Family drama’s and I don’t go well, I’ve always avoided confrontations, if there’s a problem I usually keep quiet. I have always hated family fights, family misunderstanding, I don’t like the tension, it’s a time when people say things that they regret later. I don’t see myself getting involved in their problems. 
For a sister-in-law, it’s better to stay out of their fights. If I get involved it will just make matters worst and then I’ll be blamed with reason. I’m not going to push Ahmed anymore into going, it’s his mother and he needs to decide what he wants to do. I’ve tried many times and he doesn’t want to listen, it’s tiring trying to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. 
It’s been enough of a rollercoaster for Ahmed and I, so I don’t want to put pressure on our relationship. I asked Ahmed to calm down, we were with friends and it will spoil their holiday which we didn’t want. We went for breakfast and then Ahmed suggested we visit Reeza’s family.  
We left after breakfast to visit all Reeza’s family, they were all so sweet and nice, it was lovely spending the day with them. Tomorrow we spending the day by my khala’s house, I haven’t seen her in two years. After visiting everyone, we went back to the hotel and relaxed a bit before supper. 
Ahmed was quiet most of the day, well he never spoke to me but he spoke to everyone else. I don’t know if he is upset with me or just doesn’t want to speak to me. I’m not going to spoil my day by worrying why he hasn’t spoken to me. I went to sit in the room, I just want to be alone. 
I can’t handle it when I’ve done nothing wrong and then treated like I don’t exist. I didn’t feel like having supper so I told them to carry on. Ahmed came to see if I was okay, I just said I got a headache so I want to be alone. When they left, I got into bed, just laying there thinking about everything. 
Ahmed’s mother being sick, he doesn’t want to go see her, the message from his sisters, the way he is today towards me. All these are things that are having an impact on us. He is making it have an impact on us, when he can just go and see them and the matter would end. I fell asleep by the time they all got back from supper.
When I woke up I saw that Ahmed didn’t sleep on the bed, he slept on the couch in the room. I felt hurt, I didn’t do anything that he is upset with me. Maybe he is also seeing me as the reason why he can’t be with his family. I laid in bed, tears rolling down my eyes, trying not to make any noise. 
I woke Ahmed up, I think it’s best our holiday ends and we go back. I don’t want a holiday full of stress. I told Ahmed that I’ve packed our bags, he should get us tickets back or a car to drive back. He was confused, so I told him what he has done, it’s not creating a good atmosphere for a holiday. 
It’s also not fair on our friends, they don’t want tension on their holiday. Even if we don’t tell them, they can sense that there is tension between us. Ahmed said he was not going anywhere, we should just enjoy our holiday. What holiday? The one where all our problems are disturbing. I’m fed up with all these problems and all his stubbornness. 
Safiah came to see if we were awake, she wanted to know what time we were leaving to my Aunty. Ahmed told her we would leave at 10:30am, I need to sort things out with him before we go to my aunt. My aunt will spell something is wrong from a mile away. Then the news will get to my mother’s ears and I won’t hear the end of it. 
Anyways we go for breakfast and then come back to the suite, Safiah and Reeza went on a walk around the resort. So Ahmed and I were alone and it was the perfect time to speak to him. When we got to the suite, I asked Ahmed, What he wants to do? I don’t want to be on holiday and we always fighting and all the tension. 
We start talking about what his feeling and why he is taking it out on me. Then we decided that after our holiday, we both going to go see his family. Even if we have to stay by his Dadi and go see his mother everyday, we will do it. I’m okay with staying anywhere, I just don’t want to make anyone upset by being there. 
Finally everything is sorted out, so I ask Ahmed why was he upset with me. Turns out he was never upset with me, he just didn’t know what to say to me, he was so embarrassed by his family. He never slept on the bed because he was sitting in the couch typing and fell asleep there, sometimes we look too deep into things I guess. 
We called Safiah to see where they were, so we could leave to go to my khala. When we got there we only expected my khala, kaloo and maybe her daughter, they invited all my mother’s family that live in cape town. Her cousins, her uncle, their children and my mum’s Aunty. 
I was overwhelmed by the welcome we received, so much of love and warmth. Khala’s house is always special, it has that feeling like you home, like mum is around. Maybe because they similar in so many ways and khala takes care of me just like my mum does, so I feel like I’m home, it’s a special feeling. 
After lunch, we played games like musical chairs and monkey in the middle, we played with all the kids, it was so much fun because we got to feel like children. Then we took lots of family photos, had tea and then we left back to the hotel. I fell asleep in the car, that’s how tired I was, I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days.
I went straight to bed when we got back to the hotel, Ahmed and Reeza stayed up and watched some sports. This morning Ahmed woke up before me, he told Reeza and Safiah that we won’t be joining them today. He said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay in. After breakfast Reeza and Safiah went out, they said they would be back only after supper. 
At breakfast,Ahmed told me that there’s nothing wrong with him, he just said his sick. He actually wanted to spend the day with me, he said he has something special planned. I was wondering how come he was awake before me, when that has never happened before. Safiah and Reeza knew why he said his not feeling well, I was wondering why Safiah said, “Enjoy.”

After breakfast we went back to the suite and got ready for our day. Ahmed said I should dress smart but comfortable. We got to the car and I was blindfolded, so I had no idea where we were going,even if I was not blindfolded, I still wouldn’t know. I am so bad with directions and landmarks. I wouldn’t remember if they was a petrol station or a house there. 


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