Ahmed calls me today, he knows it’s my last day at work and I was suppose to be leaving later today to meet them. I didn’t tell him as yet that I won’t be joining them. He asks what time I will be leaving, I wanted to tell him, I was not going to come but I just didn’t want to spoil his day. So I said that we were not closing, something came up and some of us have to stay to finish. 
He thought I was only talking about today and I will be there tomorrow. I had a few hours at least to figure out what I would say next. I put myself in this fix, he is going to call everyday to find out. I will have to make a new lie everyday and I don’t want to lie to him. I called my mum to find out what I should do. 
My mum said I should just go, if not today but tomorrow I should. It’s not nice lying to your spouse, I am the only reason he went and he is expecting me. He probably told his family I am coming and if I don’t go, it would look bad for him. This was not my plan, but I guess they did get a couple days to spend together as a family. 
When I got home after work, I packed my bag and told Aunty Rubina that I was going away. I called Ahmed and told him that we finished our work and I was coming tonight. When I got to the resort,I could see Ahmed was really excited. His family was not too happy, when his mother was alone, I did tell her that she didn’t have to worry, I was not going to join them on their outings. 
It will be like I’m not there, she just shrug me off. I could clearly see I was not wanted there. I myself didn’t want to be there and I know Ahmed would make a fuss if he found out how his mother has been treating me. He would also be upset with himself for forcing me to join them. I know he wants the best for all of us. 
I overlook my mother-in-laws behaviour and went to my room. I stood by the windows, looking at the scenery, lost in my thoughts. Ahmed came to see what I was doing, they were going for a bicycle ride around the resort. I told him I still had to unpack my bags so I won’t go with. I also told him not to wait for me at supper, I was hungry so I was going to get something to eat before I unpack. 
I know his family doesn’t want to do anything with me so I will stay away. I don’t want any problems or to spoil their week. We have three more days here and I want it to be pleasant for them. When Ahmed got back, he said he asked the restaurant chef to make for us all a special breakfast. 
I thought it’s a great idea but told him that I wouldn’t join them. He didn’t look too happy, he just said, “It’s a family breakfast and you part of the family, I don’t see why you won’t be there.” I didn’t want to make an issue or want any problems during our stay so I told him that I only came because he wanted me to. 
I wasn’t going to come, I told him not to make an issue about it, but his family doesn’t really want me there. So to make everyone happy, I’ll be there for him but away from them.” He looked disappointed, I told him not to be. We know his family will never accept me, so we have to accept that. 
The next few days, Ahmed really ran all around, I told him not to worry about me. I was fine, I had my car, If I wanted to go somewhere, I just had to get into the car and go. He should spend the time with his family. He felt bad leaving me alone, especially since he asked me to come. He tried to make everyone happy but at the end he was the only one unhappy. 
By the end of the second day, I could see he was exhausted, trying to be at two places just to spend time with them and me. When he got back from supper, I told him that I was leaving. I can’t let him run around on a holiday I planned for him to spend with his family and to relax. It’s just tiring him out. 
He agreed but he didn’t look too delighted. I packed and then left, I messaged him when I got home. Ahmed and his mother had a argument. He said after I left his mother said she was glad that I left. They didn’t have to pretend to be happy that I was there. He heard her and didn’t like what she said. 
So he told her that I’m his wife whether she likes it or not and I am going to be in his life forever. I was not pleased at all, he should of just let it go. He knows how they hate me, it’s just natural that they would say nasty things. She is his mother after all so he should respect her. He wanted to come back home but I told him I would be very unhappy if he did. 
I planned a week away for him to spend time with his family. Not to fight with them and make things worse. I made him promise that he would apologise to his family and make the best of the time they have together. My mum called to check how I was doing. She was worried that I would be miserable and left alone. 
I didn’t want her to worry, I didn’t tell her much about the trip I had. Mothers always know when something is wrong and I know although I didn’t say anything, but she knows. Since I was going to be home alone, I decided to rather make the most of the day. I have a full plan. I have to wake up early to enjoy my day. 
Today I have a full day planned, I got ready and went out for breakfast, then I went to the day spa not too far from home. Then I went for some retail therapy to Sandton. I spend most of my day shopping, I went to watch a movie and then went home. Imraan came over,they were going to ford’s burg for supper and wanted me to join them. 
We went to Jimmy’s, it was just Imraan, Sakina and myself. It was weird because the three of us haven’t been out alone, usually we take his sisters with or other friends. After supper, Imraan tells me that they want to discuss something with me. Imraan has proposed to Sakina and she has said yes. Now they have to tell their parents and want me to help them. 
I don’t think it’s such a good idea, I don’t really have such a rosy marriage and my inlaws hate me. That will not look so good when I’m telling both their parents that they want to get married and please allow them to. They will definitely point fingers at my relationship. Imraan said that he won’t let anyone accuse me of anything. 
I agreed to help them but still don’t think it’s such a great idea. We will see what happens. On our way back from dropping Sakina, I spoke to Imraan and tried to convince him that by me trying to help them, I might end up making things worst. He didn’t want to hear anything, he said my, his parents and Sakina’s parents both adore me, so they will listen to me. 
Ahmed was coming home today, so I made his favourite for lunch. I sent the driver to fetch him and sent gifts for his family. I told him not to say the gifts are from me, at least they will accept them then. Ahmed didn’t want to talk much when he got back, he seemed very upset, I left him alone. 
I took his lunch to the room, I had lunch in the dining room. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to ask him what happened but I knew it would just make him more angry. I decided to leave him until he was ready to say what happened. The whole day went, we never spoke to each other. 
He came out of the room, but that’s just to watch TV, ” do I ask, don’t I ask,do I ask, don’t I ask?” I was contemplating. I never did anything wrong so I asked him. He said, ” I’m not upset with you, I just needed some time to think.” “think about what?” I asked. ” How I can get my family to like you, you do so much for them and they don’t see or appreciate it.” 

“Why are you troubling yourself? We’ve been over this a million times and I have accepted that they will never accept me. It’s easier if you accept it.” Ahmed walked up to me, gave me a tight hug and a kiss and said, ” You just the best, you deserve better.” To make him laugh I said, ” I know.”


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