This morning, Yaseen was awake since fajr. He couldn’t sleep at all, so I gave him company, he is so nervous. I’ve never seen him like this before. Everyone gets ready after breakfast and we leave to go to Raeesa’s house. Once we got there, Yaseen was not feeling too good. He started vomiting in the car, we took a few minutes before we could go in. 
I messaged Raeesa to ask for tablets for Yaseen. We somehow manage to slip it to him without anyone noticing. the men all go outside, my father and Raeesa’s father discuss about Yaseen and Raeesa. Raeesa’s father is a bit strict in his ways so he doesn’t give us much leeway and we have to settle for a on the spot engagement. We wanted to have him propose and they would have an engagement in a few weeks. 
Raeesa’s father is more old fashioned so to him everything modern is wrong. My dad didn’t budge on one thing and that’s the wedding, we can only have Yaseens wedding after Ziyaads. He agreed to that, we haven’t really set a date as yet for Ziyaads wedding so we will have to sort that out with Humeira’s family. After all the discussions we have snacks and then we leave.
We then went to Spur for lunch, Ahmed and Shuaib have been feeling for steak. I don’t know what it is but Ahmed has been having a lot of steak lately. I can see this is going to be a weekend of take outs. When we get home Sabiha and Shiraaz come over to meet the family. Faeez and Faeeza love their small one Ebrahim and start playing with him immediately.  Sabiha in only fascinated that someone else also shares her name. 
Moinudeen is totally jealous of Ebrahim, he always hated other children around me, but he is now upset because Ebrahim is Ahmed’s tail whenever he comes and Moinudeen thinks Ebrahim is taking his Kaloo away. It’s cute though. We decided to invite them to join us for supper, my mum wanted seafood so we decided on ocean basket. 
We get to the restaurant, everyone orders and then Ahmed disappears. I keep looking around but I can’t see him, I even send Faeez to walk around the restaurant to see if he maybe met someone and went to greet them. We looked out the windows and I see Ahmed arguing with some guy. I go outside with Shuaib, Shiraaz and Ziyaad.
Ahmed heard those guys passing remarks at Sabiha and I, so he approached them. The manager of the restaurant called the police and they arrested the guy for assault. He only touched Ahmed but the manager said he hit him which we didn’t see. Ahmed said the guy did hit him on his back and knocked the manager on his shoulder. I couldn’t believe that Ahmed actually went after the guy. 
I was furious at Ahmed, he should of just ignored the guy. These idiots say these things to get a reaction from others. We get on with our meal and then have desserts. The manager apologised a few times to us. He felt bad that we had such an experience at his restaurant. My mum and dad took the kids home while we went bowling. Ebrahim was so comfortable with my parents so Shiraaz and Sabiha joined us. 
We met Imraan and them there so we had a huge group with us, after bowling we went for coffee and then came back home. All the kids were asleep and my parents survived the night with them. We got to bed, Ahmed asks me if I’m okay, ‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ I asked. He thought that I was upset because he reacted to the guy at ocean basket. 
This morning, we packed the car and went to monte casino bird park, Faeez and Faeeza have been nagging to go since they came. Guess who we see at monte casino? It had to be Asad, I wanted to hide my face but he called out my name. Ahmed doesn’t know anything about Asad, not that I’ve hidden anything but there was nothing to tell at the time I met Ahmed. 
My mum was so excited to see him,like she was seeing her long lost son. 
‘Assalaamualaikum, how you beta?’ My mother said. ‘Wasalaam, Aunty, I’m well and you?’ Replied Asad. They started talking about Asad work and if he got married,that’s when he introduced us to his fiancé. My mum was just too happy to show off her son-in-law, ‘This is my Saajidah’s Ahmed,’ she said. 
Asad congratulated us, Ahmed was now curious, who this guy is that we know so well. I told him, I’ll tell him at home, it’s a long story to get into. My parents and my brothers are staying one more day, Faheema and her family are leaving today. It’s 5pm already so they leave straight from monte. We also leave back home, I’m absolutely tired, I can’t wait to get home, Take a shower and relax.
On our way home, I tell Ahmed all about Asad, he is surprised that I haven’t mentioned Asad before. I also end up telling him about Ridhwaan, he wanted to know what happened between Asad and I that I broke things off. He said he wasn’t upset, he was just surprised that I hid the fact that I had two guys who came to propose to me before he did. 
