This morning when I woke up, I decided that by the time I get to work, I should have a decision. So on my way to work I thought about what I was going to do. When I got to the office I called Ahmed and told him that I wanted to meet him after Jummah at his apartment. He said, he would be home by 3pm.
I didn’t go home for Jummah, I decided to stay at the office, read my namaaz at the office and then finished whatever work I had, so I didn’t have to take work home. I left the office just a little after 2pm and then went home. I had a quick shower and dressed up, my mum asked me, where I was going all dressed up. 
I told my parents that I was going out and that I would only be home in the evening. I somehow knew things would work out for Ahmed and I, I was confident about it. When I got to Ahmeds apartment, he was waiting outside. He said he was so anxious to see me. 
I told him that we needed to talk, we went inside, strange but today there was no awkwardness, feeling uncomfortable or anything like that. We were just us, comfortable with each other, he kissed me when I got there and we hugged. Nothing like our previous meeting, maybe he decided to try it, before he was afraid of how I would react.
I told Ahmed to sit down, I had something important to discuss with him. He looked worried, he said, “don’t tell me you got bad news, that’s all I’ve been hearing whole week.” I told him that I have made my decision, I am willing to give us a second chance but there will be changes. 
Then he sat down next to me, he had tears in his eyes, I asked him what happened. He held my hand and said, ” Please don’t ever leave me again, I can’t live without you, I have cried every night praying to Allah (God) that he softens your heart and you accept me back into your life, finally my duas have been accepted.” 
I told him about the changes I want in order for us to move on and he embraced them. With everything sorted out, I told Ahmed he could move back on Saturday, my parents were still around so after they left. I still have to tell them the good news. Anyways we spent the rest of the day together, catching up on the things we did while we were apart. 
Sabiha calls me and says they want to meet up, they have some news to share with me and they want to tell me in person. Then Ahmed gets a call from Shiraaz and he tells him the same thing. They wanted to meet at the coffee shop, so Ahmed and I went there. It’s already supper time and we both starving, but we had to wait for Sabiha and Shiraaz. 
They finally get to the coffee shop, they sit down and then start calling the waiter, placing their order, like they forgot why we were meeting. Ahmed asks, “so what’s the news?” Shiraaz says, ” We expecting.” I am so happy for them, they have been trying for a long time. They have a one year old who they adopted but they never stopped trying for their own. 
Their one year old son is just too adorable. He is spoilt by Shiraaz, he can get away with anything. They haven’t told their family as yet, they waiting a bit until they tell the families. Sabiha is afraid that if she looses this baby, it would just be too much to handle for the family and for them, Especially their parents. 
We didn’t want to take their moment away so we didn’t tell them about us getting back together. We had something to eat, sat a little and then we left the coffee shop. Sabiha noticed that I didn’t bring my car, she asked if someone dropped me off. Ahmed gave me a side hug and said to her, “She came with me.”
She was so excited, crazy as she is, she started screaming in the street, they said we friends, there’s no such thing as taking away their spotlight. We couldn’t ask for better friends. Ahmed and I left and went to his apartment. He didn’t want me to leave, he kept holding me so I wouldn’t leave. Every time I said I have to leave now, he ran to block the door. 
It was just a matter of few hours and then we would be together again. I had to still tell my parents, I had very little time because they were leaving tomorrow. When I got home my dad was asleep, so I couldn’t tell them anything as yet. My mum said they wanted to leave at 10 in the morning. 
I sent a message to Ahmed to tell him that my parents were leaving at 10am, He had to meet them before they left. He replied to my message saying, ” I love and miss you, thank you for this second chance, I will be there, my love.” I was happy that everything has worked out, I know we might not be as we were before but we need to get back there.
I couldn’t wait to tell my parents the good news, I was so anxious and it just seemed that they were taking longer to come out of their room. I decide to make breakfast in the mean time, finally they were done and ready for breakfast. I first made them sit down in the lounge and then told them that I have some news for them. 
I said to them, “Ahmed and I have come to a understanding, we have decided to give our marriage a second chance but there will be some changes. We want to be with each other but without interference from family.” My parents both were happy but my mum was worried about Ahmeds family.
My mum knows they love to interfere and they not going to let us live happily. I can’t assure her that it won’t happen, that’s for Ahmed to deal with. Well Ahmed has promised he will sort out his family and because they dislike me we will have to keep our distance. I have told him that we don’t have to, I have to.
We sat to have breakfast, when I heard a knock on the door, there’s only one person I was expecting and that’s Ahmed. When I opened the door it was Safiah and Reeza, they were in town for the weekend. I messaged Ahmed and told him they were here and he should pretend like nothing happened but leave his stuff in his car. 
Safiah had messaged me a few days ago to find out what I was doing today, she said that she wanted a parcel dropped off by me, so I told her to send it to Aunty Rubina. Now I know why she asked all the detective type of questions. It was a real surprise, both of them were so happy for Ahmed and I.

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