We get to the Rasool’s residence, they live in a very small house, it’s a one bedroom house, has a small lounge and kitchen and a bathroom. We all could not fit in the lounge so we left the kids outside with Ahmed, Yaseen and Shuaib. My dad told Fatima’s father that we have discussed everything and everyone is happy.
Then they brought Fatima to the lounge and introduced her to everyone. My mum invited them over for lunch tomorrow so we could get to know them better. I guess they both happy and that’s all that matters, her being from a poor family and living in a poor area, all that never really mattered. 
I spoke to everyone when we got home and told them that Ziyaad looks happy and our parents also look happy about this union, so maybe we should just leave the rest to the Almighty. To distract everyone for a little while, we decided to play with the kids outside. We played soccer, it was so much fun with the kids. 
This morning we all got ready after breakfast and prepared for lunch, my mum and Faheema did the cooking, I made the salads and desserts and baked some cakes. Ahmed and Shuaib set the tables, while Yaseen and Ziyaad went to get things we needed from the shops, my dad had to look after all the children.
Fatima called Ziyaad, she said they were going to be here only after Zohr. So we had enough time to prepare and get ready. The men all went for Zohr, when they came back we sat and waited for Fatima and her family. They finally got here and we could have lunch. After lunch, we all sat in the lounge speaking and getting to know each other. 
I decided to take Fatima outside, I wanted to get to know her a little better, I asked her a few questions, like what she is currently doing, How she and Ziyaad met, if she has other siblings, her parents families. She seems a bit quiet and nervous, she didn’t say much. I could see she didn’t want to answer my questions, so I left it. 
Ahmed wanted Fatima to feel at ease, he could see she felt a bit out of place. So he told her a little bit about us, then we started speaking about general things. Then it was time for Faheema and Shuaib to leave, they have a long away to go. After they left, Fatima’s parents also wanted to leave, Ahmed and I said we would drop them off. 
On our way back home we stopped at Zinat place. She was busy baking, she is leaving tomorrow to spend a week with her inlaws. Ahmed and Sameer got engrossed in playing PS4 and checking out some new games Sameer bought. I called my mum to tell her we were by Zinat, just so she wouldn’t panic and think something happen to us. 
I asked Zinat if she knew the Rasool’s, she said her father knew them, I asked her to find out more about the family and more about Fatima. We stayed over at Zinat for supper, we ordered take out and caught up with our life stories. Zinat and Sameer knows everything about Ahmed and I and we know everything about them. 
After supper we watched a movie and then Ahmed and I went back to my parents. Ahmed asked me how many days I wanted to stay, I told him as long as he does. He said we should stay a few more days because we got the time off. I thought since we are staying a few days. Maybe I could get to spend some time with Fatima. 
This morning I told Ziyaad to find out if Fatima was busy with anything. He called her and she was just at home. I booked us both for a spa treatment. Then I called her and told her I would pick her up at 11am. Ahmed was going to play golf, so I had nothing to do. I wasn’t going to sit at home the whole day. 
On our way to the spa, Fatima asked, ” Do you always go to spa’s?” I told her I don’t get to go very often, maybe once or twice in a month. She was shocked, she asked if I only went now that I’m married or did I go before. I was amazed at some of her question, just by having a conversation with her, you can see that what’s normal for us is not for her. 
I could see it was Fatima’s first time at a spa, she asked me to choose for her. She kept worrying about how expensive things were. Then I took her to the mall, I needed to get some stuff for Ahmed and it gave Fatima and I more time together. Ziyaad called to see how things were going, he was worried about Fatima. 
So I was beginning to get to know Fatima. She is really not connected with the world at all. She finds things amusing, we went for coffee at the mall and I ordered bottomless coffee and waffles and she ordered an espresso. I didn’t know that she actually didn’t know what an espresso was. 
When the order came she asked the waitress if that was it, a small cup of black coffee. It was a bit embarrassing, I don’t know what Ziyaad sees in her. It’s a lot of work trying to explain everything to her. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. Anyways after coffee we went shopping and then we went for lunch. 
At lunch, Fatima said that she noticed I never looked at any of the tags when buying things and do I always do that, it was strange but I never really noticed that I never looked at the tags for prices. I’m so use to getting what I need and just paying whatever the bill is. I guess I’ve never had an issue with money so I never bothered. 
Not to say I just shopped for fun, I only go to the mall if I need something, I’m never stingy with money when it comes to food. I know I’ve spent a lot on outings with friends and family. Material things never really bothered me. Being an accountant, one would expect me to keep record. 
Anyways after lunch, I dropped off Fatima and then went back home. When I got back home, Ahmed said he wanted to stay a few more days, he was really enjoying time with my brothers. I didn’t complain, which women wouldn’t want to stay by her parents for longer then a weekend. 
My dad got back from the shop, I made tea for everyone and then helped my mum with supper. It was nice just being around my family. My Dadi was the most excited, she really enjoys Ahmed’s company. We had to leave by Friday because Sunday we are leaving to Cape Town. I still have to pack for that holiday and I don’t want to leave tired to a holiday. 

After supper, Ahmed, my parents and I went to see all my uncles. They were all so happy to see us, it’s been a month since we have seen everyone. My uncle invited us for supper tomorrow and my cousins want to go out for ice cream and coffee afterwards. I always like these special moments with family, they memories you get to tell when you older. 


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