When we got home, Ahmed excused himself and said he was very tired, he was going to bed. I knew he would be upset, that’s why I never told him anything. There’s nothing to be upset about, this is the reason I never said anything. Really, for a second I thought we trying to better our marriage but here we stuck in the same story. 
In the morning, my parents get ready to leave, we have breakfast and then they leave. My mum gave me a long list of things to get for the preparations for both weddings. After they left, I spoke to Ahmed to see what was up with him. He can’t be upset over such a stupid thing. Ahmed said he felt betrayed, he doesn’t know why but he feels that I had relations with those two men. 
Who held my hand, touched me and then I broke things off with them. Ahmed made it sound like I’m such a flirt, like I played with those men’s hearts and  that’s why they left me. Although he knows the truth. I sometimes feel like locking myself in a room so I don’t have to do deal with all this nonsense. I don’t know if my marriage will ever improve or will I have to live all my life like this.
My problem is I love Ahmed too much and he takes advantage of it. He gets upset about anything and everything and then expects me to just forgive him when he comes with a bouquet and chocolates. I’m so tired of this, I actually feel emotionally drained. Maybe I should go to my parents for the rest of the holiday, sometime away will maybe be good for us. 

I stay in the lounge watching TV when Ahmed came to me, he firstly apologised and then breaks the great news to me. His parents are coming to stay with us for a few days in January, his mother has an appointment with the doctor here. I guess he apologised because his parents want to come to us. That’s what frustrates me, I feel so used. 




There’s no groceries in the house, so Ahmed and I went out for breakfast and then we went to the mall to do some shopping. Then we went to visit Sabiha and Shiraaz, They were really excited to see us. Shiraaz and Ahmed were planning a fishing trip. I told them not to plan anything soon, we haven’t been home in a few weeks and a lot has happened. 
Ahmed and I are just recovering from a hectic holiday and I need some rest. I still have three weeks until our company re-opens, so we can give it a break for a week or so. We ended up having lunch at Sabiha’s and only going home after Asr. When we got home I made chicken fillet and Sharwamas for supper. Ahmed went for Maghrib namaaz and we had supper afterwards. 
Sitting in front of the TV, Ahmed out of the blues says, ” We should start a family.” I actually choked on my coffee, I turned to him and said, ” A family? You not serious right?” He looked at me as if he wasn’t happy with my reaction. I went closer toward him and held his hand, and said, ” don’t get me wrong babe’s, but a baby now? Our life is such a mess, we still having so many problems.” 
There was silence for a few minutes and then I said, “We always fighting every time your family tell you something, you take out your frustration with them on me, is it really advisable to bring a child into this environment? I’m not saying I don’t want to start a family but we need to give us some time before we plan a family, It’s not that easy.”
Ahmed looked disappointed, he got up and went to the study. He just said, he had some work he remembered about. I didn’t know how to react, I don’t want to rush. We are only married for few months now, we have had more fights and problems than happy moments. We just not ready, you can see we not ready, especially seeing Ahmed’s reaction. 
Instead of talking about it, he would rather get upset and go to another room, which will lead to a fight later and it’s worse then because the tension has build up. I tried to speaking to Ahmed afterwards but he just shut me out. He wants to start a family and soon and he is not willing to compromise at the moment. I know I want a family, but I just think that it should come at a time you ready.
I hate going to bed upset with each other, so I kept trying to talk to him. He shut the door to the study, so I sat there on the floor on the other side of the door waiting for him to open. I can’t believe he is so upset at the fact that I don’t think we should start a family. I found his behaviour childish and thought to myself, “If you act like a child, you not ready to have a child.”
I basically sat there and he never opened the door until the morning, I fell asleep on the floor and woke up when my head hit the ground when Ahmed opened the door. He walked over my legs and went straight to the bathroom, it didn’t even bother him that I slept on the floor waiting for him to open the door. He would probably say ” I chose to sit there.” 
I went to take out my clothes and then went into the shower, I got dressed and then went to make breakfast. I went to calm Ahmed but he was nowhere in the house. I called his phone but he didn’t answer, so I left it. If he is going to be stubborn then there’s nothing I can do about it, Especially since it’s such a trivial matter. 
I needed a few things from the Indian spice shop, so I left a note for Ahmed on the TV. When I got back, I saw Ahmed’s car, I went in to see if he was still upset. He was standing in the kitchen with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. He said, he’s sorry for over-reacting, he doesn’t understand why I don’t want a family. 
