This morning Faheema and I made breakfast for everyone, then we left the kids to Ahmed and Shuaib to sort out and went on our shopping spree. On our way back home we were contemplating whether to put the gifts into parcels instead of wrapping them. We bought something for Humeira and her parents, I thought we would just wrap up everything because of the limited time.
But my sister says we can do it, so we going to attempt doing the parcels and if that fails we just wrapping everything. When we got home we tried to put everything in parcels but it’s just so time consuming and we don’t have the time. I called Ahmed to help us wrap the gifts for Humeira’s parents and we made a parcel for Humeira. 
My mum baked some things to take with since it was such a last minute thing. We bought a ring and put that also in a parcel, my Dad said he asked them and they spoke about it and said we could come with the ring. So I guess they also want them to get engaged one time. It saves money also, they can save that money for the wedding expenses.
Anyways after lunch, we all got ready and put all the parcels in the cars and went to Humeira’s house. What a warm welcome, it was her Aunty Yasmeen, Uncle Riaz, his brothers and their wives, Aunty Yasmeen’s sister and her family and then Humeira’s grandparents. We were just us, we are a big family to handle so we didn’t want to pressurise them.
My Dad, Shuaib and Ahmed Spoke to Uncle Riaz and the other men about Ziyaad and Humeira, my Dad apologised for coming with such short notice and explained to them that Ziyaad only told us all last night. So we didn’t want to delay the matter, when everyone is happy with a decision, you know it’s right. 
Before tea was served we brought out the gifts, Ziyaad and Humeira exchanged rings and then we all sat outside for tea and desserts. It was such a beautiful feeling, Yaseen kept teasing Humeira, calling her, bhabhi all the time. Uncle Riaz and my dad were just so happy and my dear big brother was over the moon, He kept thanking us all. 
After tea, we sat for a while and then went home. Ziyaad stayed behind, Uncle Riaz said he should stay with them for supper and my Dad allowed him to. We went to Spur for supper, we needed to celebrate the day and that our family can go through any ordeal and make it out of it. We stand with each other, not against each other and work together. 
When we got back, I spoke to Ahmed about going to see his mother. He said if I want to, I can go but he is not going. He made it clear that if I suggest one more time he would be very upset with me. Well I tried and that’s what matters, I can’t really force him to go. I just hope that Aunty Shenaaz will be okay and Ahmed doesn’t regret not going to see her. 
Tomorrow we all leaving, my parents will be spending their holidays alone, my brothers are going with friends for Christmas weekend, Ahmed and I will be in Cape Town and Faheema and her family are going to Durban. My Parents don’t really worry about holidays. Ahmed wants to send my parents away but I know they won’t go unless we all go with.
When we got home from supper, everyone came over to find out how things went. Ziyaad was still at Uncle Riaz’s house, so they couldn’t meet him. They all left in the early parts of the morning, talking about weddings and all the fun times we had at other weddings. It’s always nice to look back at the good times and memories we made together. 
We had some really fun times, being bridesmaids, wearing silly dresses, to organising the weddings and designing our own outfits. We had some weird times as well, some things never worked out and then you have to hide from everyone that something is wrong, all those stories only come out years later, when we all get together. 
Ahmed and I were leaving after breakfast and Faheema and Shuaib were leaving later in the day. After breakfast we got ready and left. It was wonderful spending time with the family. Although there were times we felt like killing each other or annoyed each other, but we forgive and forget because we family. 
I was exhausted when we got back home, lucky tomorrow we not driving to Cape Town. We had lunch and then I packed our bags for our holiday. Then I went to see Aunty Rubina, they were also leaving tomorrow on a holiday to Durban. She was so excited, it’s been two years since they’ve been on a holiday.
Our flight is at seven in the morning, the driver will pick us up and take us to the airport and then we have a driver in Cape Town that is fetching us. He will be our driver for our stay in Cape Town. Ahmed and I are so exhausted, we decided to go to bed early. We have to wake up early as well and we don’t want to be sleepy on our holiday. 
This morning we didn’t go back to sleep after Fajr, we got ready to go to the airport. Our driver was here a little early so we rushed a bit, on our way out we realised we forgot our tickets, we had to go back home and get the tickets, so that delayed us a bit. We didn’t have supper last night so we both were starving but no time for breakfast. 
Two hours later we land in Cape Town, driver picks us up and takes us to Safiah’s house, we were so confused because we know we staying at the hotel. Ahmed asked the driver where has he brought us, maybe he had the wrong information or we got into the wrong car. He said he was just told to drop us off here, he doesn’t know who’s place it is. 
Safiah came outside to welcome us, it was so nice to see her, She told the driver to bring us to her first so we can have breakfast by her. She knows us too well, Reeza was not home, he had to go out for some office work but she said he wouldn’t be long. We waited a little bit until Reeza got home, we wanted to have breakfast with him. 
I’ve never seen Ahmed so relaxed at someone else’s house. He had his feet up on the couch, laying on the couch, changing the TV channels. It was a nice homely atmosphere, we felt so welcome, it was like we were in our own home. Reeza finally came, we had breakfast and then we all went to the hotel to check in. 
They were also staying with us at the hotel, We booked a presidential suite, so it we could be together. We relaxed for a few hours and then we went for a walk on the beach and then went for lunch. After lunch we went to V&A Waterfront, we went to Scratch and Patch for gemstones and then we went to The Wheel of Excellence.  

I’m afraid of heights, so it was a bit of an experience for me. It was just 15 minutes, so I tried to deal with it. The highlight of today was the sunset boat cruise. The view was spectacular, we watched the sunset, it was so beautiful. Then we went for supper, it was an extremely tiring day, I just want to rest for the rest of the night.  


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