We arrive at a Villa, a private owned Villa, fully furnished with sleek and sophisticated modern design, on the beach front, beautiful view. It was spectacular and a place that I wouldn’t mind spending holidays at or even living there. Anyways Ahmed said he rented the place out for the day.
I was excited, we decided to go for a swim first in the pool and then relax and just spend time with each other. They had two people there who were taking care of meals and everything that we needed. They were there but not really, they only came out when we buzzed them. It was romantic and fun. 
After we took a swim, we relaxing on the sunbeds and enjoyed each others company. It was so nice to get away from all our worries, Ahmed was the person I fell in love with, he was his old self. The person I’ve been yearning to see, I even told him, his reaction was hilarious, he said he would try to be his old self again. 
Let’s see how long that lasts, like any other thing, he is going to forget what he said and few days later we back to normal. Anyways we went for a walk on the beach and when we got back we had lunch, there was a chef to prepare lunch for us. When we were done we played a little tennis and then Ahmed said he wanted to show me something. 
He made me wait in the sitting room, he went upstairs, he came down with a file in his hand, it was papers to the villa. I asked him what was going on, he said he bought the villa. It belongs to us, he wanted to surprise me. I was absolutely shocked, I never expected him to buy the villa. He told me to see the front of the villa. 
Since I was blindfolded, I didn’t see anything besides the inside of the Villa. When I went to the front, I realised it’s the same place that I saw a few days ago and said that “I would love to be the owners of this Villa.” I never really imagined it happening, I didn’t know what to say. 
Ahmed was waiting for a reaction, I could of scream but I was so excited that I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. We went back inside and he introduced me to the care taker, he lives in the area and will be looking after the Villa. I was still in shock that Ahmed actually bought the Villa, I thought he didn’t hear me when I said that ” I wish we had a villa like this.”
Ahmed told me that we having a special supper to celebrate, he said that there was a dress upstairs that he wanted me to wear. I got dressed and went downstairs, there he was waiting with a rose in his hand. The lights were off and the room was filled with little candles. It looked like a scene from the movies. 
Ahmed took me to my seat and then the chef brought our food, I felt like a princess in the dress and loved how Ahmed was. It all seemed too good to be true, but it was. After supper we sat on the couch, enjoying each others company when Ahmed got a call on his cell phone. My father-in-law called to say that my mother-in-law was not doing well and she has been moved to ICU.
I knew something like this would happen, when ever we plan something, there’s always something that spoils it. Ahmed knew we were going to see her after our holiday, so he said that he will wait until then. I didn’t want to be the mean wife, so I told him, he should leave tonight to go see her.
I called Reeza and had him book Ahmed and I tickets to see his mother. We went to the hotel to pack our things and checked out. I was disappointed that our holiday and our special night got cut short but his family needed him more than I did. I had to just put on my big girl panties and be happy with what happened. 
We were lucky to get tickets now, especially since it is the festive season. Anyways we got to Ahmed’s parents house, I knew his sisters would have a problem that I was there. I decided to stay at Ahmed’s Dadi’s house, their family doesn’t need me in their way,it just complicates things. 
Ahmed was staying at his parents place, I felt odd staying at his grandparents and him staying at his parents but that’s how it had to be. In the morning Ahmed called to see if I was okay. He was going to the hospital and asked me to join him. He said his family were not going, he was going alone. Ahmed’s Dadi suggested I go with him, even if I don’t go in to see his mum. 
I asked his Dadi to come with me, in case the family pitched up and created a scene. She could see I was afraid of confronting them so she came with. When we got to the hospital, Ahmed and his Dadi went in to see Aunty Shenaaz, Ahmed’s Dadi told my mother-in-law that I was here also and that I was waiting outside. 
She asked her if I could come in to see her, she first refused but Ahmed pleaded with her and said that he wouldn’t of been there if I didn’t force him. Aunty Shenaaz finally agreed, I went in just for few minutes. I greeted her, asked her how she was, wished her well and then went out. I sat in the waiting room, while Ahmed sat with his mother. 
I called my mum and told her where we were and what happened. She told me to have patience, she said this was the first step and she was happy I made it. On our way back, Ahmed’s Dadi asked how long we were staying, I said that Ahmed would stay and I would be going back today, but Ahmed said he was also leaving today. 
I told him to stay, his family is important and he’s important to them. He told his Dadi that he would love to stay but it will be unfair to me, he explained to her that his family hasn’t made it easy and even after all I did, they still can’t leave all that behind and forget everything and move on. She said that she thinks he should stand by me.
I was not happy with his Dadi taking his side when he is wrong. His mother should be more important than me. He should give her all the attention she needs. I will always be by his side, I would never think that he is being unfair towards me. When we got to the airport, I asked Ahmed again if he was sure he wants to leave with me. 
Apparently he spoke to his mum about accepting me and she still refuses, she said that “she doesn’t see what he is doing with me, why doesn’t he divorce me and get married to his ex, she will never accept me and she doesn’t know why she was forced to see me.” hearing all this I felt very hurt but I’ve learnt that you can’t change a person. 

It has to be their own decision, I am not going to plead and beg with them to accept me. We had the driver fetch us at the airport, I was glad to be home. It’s been a week and a half and I’ve missed my home. I know most people don’t want to be home this time of the year but I find that everywhere gets so crowded that you better off at home. 


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  1. Slmz I like that when u said I put my big girls panties on poor thing how much she is trying hope her mom in law stop hurting her ad her son keep it up love ur blog


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