I told him my reasons and told him that he can’t always think that he can get upset for trivial matters and then make up by getting chocolates and flowers. I was not upset, I just feel he always tried to buy me over with gifts and expects me to give in to his “demands.” I cleaned up the house and then we went out for lunch. 
At lunch, he said how sorry he was for shutting me out, he needed time to think. He thought that by having children,our relationship would be better. We left the restaurant with our problem sorted, we were going to wait to have children. At least until we married for a year or so. When we get home, we see that Aunty Razina and her family are back from their holiday. 
 We go greet them and then go home. Ahmed decides to call Raeesa’s father to make arrangements for our families to meet and take it from there. Raeesa’s father agrees to see my family this weekend. Ahmed calls my dad and let’s him know, my dad agrees and so the planning starts. Ahmed, Imraan, Rizwana, Farzeen and I go out for bowling and then we go for supper. 
The week goes well, Ahmed and I spend more time with each other and we get closer. Ahmed tell me about this business trip he has to make in January and he wants me to join him, he also suggests that I leave work and work for him in his accounts department. Obviously that would mean working from home since his main branch is run from his home town.
My parents are arriving tomorrow and so are the rest of my family. We have to meet Raeesa’s parents the day after so we all excited. Ahmed and I sort out everything we need to, with the big family I have, we hoping our place is big enough. We go to the mall for some shopping and then get back and tidy up the place. 
We go to bed but both can’t fall asleep, so we sit and chat a little, Ahmed takes my hand and rubs his fingers on my finger tips, we speak about our future, how we need to stop fighting over things, he also agrees that a lot of our fights he starts and it’s most of the time related to his family. He knows that he takes his frustration out on me and that he should stop.  
We both decided to change and to make our marriage work. We have to work really hard, especially if we want to bring children in the picture. I told Ahmed to forget about getting his family to accept me, if they want to, they will do it on their own. It shouldn’t be forced onto them. Ahmed asks me what I decided about joining him. I’m so confused about it. It will be me again dependant on him. 
This morning we quickly get ready and have breakfast before everyone comes. It’s Jummah so I have to cook for lunch for everyone. I prepare chicken biryani, with papad, dhai, salads and Sojee. Faheema and them get here before my parents, the kids are overly excited to see us. Ahmed is all of a sudden this loving husband and has been all over me today. 
I am feeling so special, I wish he stays this way and doesn’t go back to his old ways which he inherited after we got married. I make it known to him that I appreciate the effort he is making. My parents arrive just before Azaan, we help them unpack the car and then the men leave for Jummah. We go read our Salaah and then Faheema and I set the table. 
The men come back from Jummah, we have lunch and then we all go out to the mall. We take the kids to the entertainment centre and then go for ice cream to milky lane. Then we head back home, my mum shows us all the things she bought for Raeesa, we will obviously only give her all these things once her parents and she gives consent. Ahmed, Shuaib and Ziyaad tease Yaseen, he turns red in his face. 
I help Yaseen and start with Ziyaad.
Me: So how’s our bhabhi doing? Is she ready to be part of our family? 
Ziyaad: she is excited. 
Me: So what does she call you? 
Ziyaad: Jaan. 
Me: Oh ho so schweeet. 
Ziyaad starts blushing. My mum shouts us for teasing him and then she starts with him. All he does is blush away. We make coffee for everyone and then sit in front of the TV watching old memories that we stored on dvd. 



We arrive at a Villa, a private owned Villa, fully furnished with sleek and sophisticated modern design, on the beach front, beautiful view. It was spectacular and a place that I wouldn’t mind spending holidays at or even living there. Anyways Ahmed said he rented the place out for the day.
I was excited, we decided to go for a swim first in the pool and then relax and just spend time with each other. They had two people there who were taking care of meals and everything that we needed. They were there but not really, they only came out when we buzzed them. It was romantic and fun. 
After we took a swim, we relaxing on the sunbeds and enjoyed each others company. It was so nice to get away from all our worries, Ahmed was the person I fell in love with, he was his old self. The person I’ve been yearning to see, I even told him, his reaction was hilarious, he said he would try to be his old self again. 
Let’s see how long that lasts, like any other thing, he is going to forget what he said and few days later we back to normal. Anyways we went for a walk on the beach and when we got back we had lunch, there was a chef to prepare lunch for us. When we were done we played a little tennis and then Ahmed said he wanted to show me something. 
