This morning was Ahmed’s flight, which he didn’t get on, he refuses to go see his mother. I just can’t deal with everyone’s stubbornness. I’m so upset that Ahmed did not go, he doesn’t understand that his family will hate me more. They need him with them and he is choosing to be away from them. 
How can we now go on a holiday, knowing that his mother is not well and he hasn’t even been to see her. I told him that we would leave Saturday night and both of us would go see his mother. He said he will think about it, which is as good as a no. I left him to do as he pleases, I was not going to “break my head.” 
My parents were not talking to each other, Ahmed and I were annoyed at each other, Ziyaad was tensed, he thinks all the tension in the house is because of him. Yaseen was just going with the flow, he was only worried that he and Raeesa wouldn’t end up together. It’s not a nice feeling waking up to a house full of tension. 
I was out most of the day, I went to sort out some chores for my dad and my mum wanted a few things from the mall. It was just what I needed, time away from Ahmed. I called Ahmed’s dad and told him that I tried but Ahmed is being stubborn. His father said,he doesn’t blame him, his mother hasn’t made it easy.
When I got home, Ahmed apologised for being so stubborn. He said that he can’t go and see his mother because he made a promise that he would only step in that house once they accept me. I doubt that day will ever come. Ahmed has his mother’s stubbornness, which makes things very difficult. 
Ahmed told me that last month, he sent a little less money than he usually does. He said he found out that his mother is giving her brother some money every month. He said he doesn’t mind but they have enough of their own, they just using his mother. He started sending the money to his father and has taken over their bills. So he just gives them spending money. 
I don’t get involved in their problems so I don’t know any of this. Apparently his mother was not happy and she said she doesn’t want anything to do with Ahmed. She accused him of not worrying about her family and said that his only interest now is me. So he got angry and told her he doesn’t want anything to do with her until she decides to have something to do with me. 
I’m being bounced around like a bouncing ball. I feel like I’m the reason for Ahmed’s problems and if I wasn’t in his life, he wouldn’t be having these problems. I can’t solve this problem because he won’t let me. His too stubborn to accept that his family will never accept me. 
We have two more days by my parents until we go home and then we off to our holiday. I want a peaceful holiday, I don’t know if we will end up having one. Well first we have to deal with the current problem before we can even think about a holiday. I hope it gets resolved soon, before everyone decides to murder each other. 
After Asr, my uncles all came over to our house, they wanted to speak to my father. My cousins told my uncles about Fatima and they were worried. I don’t know what was really said between the brothers. We never allowed to listen in on their meetings. All I know is that my dad’s second brother was going to do some investigation into the Rasool family. 
My other uncles all don’t want Ziyaad to be forced to get married, especially since he has said that he doesn’t like her. I remember Ziyaad liked someone else, how come he hasn’t told my parents about that girl, I had to find out. I told Ahmed to arrange with Ziyaad to meet us at the coffee shop.
Ahmed and I left to the coffee shop, Ziyaad was waiting for us there. We asked him about this other girl he had in his life. I remember clearly, he said,” I will marry her and her only, otherwise I will not get married.” so what happened there? Ziyaad told us that he is still involved with this other girl, her name is Humeira. 
She lives in the next street from us and is my dad’s friends daughter. Why didn’t I realise it before, they always did things together, they always took each others sides, all the signs were there but we just never realised them. Ziyaad told Humeira what was happening and about Fatima. 
Humeira asked Ziyaad to speak to my parents, he never did, he was too afraid of disappointment. He thought that everything would sort out on its own. Ziyaad and Humeira are not dating or anything, they know that they have feelings for each other and want to get married. Ziyaad always delayed in telling my parents. 
So now that we know what is happening on both sides, it complicates things but also makes a few things easier. When we got home, Faheema and her family were here. I told Faheema and Shuaib about Humeira and Ziyaad, Shuaib said we should speak to our parents. After Esha, we all were sitting in the lounge when Shuaib told Yaseen to take the children upstairs. 
Ahmed and Shuaib said they would handle the whole thing, I thought it was the best since we don’t make matters better. After they spoke to my dad, he said he didn’t realise that Ziyaad was so unhappy and that he liked someone. We didn’t tell my parents who Ziyaad like, that’s for him to tell. 
My dad called Fatima’s parents and told them the news. They were not too happy but her father said that he had a feeling something like this would happen. He said Fatima told him she won’t fit in our family. I am so glad that everything is sorted out, now we can move on. Ziyaad told my parents who he likes and we all suggested that we go with a proposal tomorrow afternoon. 
Faheema and I said that we would do the shopping for whatever we need. My dad called Humeira’s father, Uncle Riaz, to tell him that we want to come with a proposal tomorrow afternoon. Uncle Riaz was really happy, he told my dad that he has waited for this day. We made a list of the things we need and a few extras. 
One problem sorting itself out, now onto the next, I have to get Ahmed to at least go and check on his mother, they need to sort their relationship out. I don’t want to get involved but I might just have to. I don’t know as yet what I’m going to do but we can’t go on holiday and have all these issues over our heads. 

I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m so excited, my brother is finally getting what he deserves. Ahmed suggested that we send my parents on a holiday, he said they need time away from the family. My dad is always stressed, he doesn’t tell us anything but he sometimes goes into a shell and becomes very quiet. I’ll have to speak to my mum about it


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