Finally Ahmed came home, I was so worried that they would ask about him. What would I have said, it wouldn’t of been so embarrassing. He brought milk,bread and a newspaper with, to make it look like he went to the shops. He acted as if he was surprised to see them here, but he already knew. 
I invited them to join us for breakfast, so we all sat to have breakfast. My parents enjoyed Reeza’s company, he really had some interesting stories for them, about Cape Town. Ahmed said to Reeza that we will be in Cape Town for the December holidays and we should meet up. It was the first time I heard about these plans. 
After breakfast, Safiah and Reeza sat for a little and then they had to leave to visit Reeza’s family. When they had left, my dad had a talk with Ahmed and I and then they also left. The house seemed so quiet without my parents, I’m really going to miss them. They were a great help and support to Ahmed and I. 
Ahmed and I went to the room, we just laid on the bed, playing with each others fingers, talking about our future, about the time we were apart. It was lovely having him back, it was comforting. He lives to give surprises, so he said that we were going somewhere for one night and I should pack a bag for us. 
He didn’t say much so I didn’t know what to pack, I just put some of our clothes in a bag and hoped I took appropriate clothes. Before we left, we went to Uncle Abdullah to tell them the good news. They were really happy for us, Ahmed apologised to them as well. I told them that we wouldn’t be around for the evening and would be returning the next day. 
We packed the car and then left, I didn’t even know where we were going. All I know it’s a resort close by. It felt like a 30 to 45 minute drive, we get to this place. I just see a big black gate and then it’s bush all around. Ahmed tell me to put a blindfold over my eyes. I was so anxious, what could be the surprise.
We get to the reception, I had to wait in the car, still blindfolded, patiently waiting. Then we get to the room, I can finally take off my blindfold. There’s this beautiful scenery before my eyes, cool breeze hitting my face and the aroma of roses. I see a booklet on the resort and the activities available.
Ahmed arranged for someone to bring us halaal food for supper, so we had a lovely supper and then took a nice romantic walk around the resort. The resort is a great getaway for couples, on a Saturday night they have a special night for couples at their hall. They have music, dances and some other activities. 
Ahmed and I were not really interested in any of the activities, we went back to our room, we got into bed and just watched TV and cuddled up together. It was all we needed, I felt so relaxed and it was amazing to have Ahmed by my side. He didn’t let me do anything, he got up when I needed something, he even gave me a neck massage which was lovely. 
We decided to go out for breakfast, so we went to Mugg and bean, it was delicious, we sat there for a few hours just speaking our minds out, then we went for a long drive and came along a game farm where we could go for a game drive in our car. We had already checked out from the resort and had all our snacks and drinks in the car so we decided to go for it. 
We took a 2 hour drive, we spotted a lot of animals and most of all we got to spend time together. I told Ahmed that we should get back home, it was getting quite late and we both had work the next day. We got home just after maghrib, we both had snacked the whole day so we were not hungry. 
We showered and then relaxed in the lounge. Imraan came over and said there was a package that arrived for me this afternoon. A package on a Sunday, was a bit weird. No one delivers a package on Sundays. I just left it on the counter, I didn’t think it was important. When we got to bed Ahmed asked me what was in the package that had come. 
He kept insisting that I open the parcel, I didn’t even check to see who sent it or how it was sent. I went to fetch the parcel from the kitchen and that’s when I saw that the parcel only  had my name, there was no address and it wasn’t sent via a postal service. I opened the parcel and in there was a set of car keys and some other keys that looked like normal house keys. 
Ahmed said that he wanted to give these to me when he took me to the house his parents bought. I asked if these were the keys to that house, he said no, it’s for another house. At first I was confused, why would he buy another house, especially since I made it clear we not moving. 
Then Ahmed said, “Don’t panic, these keys are not for a house for us to move to. It’s for a vacation house in Cape town, the car is yours, which will arrive tomorrow morning before you go to work.” I asked him, why he spent money on a car when I already have one. He said, he knows my car has been giving me problems and I will need another car. 
He wants me to be safe on the road, not stuck and no one to help me. My car isn’t that bad, it just started giving problems, I can still use it. I told Ahmed that I will accept the car but in future he shouldn’t just buy things for me. Small things are okay but big things are not. I don’t want his mother to make a problem out of it. 
Ahmed said that he doesn’t need anyone’s approval to spend on his wife. It is his money after all and they still getting the same amount as they were before. It’s out of his share that he is using on me. I’m not use to being so spoilt, I’ve always been independent. It’s a big adjustment, having someone who wants to do for you, It feels nice though. 
In the morning when we woke up the car was already parked outside. The garage had their driver drop off the car and he waited for us to come out. It was exciting to drive to work in a new car. I couldn’t thank Ahmed enough, I decided to take my new ride to work. I took pictures of the car and sent them to my brothers, they were happy but so jealous. 
After work, I decided to go to the mall and get some groceries for the house. Ahmed called to check where I was, he said we have visitors waiting for me at home. I quickly paid for the groceries, got home to see no one was there. Ahmed wanted to surprise me with supper and he couldn’t wait anymore, so he came up with a plan to get me home.
He cooked,decorated the dining room and put up a projector in our room for a movie after supper. It was such a special night, it was romantic, crazy and fun. We both were so exhausted from the weekend that we fell asleep half way through the movie. Ahmed woke up in the middle of the night and realised the projector was still on. 

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