To my surprise, my mother-in-law called me today, I don’t know from which side of the bed she woke up from. I thought she might of called for Ahmed, so I went to give him the phone but she asked to speak to me. She called to find out how we were doing, what’s our plans for the holidays and just to say hi. She even asked if we would come for a weekend after the holidays.
I was quite shocked, she has never showed any interest in our life before. I hope she is not up to something. She wants to plan a holiday together, which I don’t think is a good idea. I don’t mind if Ahmed went with them on a holiday but I’m not taking any chances. The further I am, the happier I’ll be. 
Today we having some friends over for supper, I marinated the things I had to cook last minute and put them in the fridge. I cooked most of the things before I left for work. Last night I made the cupcakes and Aunty Rubina said she would make biscuits for me. 
Sabiha and Sakina will be making the desserts. I just have to do the rest when I get home from work. It’s been a long time since we’ve had everyone over, we did it once before we got married. It’s the first time we having supper at our place after we got married. We wanted to settle first before inviting everyone over. 
I got home after work and started cooking, I had quite a lot to do and Ahmed was not home as yet. He was stuck in traffic, I had no time to panic so as the food cooked I made the salads and set the table. Ahmed finally got home, he brought flowers for the center pieces and some fruit.
The evening went on very well, everyone was so impressed with supper and all the effort we put into the evening. After everyone left, Ahmed and I cleaned up, we’ll he helped a bit but then had to attend to a business call. So I cleaned up and went to bed, I knew he would be long. 
Ahmed woke up early and made breakfast as an apology for not helping last night. I like the little special things he does, it makes our relationship stronger. We value each other more and spend more time together. Also it’s nice to come home to these special surprises. I have to admit I haven’t done a lot of them for him. 
Yeah I’ve taken him out, I’ve surprised him with gifts and special dinners, I just feel I need to do more. Ahmed hasn’t been home now in four months, he feels bad that he has to go without me. He doesn’t like to leave me for the weekend. I told him, im okay with it. I have accepted that his family will never accept me. 
It’s something he can’t accept and he has to work on that. His family hasn’t made any effort to come forward and welcome me into their lives. I have sent them gifts, invited them over to our place but they always return my gifts and they never pitched when I invited them. With Ahmeds friend Bilals help, I have decided to plan a weekend away for him and his family. 
It’s the least I can do for him, I feel guilty that he chooses to stay away from his family because of me. I can’t make the situation better but I can give him the time with his family. I have already checked with his assistant and she has changed all his appointments for one week. 
I have packed his bags and arranged with Bilal to sort out things with Ahmed’s family. There were meeting him at this place and Ahmed’s driver was taking him. All I have to do is get Ahmed to agree, I know it’s difficult but I can’t let my plan fail. The whole day I’ve been thinking of a way to get him to agree. 
Ahmed was already home, he was watching TV, all relaxed. I wouldn’t get a better chance. So I went and sat next to him, I said, ” Babes, I’ve got something to tell you. You have to promise you will agree, I’ve booked you and your family on a week vacation to magaliesburg. Everything is set, your family have all agreed, it’s just for you now.” 
At first he was not reacting, I kept asking him, if he was okay. All of a sudden he got up and went to our room. He called me to the room, he said, ” I’m tired of this, I don’t know how much of it I can take.” I was confused at first,  but then Ahmed said, ” you trying your best and they just can’t see it. No other person would do what you are doing.”
After some convincing, he said he would go but I had to go with him. My company was not closing for another two days, so I told him I would meet them there. I wasn’t really going to, I just had to get him to agree. I told him his bags were packed and he had to leave in the morning. He agreed but said he would be waiting for me.
After supper, he remembered an important meeting he had scheduled, I told him that all his meetings were postponed for when he got back. He thought he could make and excuse and get out of going. I asked him that he should try and enjoy himself. He needs the time with his family, he hasn’t seen them in a few months. 
He left in the morning, just after breakfast, I waited for him to leave. I knew if I went to work, he wouldn’t of went. Anyways I went to work, I called to see if he was doing okay. He said he loved the place and so does his family. I told him they didn’t know I planned it and he shouldn’t tell them. He said, it was too late, he already did. 
They loved the place and all the activities planned for them, Ahmed said,i planned something each day that everyone likes. I told him, we would speak later, I had a meeting to attend to. I was glad that they were enjoying themselves. After my meeting I had nothing to do at work, so I went home.
It was weird having supper and doing everything alone, I’m so use to having Ahmed around. Rizwana came to see if I was okay, she was going out with the girls and wanted to know if I wanted to join them. At first I didn’t want to go, but she convinced me to. Maybe it would do me good, instead of moping around. 
So we went to our usual coffee shop, we  were meeting our friend Farhana there. We haven’t seen her for two months, she recently got married and then went on a long honeymoon and vacation. Then she stayed a few weeks with her inlaws and a few weeks with her parents. 
Lucky right, I wish I was so lucky, but I am in my own way. I might not have my inlaws support but I have a great family and awesome friends. She told us all about staying with her inlaws. Her mother-in-law is like a tyrant, she rules everyone. Her father-in-law just agrees to everything her mother-in-law says, but they all happy. 
Her sister-in-laws are both married so they don’t come a lot to her mother-in-law, her brother-in-laws are not married, they naughty, one is still in school and the other is studying. She told us about her first day there. She didn’t know the rules or their house and she went to the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone. 
She didn’t know what they liked so she made two things. When her mother-in-law came to the kitchen she saw that breakfast was ready but didn’t know who made it, so she called the worker to find out. Farhana’s husband told her that his mother is going to be so upset, because in their house breakfast the mother makes. 
No one ever changes that, lunch and supper the cook makes. They got a cook from India, he cooks all types of dishes. Anyways she was so afraid to go in front of her mother-in-law because her husband already frightened her. Her mother-in-law came to their room and called for her. She didn’t shout or anything, she just asked, ” Are u not going to give us breakfast?” 
She said, she has never been so frightened. Since that day she asked before she did anything. They live so different and her inlaws have so many rules, it’s difficult to keep track. She wrote everything down. Sounds like a military. 

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