We finally finished all the files that had deadlines and I could finally get home. It was already 9:30pm and it takes me 30 minutes to get home. I hope my inlaws don’t freak out, but they have to understand I’m not going into work tomorrow because Ahmed is leaving so I had to finish all my work. 
I walked into a empty house, no one was there and all my furniture and everything was gone, I started panicking. I went next door to see if they knew anything. Aunty Rubina said that she just saw movers come in and packed everything and took it, she did ask them but they said it was authorised by Mr and Mrs Khan. 
I tried calling Ahmed but his phone was off, I called my father-in-law and he didn’t answer. I was so frustrated and tired, I looked so silly in front of Aunty Rubina and them. How could Ahmed do this to me and think I would be okay with it. I called my parents and told them what happened, they tried calling Ahmed and his parents but non of them answered. 
All my belonging were gone, I had no clothes, no chairs, no tables, even my personal things were gone. All that furniture and things belonged to me. I paid for them so how could they take it. I just couldn’t handle this madness and just burst out crying. I couldn’t control my tears, so many things kept going through my mind.
Aunt Rubina said I could stay by them and sort things out in the morning. I just felt like I was betrayed and I should just file a case at the police station. Uncle Abdullah said I shouldn’t rush into things and wait until the morning. I couldn’t even eat anything I was so furious. I didn’t want anyone to stay awake just for me so by 11pm I told them that we should rather go sleep. 
If Ahmed was coming for me, he would long time ago and he would of told them something. He wouldn’t just go away and not say anything. My parents said they would come to Jo’burg in the morning. It was past 2am and I was still awake. I hear a knock on the door, I got up to see who it was. Aunty Rubina came to the room and told me it was Ahmed. 
I went to see what he wanted, he said he is sorry and he came to get me. I didn’t want a scene at 2 in the morning when everyone is sleeping and had work the next day. I told Ahmed that I was spending the night by Aunty Rubina and we can speak later in the day. I didn’t ask him where my things were, why he didn’t tell me anything.
I went back to bed and tried to get some sleep before fajr. I woke up in the morning and had to borrow clothes from Rizwana. It was really embarrassing. Aunty Rubina said I shouldn’t be but yet I still was, I felt so dumb. My parents got here just after we had breakfast, I saw my mum and just cried. 
My dad looked at me and I know he wanted to say that he told me not to marry in this family but he just stood there and looked at me. My dad called Ahmed and told him to come alone, he first wanted to speak to Ahmed and then his parents. Uncle Abdullah said that we should try not to accuse them of anything but rather first ask him what is he up to. 
When Ahmed came my dad told me to go to the room. He wanted to talk to Ahmed alone, my dad asked Ahmed what was he up to, why he emptied the house and didn’t tell me anything. My dad also told him that when he got married to me my parents handed me to him and he has a responsibility towards me. How could he abandon me, what he expected me to do. 
Ahmed said that his parents found a nice house and bought it and gifted it to him. So he decided before he went to China he would move us there. He wanted to surprise me but things didn’t work out like he planned, the movers were delayed and he ended up coming to fetch me late. 
My dad called me and told me what Ahmed said and then asked me what I wanted to do. I told Ahmed that I want all my belongings to be moved back into my house by end of today. I don’t care about the house his parents bought, I don’t care what happened with the movers, I don’t care about anything he has to say. 
I told him that his parents can stay in that house and his mother doesn’t need to come stay with me for the time he is away because I don’t want him or his family around me. Ahmed had an hour to sort out everything because he had to catch a flight to China. I didn’t care, all I know is I want my things back. 
He tried to speak to me and said a few times he is sorry but I just walked away. My parents didn’t allow him to see me and told him to leave. My boss called me and tells me that he got a call from the building owner and he said I moved out. I explained to my boss and told him to please not cancel the lease. 
I am so disappointed in Ahmed, how can he do such a thing to me. I am more disappointed in myself, I feel like I chose this for myself and now I’m suffering. All I am thinking is how people are going to laugh and how dumb I am. Ahmed called my father and said he organised the movers to move everything back to my place.
My parents decided to stay and help me get everything back to how it was. I was so glad that Uncle Abdullah is my neighbour, imagine if they were not around. After two hours I got a message from Ahmed saying his sorry, we will sort things out when he got back and that he was boarding the flight. 
I didn’t reply to his message, I wasn’t going to even if he expected me to. I was so upset that I was thinking of moving back to my parents. Ahmed parents came to see my parents after they left Ahmed at the airport. My father-in-law tried to make excuses for what they did and then he topped the cake when he said, “We just wanted to surprise Saajidah, not like we stole her things and ran away.”
I was astonished at how he tried to sugar coat everything they did. I never expected my father-in-law to turn out to be like this. My mother-in-law on the other hand I would expect this from. I don’t know why but I have a strong feeling that all this was her idea. I so much wanted to ask her but it would of been rude and parents have thought me better. 
I called Uncle Abdullah and told him to tell them to leave, if they were there for one more minute, I wouldn’t of been able to hold back. After they left, I got a call from the building security. The movers where here, finally I could get my things back and I can move on, I was happy my belonging were back. 
Uncle Abdullah, Aunty Rubina, Imraan, Rizwana, Farzeen and my parents, a team of eight of us tackled the house and got everything done by 10pm. I was so tired I couldn’t stand anymore and I felt like a bus ran over me. I just wanted to get to bed and wake up the next day and all this would be a dream when I wake up. 

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