He made me wait in the sitting room, he went upstairs, he came down with a file in his hand, it was papers to the villa. I asked him what was going on, he said he bought the villa. It belongs to us, he wanted to surprise me. I was absolutely shocked, I never expected him to buy the villa. He told me to see the front of the villa. 
Since I was blindfolded, I didn’t see anything besides the inside of the Villa. When I went to the front, I realised it’s the same place that I saw a few days ago and said that “I would love to be the owners of this Villa.” I never really imagined it happening, I didn’t know what to say. 
Ahmed was waiting for a reaction, I could of scream but I was so excited that I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. We went back inside and he introduced me to the care taker, he lives in the area and will be looking after the Villa. I was still in shock that Ahmed actually bought the Villa, I thought he didn’t hear me when I said that ” I wish we had a villa like this.”
Ahmed told me that we having a special supper to celebrate, he said that there was a dress upstairs that he wanted me to wear. I got dressed and went downstairs, there he was waiting with a rose in his hand. The lights were off and the room was filled with little candles. It looked like a scene from the movies. 
Ahmed took me to my seat and then the chef brought our food, I felt like a princess in the dress and loved how Ahmed was. It all seemed too good to be true, but it was. After supper we sat on the couch, enjoying each others company when Ahmed got a call on his cell phone. My father-in-law called to say that my mother-in-law was not doing well and she has been moved to ICU.
I knew something like this would happen, when ever we plan something, there’s always something that spoils it. Ahmed knew we were going to see her after our holiday, so he said that he will wait until then. I didn’t want to be the mean wife, so I told him, he should leave tonight to go see her.
I called Reeza and had him book Ahmed and I tickets to see his mother. We went to the hotel to pack our things and checked out. I was disappointed that our holiday and our special night got cut short but his family needed him more than I did. I had to just put on my big girl panties and be happy with what happened. 
We were lucky to get tickets now, especially since it is the festive season. Anyways we got to Ahmed’s parents house, I knew his sisters would have a problem that I was there. I decided to stay at Ahmed’s Dadi’s house, their family doesn’t need me in their way,it just complicates things. 
Ahmed was staying at his parents place, I felt odd staying at his grandparents and him staying at his parents but that’s how it had to be. In the morning Ahmed called to see if I was okay. He was going to the hospital and asked me to join him. He said his family were not going, he was going alone. Ahmed’s Dadi suggested I go with him, even if I don’t go in to see his mum. 
I asked his Dadi to come with me, in case the family pitched up and created a scene. She could see I was afraid of confronting them so she came with. When we got to the hospital, Ahmed and his Dadi went in to see Aunty Shenaaz, Ahmed’s Dadi told my mother-in-law that I was here also and that I was waiting outside. 
She asked her if I could come in to see her, she first refused but Ahmed pleaded with her and said that he wouldn’t of been there if I didn’t force him. Aunty Shenaaz finally agreed, I went in just for few minutes. I greeted her, asked her how she was, wished her well and then went out. I sat in the waiting room, while Ahmed sat with his mother. 
I called my mum and told her where we were and what happened. She told me to have patience, she said this was the first step and she was happy I made it. On our way back, Ahmed’s Dadi asked how long we were staying, I said that Ahmed would stay and I would be going back today, but Ahmed said he was also leaving today. 
I told him to stay, his family is important and he’s important to them. He told his Dadi that he would love to stay but it will be unfair to me, he explained to her that his family hasn’t made it easy and even after all I did, they still can’t leave all that behind and forget everything and move on. She said that she thinks he should stand by me.
I was not happy with his Dadi taking his side when he is wrong. His mother should be more important than me. He should give her all the attention she needs. I will always be by his side, I would never think that he is being unfair towards me. When we got to the airport, I asked Ahmed again if he was sure he wants to leave with me. 
Apparently he spoke to his mum about accepting me and she still refuses, she said that “she doesn’t see what he is doing with me, why doesn’t he divorce me and get married to his ex, she will never accept me and she doesn’t know why she was forced to see me.” hearing all this I felt very hurt but I’ve learnt that you can’t change a person. 

It has to be their own decision, I am not going to plead and beg with them to accept me. We had the driver fetch us at the airport, I was glad to be home. It’s been a week and a half and I’ve missed my home. I know most people don’t want to be home this time of the year but I find that everywhere gets so crowded that you better off at home. 



