After work Ahmed and I went on our usual Friday night date and then we went to Raeesa’s house. Her parents were very understanding, they have their condition which I think are fair. it’s obvious that a father of a daughter would have concerns and he wouldn’t want his daughter to get hurt. 
On our way back home I called Yaseen and told him how things went. He was super excited that there is a chance of him and Raeesa being together. Ahmed really handled the situation well. Tomorrow we leaving to go to my parents, so Yaseen doesn’t have to wait too long. 
When we got home I was so sleepy so I went to the room and got ready for bed. Ahmed wanted to watch TV, before I got into bed I decided to pack our bags so we could leave earlier. It was just a weekend so I didn’t have to take much. I just got into bed and Ahmed came to the room.  
He said he needed to speak to me, I got a bit worried, he looked so tensed. Then he said, he thinks that his mother should come stay with me for the two weeks that his gone to China. At first I was stunned, then I said, ” love, I’m use to being alone, I don’t think I should trouble your mum, Aunty Rubina and them are just next door.” 
I mean really I don’t need a babysitter, how is his mother being around going to help. He didn’t say anything after that, I don’t know if he felt bad but I don’t want to look after someone. I got work and other responsibilities, Instead of her being my support I will have to worry if there is food for her, if she is okay. Not getting bored. 
In the morning I made breakfast for us and then we got ready to leave to my parents. Ahmed was quiet the whole morning, he only greeted me, he never spoke to me other then that. I felt offended, I’m not forced to stay with his mother for the two weeks that his gone. In the car I asked him if he was okay, because he didn’t speak much in the morning. 
I asked him if it was because I said his mother doesn’t need to come to us when his gone. He said no he is fine, his just not feeling too well. We were halfway already but I felt like maybe he didn’t really want to go to my parents and that’s why he was saying he wasn’t well. So I suggested we go back home and he can rest it out rather 
He just said we almost there, makes no sense. The rest of the way there was silence, I wasn’t in the mood to argue so I just left it like it was. When we got to my parents Ahmed looked least bothered to be there. I feel it’s so childish just because he wants his mother to babysitter me and I don’t want it, so now he doesn’t want to be with my family. 
I ignored him, in front of my family I made like everything was okay. After lunch I left Ahmed by mum and went to see Zinat and Sameer. I didn’t think he would want to come and I didn’t want to force him. Zinat and Sameer asked where he was, I just said he wasn’t feeling well. Sameer asked if I was sure he wasn’t well or he didn’t want to come.
I told him that I didn’t even tell Ahmed that I was visiting them, I just left. Zinat said,” oh, are we fighting?.” I told them what happened, Sameer said I was right and Zinat said I should of just shut my mouth and let my mother-in-law come stay with me. Then we started arguing with her about it, just then Ahmed pulled in. 
We all just kept quiet, he asked if he came at a wrong time. Sameer took him out to see his new fish tank, just so that we could avoid the topic. Zinat still tried to convince me that I shouldn’t of said anything. I told her she won’t understand, I can manage with his family when he is around. 
What am I suppose to do when he is not around, I am not even married a month and my mother-in-law needs to babysit me. Is it always going to be like that, then we might as well move in with them. Why stay in Jo’burg, far away from them. it’s like I’m inviting the trouble to my house, everyone knows that my mother-in-law has never liked me. 
When the men came in, Ahmed told Zinat what happened and asked her what she thought. She sided with him and Sameer just kept quiet, I guess Sameer didn’t want to get into the middle of it. He will say how he feels to me but he won’t tell Ahmed. I told Ahmed we would go home and discuss it, we came to visit them not tell them our problems. 
When we left I told Ahmed to his car at my mums and then we would go visit everyone with one car. Then we would visit all my uncles and Zinats parents. So we went to leave the car by my mum, when Ahmed got into the car and then asked me, why I left without telling him. 
Obviously I would think that he wouldn’t want to come with, he made such a fuss to be at my parents and to take him visiting he would make a bigger fuss. I didn’t want to force him to do something he didn’t want to and I told him that. In a way I wanted him to realise that he was forcing me to spend the two weeks with his mother. 
Anyways I didn’t want to spoil my weekend so I just told him, “We will see what happens.” After visiting everyone, we went back home. Ziyaad wanted to go out for supper, he said he wanted to take us all out so we went to a local restaurant. Ahmed and I decided we would speak to my parents about Yaseen after supper. 
At supper Ziyaad told Ahmed and I that he had to make an announcement. My parents and Faheema knew already, he only didn’t tell us and Yaseen. He said, he met someone and they want to get married, my parents , Shuaib and Faheema have already met her and her family and both families agree. 
I was happy for my brother but I was a bit hurt that I was told last, my dadi and my uncles all know already and so do some of our cousins. I didn’t want to create a scene at the restaurant so I just congratulated him. I know I’m not staying in the same house but really to treat me like an outsider, imagine how Yaseen is feeling, he stays in the same house. 
Yaseen even told Ziyaad about Raeesa, why did Ziyaad not tell us. I was too upset to even ask anything. I didn’t even bother to ask who she was, where she is from or anything. After supper we went home and I told my parents we needed to discuss something with them. My mum thought I was going to tell them how upset I am and how hurt I am because they didn’t tell me about Ziyaad 
She didn’t want to give me a chance to speak and just went on trying to justify why they didn’t tell me. None of her justifications were even close to valid but I just sat there and listened to her until Yaseen said, ” mum it has nothing to do with ziyaad.” we could finally discuss what we came for, Ahmed told my parents about Yaseen and Raeesa. 
Also that we met her parents and have discussed with them about giving us time until we could tell the family and sort out what needs to be done. My dad looked happy that Ahmed especially took so much interest in our family. My mum said she can’t say anything until she meets Raeesa and her family. 
I knew my mum would be difficult, I told them that we could make a date to see them once Ahmed came back. I feel Raeesa’s father will be at more ease if Ahmed was around, they got along and my father can be intimidating, everyone thinks he is so strict.

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