This morning we woke up to rainy weather, it’s just what we needed, a day to sleep in. We were so exhausted mentally from all the stress that went on at my parents, then the news of Ahmed’s mother not doing well, the rush back home and early morning flight to our holiday. It was just too much to handle, I was really drained.
We didn’t want to spoil the day for Safiah and Reeza though, we told them we were staying in and they could carry on without us but they loved the idea of spending the day in bed watching movies and just relaxing. Reeza said they don’t know when last they just got to spend with each other. 
He has been so busy at work, Safiah has spent most of her time alone at home. We sat in the lounge in our pj’s, we ordered in for breakfast and lunch, It was such a relaxing day. We only got out of the hotel for supper, we only got back at 11pm, tomorrow we got a whole lot of activities that we plan on doing.
Safiah and I made tea for everyone and we discussed what we were going to do, We have similar taste, so most of the things we all wanted to do. We were leaving after breakfast so we had to be up early. This morning I checked Ahmed phone, there were 27 missed calls from his father. 
I woke Ahmed immediately and told him to call his Dad, it could be something important, if it wasn’t, his Dad wouldn’t call so many times. Ahmed called his Dad, He didn’t answer his phone. Ahmed was taking this so lightly, he said, ” If he didn’t answer his phone, it’s not important.” I tried to explain to him but he didn’t listen. 
I also tried calling but no one answered the house phone or their cells. I didn’t tell Ahmed that I tried to call anyone, he would of been upset. We got ready to go for breakfast, I suggested to Ahmed, maybe we shouldn’t go out today. He ignored everything I was saying, which annoyed me to a point where I decided not to speak to him. 
We eventually left for breakfast, I was still worried about all the missed calls and what did Ahmed’s Dad want. I hope his Mother is okay, I was worried the whole day but Ahmed looked like it didn’t bother him. I think he was worried, he just didn’t want to showcase it, he wants to make himself believe that he doesn’t care. 
After lunch I called again, my Father-in-law answered, my mother-in-law was admitted to hospital late last night. She couldn’t breath properly, so they took her to the hospital. I couldn’t make a promise or even say we would go see her, because Ahmed is not willing to go. Maybe he thinks I will be disappointed if our holiday gets cancelled.
I had to tell Ahmed that his mother was in hospital, I have to hide the fact that I called his Father. After lunch, we all went back to the hotel, when Ahmed came to the room, I told him that, his mother is in hospital, she was admitted last night, I told him, it doesn’t matter how I know. I had to say that before he bombarded me with questions. 
He called my father-in-law, My mother-in-law is doing much better, doctors say that they have to keep her a few more days, they need to do some tests and take it from there. Ahmed didn’t want to go see her, he said that we could go after our holiday. The rest of the day we spent on the beach. 
After supper, Safiah and Reeza took us to a nice coffee place. Their chocolate cake is to die for, coming from someone who doesn’t like chocolate cake, so you can imagine. Ahmed enjoyed the cheesecake and loved the cuppaccino’s, he had a few. The place was a bit far from the hotel but was worth the drive. 
My mum called me while we were on our way back to the hotel. She just wanted to check how we were doing, she said she called Ahmed’s Dadi to find out how Ahmed’s mother is doing. She asked if we knew that she was admitted again, I told her we know, but Ahmed doesn’t want to go see her. Ahmed gave me a look, like ” Why you telling your mum I don’t want to go?”
This morning was a whole new story, Ahmed was so angry and I didn’t even know why. I thought something happened while I was asleep, because Reeza and Ahmed stayed up watching horror movies. I asked Reeza if anything happened but he didn’t know anything. I was so afraid to ask Ahmed anything, I didn’t want him to think I didn’t bother to ask, so I asked. 
The worst mistake ever, he took off with me, he just started shouting and saying, “his family makes him so angry, they are so nasty, they have made it so difficult and they don’t want to compromise. They just so mean, their ego and pride is riding over their brain, they never see the good in people, I’m so sick and tired of them. I’m going to stop supporting them and then they will see.”
I didn’t know how to deal with this, what brought this on. Ahmed’s sisters apparently sent him a message saying that “his mother is sick and he is not there for them, he only thinks about himself, I’m not letting him go see his mother and they hate me more for that.” He looked really upset, he apologised to me like he did something wrong.
I am very hurt by what his sisters said about me, but I forgive them. I know they want their brother there for them, I would to if the situation was turned. I can also see how they blame me, he has lead them to believe that I am not allowing him to see them. I know that I am the reason that he is not seeing them but that’s totally different from me not allowing him to see them. 
I don’t want to make things worst for them, I asked him to go, even if it’s just one day. Safiah and Reeza are with me so it’s not like I’m alone. We can continue to do what we were going to do and then he can come back when he wants. He doesn’t want to give in to them but he has to. He said he would think about it. 
It frustrates me when he says ” I’ll think about it.” It usually ends up to a no, I’ll think about it is already halfway to a no. We went for brunch, we had to skip lunch because everyone wanted to go for bungy jumping and all those activities, so we had no time for lunch. We got to the place and it was packed, a lot of people didn’t know they had to book. 
Luckily we did otherwise we had to wait and each round of people takes up to an hour, so they had to wait for a cancellation or luck. We only got done at 4pm, by then we were all famished. We looked for a place to eat, even if it was just coffee and cakes, we would be happy. We found a nice little seafood place so we were glad. 

I needed the bed after a tiring day, I just wanted to shower and get into bed, it’s actually nerve wrecking and tiring. Before we go home we need at least two days just relaxing without going anywhere. Everyday since we here we’ve done things that has left us tired at the end of the day. I can’t go back to work more tired than when I left there.  


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