mum gave me a long list of things to get for the preparations for both weddings. After they left, I spoke to Ahmed to see what was up with him. He can’t be upset over such a stupid thing. Ahmed said he felt betrayed, he doesn’t know why but he feels that I had relations with those two men. 
Who held my hand, touched me and then I broke things off with them. Ahmed made it sound like I’m such a flirt, like I played with those men’s hearts and  that’s why they left me. Although he knows the truth. I sometimes feel like locking myself in a room so I don’t have to do deal with all this nonsense. I don’t know if my marriage will ever improve or will I have to live all my life like this.
My problem is I love Ahmed too much and he takes advantage of it. He gets upset about anything and everything and then expects me to just forgive him when he comes with a bouquet and chocolates. I’m so tired of this, I actually feel emotionally drained. Maybe I should go to my parents for the rest of the holiday, sometime away will maybe be good for us. 

I stay in the lounge watching TV when Ahmed came to me, he firstly apologised and then breaks the great news to me. His parents are coming to stay with us for a few days in January, his mother has an appointment with the doctor here. I guess he apologised because his parents want to come to us. That’s what frustrates me, I feel so used. 


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