This morning I got a call from my cousin Zaheer, he was really not happy at all about the way Fatima was dressed. He asked me if I was sure she is the right person for Ziyaad. I don’t know what to tell people, I know there’s something up but I just can’t figure out what. Since the time I woke up, Faheema and I have been messaging each other on BBM. 
I told her what happened last night, she was shocked, she said she has to have a word with my parents, we need to find out what is it that is making them accept her as a daughter-in-law. Ahmed Said he felt so uncomfortable, he kept avoiding looking at her. I told Ahmed that he should speak to Ziyaad and find out what is happening. 
Ahmed planned a picnic for the two of us, we went to a nice little place not so far from home. They had putt putt, a small park, a pool, horse riding and quad biking. We didn’t do any of the activities, we got there just before lunch, had our little picnic, spent about two hours there and came back home. It was nice, just the two of us, plus side of it is, it’s a weekday so not lots of people. 
By the time we got back, Ziyaad was already home from work. Ahmed went to speak to him about Fatima. I went to see what my mum was doing, she was making winter scarves for Faheema’s children. She asked when Ahmed and I were planning to have children. Strange but we haven’t discussed children. 
I guess we felt we would deal with it when we found out that we pregnant. It’s something that never came up and maybe because we had so many other problems that we never had the time to think about having children. My Dadi says it’s still early and my mum feels we should start a family, I wonder what Ahmed would say. 
After Ahmed had a talk with Ziyaad, he came upstairs to look for me. We went to my room, I could see he had answers for me. Ahmed said that my father heard about the Rasool’s, someone told him that they want to get their daughter married into a good home. Although my mind had all these thoughts I didn’t interrupt Ahmed. 
I was itching to say a whole lot but I wanted to hear the whole story first. Anyways, my dad came home one day and told my mother and Ziyaad that he met this family and they looking for a good boy for their daughter and he thought of Ziyaad. So my dad took them to go see The Rasool’s
Without asking Ziyaad, my dad just told Mr Rasool that they were there for a proposal. So Ziyaad got proposed to the girl and then we all were told about it. He hasn’t spoken to her or been out with her besides when we all met at our house and then went to their house and when we all went out last night for coffee.
So he doesn’t know her, it’s their first time out and he didn’t know how to react to the way she dressed. She is not a bad person, she is just not right for our family. I have to speak to my parents about this, Ziyaad doesn’t even like this girl. He can’t get married to someone he doesn’t like. My parents have never forced their decisions on us, it’s so bizarre. 
I had to sort things out before we leave, so I told everyone that we needed to speak to them after supper. I told my dad that we know the truth about Fatima and Ziyaad. We told him how she was dressed last night and that we feel she is not right for our family. Everyone was so uncomfortable and it’s something no one is going to forget. 
Ahmed asked my dad,what compelled him to just offer a proposal without discussing with Ziyaad, we know his our father and he has every right. But this is all so wrong. My Dad didn’t want to listen and calm things off. So I called Shuaib and told him that we should sort this out. He said they would come back on Saturday and sort it out. 
I went to my room, I can’t handle being around my dad when he is being so stubborn. I kept looking for ways to sort all this mess out. Ahmed was in between all this, his never seen our family so divided before. We always agree on things, besides when my dad decided to open his shop after he retired and now this. 
Maybe my uncles will be able to help, we can get my cousins to say what they think about Fatima. Especially since they’ve seen her dressing and spent a few hours in her company. My mum has to say how she feels. Because I know she is not happy. I wonder why she hasn’t said anything as yet.
My mum lives by her black book of rules so it’s really strange. What’s very unusual is that my Dadi has nothing to say. Is my family going crazy or am I the only one who sees a problem here. I’m so stressed at the moment, it feels like I need a holiday away from the holiday I’m on now. 
In so furious and frustrated with my parents that I don’t even want to be anywhere near them. It annoys me when they stuck in their backwards bubble and won’t see the light of the new generation. At least hear us out, no one says you forced to do things our way. Faheema suggested that we all not say anything to each other until they get here. 
We might just end up doing what we did when my dad decided to open his shop. We ended up having a bigger fight and never spoke to each other for days and we were all miserable. Ahmed came to the room to check on me, I was already in bed, waiting for him. He changed and joined me. 
I just wanted to put my head on his shoulder and hold on to him. I needed to be comforted, I hate family fights. In the morning, we all had breakfast on our own. I made breakfast for Ahmed and I and then we went to the mall. I needed to get away from that serious, unhappy environment.  
We just walked around. Went for lunch and then we went to visit Zinat parents, Zinat and Sameer were getting back today, Aunty Farida was busy making supper for them. I helped her little in the kitchen then joined Uncle Rashid to play some carom. Then we went back home, my mum and dad were having an argument, so Ahmed went to the room while I tried to intervene. 
Things seem to be getting out of hand, I need Saturday to come by fast. Shuaib and Faheema need to be here to help us sort this mess out. After getting my parents apart before they knocked each other in the face, I went to check on Ahmed. He was on a phone call so I left him alone, he seemed tensed so I went to make him a cup of tea. 
When I got to the room, Ahmed was sitting on the bed in tears, I left the tea on the side table and asked him what was wrong. He said that his dad called and said his mother is getting worst, he offered to go home but she said she doesn’t want him around if he brings me. I told him to go without me, his family needs him more than I do. 
Ahmed doesn’t want to leave me when my family is in the middle of a ordeal and he doesn’t want to go see his family without me. We don’t know what is wrong with his mother as yet and it might be serious. He needs to be there, I booked him a flight home and told him to go. I can wait and so can our holiday, he promised to be back in time for our holiday. 

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