Friends and family are always a great support system when you going through rough times. Ahmed and I have been through a roller coasters ride. We have had our ups and downs, we’ve come out of some really difficult time. Today we at a point in our lives where we are settled and comfortable. 
Finally we getting back to routine, it took a few weeks but we getting there. We have made friends at the community centre and they have now become part of our lives. Sabiha and Shiraaz, are our closest friends, they always there for us and we for them. They have been great support to us. 
We having Sabiha and Shiraaz over for lunch today, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen them. They’ve been away on vacation to Mauritius. Shiraaz surprised Sabiha, he wanted to take her somewhere before the new baby came. I think it was really sweet and thoughtful of him. 
Ahmed helped me in the kitchen today, we cooked together, it was a lot of fun. I like when he helps around the house, the advantage of him knowing how to cook is just great. When I don’t feel like cooking, he does it. That’s not often though, I don’t actually like him to do the cooking. He only does it when I’m sick or late from work.
Sabiha and Shiraaz just pulled in and Ahmed ran outside to play with Ebrahim, He has been waiting all morning for them to come. We sit in the lounge, talking all about their vacation and about what Ahmed and I have been up to. They were happy that Ahmed and I are settled and working on our marriage. 
We had lunch, sat and enjoyed each others company and then it was tea time. Sabiha baked lovely chocolate mousse cupcakes, I made red velvet cupcakes and some biscuits. Sabiha and Shiraaz left after tea, it was wonderful having them over. From all of us I think Ahmed and Ebrahim were the ones who enjoyed their day the most. 
The festive season and holidays are around the corner, just a few more weeks. Ahmed and I are going to Cape town for the holidays. We planning to meet Safiah and Reeza there. We have our hotel booked but haven’t planned what we doing each day. Ahmed says we shouldn’t plan the days, just have a list of things that we would like to do.
Anyways we still have some time until we decide anything. My mum wants us to come home this weekend, she said it’s something special. I don’t remember it being anyone’s birthday or anniversary, so I’m anxious to know what’s so special. Ahmed loves spending time with my family, he feels at home with them, his really excited. 
I packed our bags already and baked some goodies to take with. We leaving in the morning, I’m taking my new car so I can make my brothers heads turn. They haven’t seen my car as yet, we always went with Ahmed’s car. Yaseen told Raeesa that we were coming home for the weekend, she wanted to send something for Yaseen and my parents. 
She said she would drop it off in the morning before we left. After supper we went to the hospital to visit one of Ahmeds friends. When we got home, we both got into bed, Ahmed was telling me. How much he is looking forward to the weekend. I think, he misses the time with his family and he looks for that in my family. 
We planned to leave after breakfast but Raeesa was running a bit late. We waited half an hour before she came. On our way, we spotted a new Farm shop that opened. We’ve seen them busy for months but never really knew what was coming up. Ahmed decided to stop and see what they had. We got some great fruits, honey, and nuts. 
Our drive just seemed a bit longer today, Ahmed also felt so, he said its because we stopped a few places which we usually don’t do. It was a more relaxed drive but longer. We reached my parents place just before lunch. Faheema and Shuaib even beat us this time. When we went inside there were some people there. 
I didn’t know who they were, I thought they were new in town or new friends of my parents. Ahmed and I went up to my room to leave our luggage, Faheema came behind us. I asked her who those people were and she said she didn’t know. They’ve been here since she came and she didn’t get a chance to ask my parents because we came after them.
She thought I knew who they were, we all went downstairs, my dad called us all to the sitting room. He said they have an announcement to make but first he would like to introduce us to the Rasool’s, they are Ziyaad’s future-in-laws. Okay so we meeting his inlaws at our house, weren’t we, the boys side, suppose to meet at the girls house. 
That’s how it’s usually done, Faheema just looked at me and said, “I guess it’s different this time.”  After the introduction, my dad announced that the Rasool’s want to discuss the wedding. I was so lost, what wedding?, we were just told that my brother wants to get married, I didn’t know we were already planning the wedding. 
They didn’t even get engaged, when did the proposal happen? I had so many questions but didn’t think it was the right time to ask. I called Ahmed, Faheema and Shuaib to the kitchen, I told my mum we were getting the snacks. “What’s happening here? Did your’ll even know about this?” I asked.
No one knew anything, Shuaib suggested that we tell my parents to postpone this meeting until later, maybe the evening or tomorrow morning. We all surprised about this and we need time to take all this in. We didn’t want to make a scene, so we called my dad one side and told him. 
My dad told the Rasool’s that we needed some time and we would call them when everything is sorted out. Faheema and I decided to first serve lunch and then sit and discuss everything. My brother didn’t look to happy, he wanted us to all just agree to what this girl and her family said, it’s just insane. 
After lunch, we all gathered in the sitting room, we needed to discuss this whole wedding thing. I feel things are being done in such a secretive way. But why is it like that, with Faheema’s and my wedding we had all my father brothers and all of us included in the discussion. Why should it be different now. 
I told my parents and Ziyaad to start from the beginning and tell us what is going on. Then we will all ask our questions. My dad told the story, Ziyaad and Fatima like each other and they want to get married. Her parents want to have everything done quickly and small. They don’t want a engagement and then wedding. 
“When did the proposal happen?” asked Shuaib. “Yeah and why we’re we the sisters and brother not involved?” asked Faheema. “Small and our family, have you seen the size of just the brothers and sisters and their kids?” I asked. ” I’m living in this house and I don’t even know this,” said Yaseen. ” Why do they want to do things quickly?” Ahmed asked. 
My dad was so lost in the storm of questions. He just sat there with his head down. Ziyaad answered all our questions. No proposal took place, they just told the parents and the parents met once to speak and agreed. He had no answer to why we were not involved, he just said they didn’t have anything sorted so they didn’t say anything. 
To my question, he said he will only invite the uncles and their wives and the aunties and their husbands and our family. They want things done quickly because they have had an experience with someone else, where they brought the proposal and planned the wedding but called things off after six months. 
Ziyaad apologised to Yaseen, he said he wanted to tell us all at the same time. Everyone else was satisfied, Faheema and I were not. We didn’t even know these people, why did her previous wedding get called off? These are important things we need to know. Ziyaad said he knows everything, she told him the whole story.
My parents told us that they also know the story, we didn’t need to get involved. We left it at that, Ahmed said that we should respect their decision and just leave it. Although we were not happy we just had to let it go. My dad called Fatima’s parents and told them we were all coming over after supper. 

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