When we got back from visiting, we all sat in the TV room and watched our wedding video. It was fun, laughing at some of the things people did. Some of the people we didn’t even know came, only got to see them in the video. It might be the only time that we have a complete picture of Ahmed, my in-law’s  and myself. 
It’s been four months already that we married and they still haven’t accepted me. Ahmed last seen his family when we went for the trip I booked for them all. Which was a month ago, he refuses to visit them or have any contact until they accept me. His father has phoned to check up on us, he always calls me because Ahmed doesn’t take his calls. 
I wish my mother-in-law and I had the same relationship that I have with my father-in-law. Ahmed’s grandparents call us and we call them every week. That’s one relationship he will never have any problems with. We have visited his grandparents once only, that’s  when his grandfather was ill.
This morning, Ahmed and I decided to just spend time at home with the family. Yaseen and Ziyaad had to go to work, my dad asked my cousin to sit in the shop and my mum, well she did what she does everyday, look after the family. It wasn’t so bad because both Yaseen and Ziyaad come home for lunch.
After breakfast, my dad and Ahmed sat outside and read the newspaper. Then they went for a walk around the block, while my mum and I got busy in the kitchen. It was fun cooking with my mum, we haven’t done so in a long time. For tonight, I made pavlova and a chocolate cake. 
Then my mum and I sat with my dadi, we were talking about all the family get togethers and fun times we had. It’s been a while since we actually had a get together. Most of us have married and moved out of town, so we hardly see each other unless it’s eid. Ahmed and my dad got back and joined in on the conversation. 
After lunch, we just sat and watched TV, my cousin came to visit and one of my mum’s friends also came over. My mum also asked me to help her to do some of the planning for Ziyaads wedding. We decided to list everything down and then after the holidays, once a date is set, we will do the shopping. I reminded my parents that they need to meet Raeesa’s parents as well. 
My Dad said,we should all meet by us one weekend and go and meet them. Ahmed called Raeesa’s father and told him that he should give us a date when we could come see them so he said in January the second weekend. So my dad said he would call Shuaib and tell him the date and let my brothers know. 
My mum said, she can’t believe all her children have grown up so much, two married and two getting married. To welcome two daughter-in-laws in such a short period is a lot to handle. I told my mum to look at it this way, she doesn’t have to redecorate and get everything sorted twice. She just has to do it once, we will try to have the weddings around the same time. 
I hope that made her feel better, I know she will not be at ease until everything is sorted and over. Ahmed and my dad went to visit one of my dad’s friends, he has cancer and just came out of hospital. When they got back and my brother’s got back from work, we went to my uncle.  
The men went for maghrib namaaz, while we read at home, when the men got back we had supper and then sat in the lounge. My Dad told my uncle about Ziyaad and Fatima and Yaseen and Raeesa. Everyone was so happy, my dad said that he would call a meeting with all the brothers tomorrow at our house and let them know. 
Nothing in our family happens without a discussion and everyone’s input. All my uncles will get together and discuss what should be done and then we all get our orders on what we have to do. It makes things go smoothly and not so much pressure on one person. It’s Ahmeds first time witnessing all this, so it’s a bit strange for him. 
Because of all the wedding talk, we cousins didn’t get to go out for ice cream, so we planned it for tomorrow. When. We got home, my dad told Ahmed that he wants Ahmed to be there when they discuss everything. My dad called everyone before maghrib so Ahmed wouldn’t miss out on being with all the cousins. 
Usually non of us are allowed at the meetings besides the uncles. So I was shocked that my dad asked Ahmed to be there, I didn’t tell Ahmed this otherwise he would worry. Anyways we all went to bed, when we got to the room Ahmed said his granny had called earlier in the day and said his mother is not doing too well. 
They took her to a doctor and he suggested they take her to a specialist. I told Ahmed that he should be with his mother at this time but he doesn’t want to go. He said his not going to until they accept me. He is just being stubborn, you don’t stay away from your family when they need you. 
His mother is only going to see a specialist in January, since doctors are closing and on holiday, I got till then to convince him. In the morning, I told my mum about Ahmed’s mother, she said she would call them. It’s been such a hectic day, our neighbour had a heart attack in the morning, no one was at home beside her and the domestic worker. 
My mum called the ambulance and her family, Ahmed and I went to the hospital, we got back just before lunch. Then we went for lunch with Aneesa and Faheem. Then my uncle got robbed at the mall, so we went to see him. The crime in South Africa is just getting out of hand. Everyday you read about people being killed, hijacked or robbed. 
It’s so sad, we work so hard to earn a living and these thieves just take it away in a second. It’s poverty and corruption that has lead us to this. My dad got back from the shop, then all my uncles came over for the meeting. My brother and I went to my uncle next door. We sat and played with my cousins children and went back home when the meeting was over. 
It’s been a very adventurous stay, I’m so exhausted. I just want to put my head on a pillow and fall asleep. I told Ziyaad to ask Fatima’s parents if she could join us tonight for coffee. It would be nice if she got to know everyone and everyone got to know her. After supper, we all met at our house and Ziyaad went to pick up Fatima. 
They were already at the coffee shop when we got there. I could not believe my eyes, all the men felt so uncomfortable around Fatima, how can Ziyaad allow her to dress so inappropriately. She wore a tight fitting jeans with a strapless short top. No one in our family dresses like that. 

I told Ziyaad to get his jacket from the car and make her put it on. He is a Hafizul Quraan, he can’t have her walk around half naked. She has to dress respectfully. I feel like she is a fix me up project that he has taken on, only with a permanent tag of marriage. 


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