Family drama’s and I don’t go well, I’ve always avoided confrontations, if there’s a problem I usually keep quiet. I have always hated family fights, family misunderstanding, I don’t like the tension, it’s a time when people say things that they regret later. I don’t see myself getting involved in their problems. 
For a sister-in-law, it’s better to stay out of their fights. If I get involved it will just make matters worst and then I’ll be blamed with reason. I’m not going to push Ahmed anymore into going, it’s his mother and he needs to decide what he wants to do. I’ve tried many times and he doesn’t want to listen, it’s tiring trying to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. 
It’s been enough of a rollercoaster for Ahmed and I, so I don’t want to put pressure on our relationship. I asked Ahmed to calm down, we were with friends and it will spoil their holiday which we didn’t want. We went for breakfast and then Ahmed suggested we visit Reeza’s family.  
We left after breakfast to visit all Reeza’s family, they were all so sweet and nice, it was lovely spending the day with them. Tomorrow we spending the day by my khala’s house, I haven’t seen her in two years. After visiting everyone, we went back to the hotel and relaxed a bit before supper. 
Ahmed was quiet most of the day, well he never spoke to me but he spoke to everyone else. I don’t know if he is upset with me or just doesn’t want to speak to me. I’m not going to spoil my day by worrying why he hasn’t spoken to me. I went to sit in the room, I just want to be alone. 
I can’t handle it when I’ve done nothing wrong and then treated like I don’t exist. I didn’t feel like having supper so I told them to carry on. Ahmed came to see if I was okay, I just said I got a headache so I want to be alone. When they left, I got into bed, just laying there thinking about everything. 
Ahmed’s mother being sick, he doesn’t want to go see her, the message from his sisters, the way he is today towards me. All these are things that are having an impact on us. He is making it have an impact on us, when he can just go and see them and the matter would end. I fell asleep by the time they all got back from supper.
When I woke up I saw that Ahmed didn’t sleep on the bed, he slept on the couch in the room. I felt hurt, I didn’t do anything that he is upset with me. Maybe he is also seeing me as the reason why he can’t be with his family. I laid in bed, tears rolling down my eyes, trying not to make any noise. 
I woke Ahmed up, I think it’s best our holiday ends and we go back. I don’t want a holiday full of stress. I told Ahmed that I’ve packed our bags, he should get us tickets back or a car to drive back. He was confused, so I told him what he has done, it’s not creating a good atmosphere for a holiday. 
It’s also not fair on our friends, they don’t want tension on their holiday. Even if we don’t tell them, they can sense that there is tension between us. Ahmed said he was not going anywhere, we should just enjoy our holiday. What holiday? The one where all our problems are disturbing. I’m fed up with all these problems and all his stubbornness. 
Safiah came to see if we were awake, she wanted to know what time we were leaving to my Aunty. Ahmed told her we would leave at 10:30am, I need to sort things out with him before we go to my aunt. My aunt will spell something is wrong from a mile away. Then the news will get to my mother’s ears and I won’t hear the end of it. 
Anyways we go for breakfast and then come back to the suite, Safiah and Reeza went on a walk around the resort. So Ahmed and I were alone and it was the perfect time to speak to him. When we got to the suite, I asked Ahmed, What he wants to do? I don’t want to be on holiday and we always fighting and all the tension. 
We start talking about what his feeling and why he is taking it out on me. Then we decided that after our holiday, we both going to go see his family. Even if we have to stay by his Dadi and go see his mother everyday, we will do it. I’m okay with staying anywhere, I just don’t want to make anyone upset by being there. 
Finally everything is sorted out, so I ask Ahmed why was he upset with me. Turns out he was never upset with me, he just didn’t know what to say to me, he was so embarrassed by his family. He never slept on the bed because he was sitting in the couch typing and fell asleep there, sometimes we look too deep into things I guess. 
We called Safiah to see where they were, so we could leave to go to my khala. When we got there we only expected my khala, kaloo and maybe her daughter, they invited all my mother’s family that live in cape town. Her cousins, her uncle, their children and my mum’s Aunty. 
I was overwhelmed by the welcome we received, so much of love and warmth. Khala’s house is always special, it has that feeling like you home, like mum is around. Maybe because they similar in so many ways and khala takes care of me just like my mum does, so I feel like I’m home, it’s a special feeling. 
After lunch, we played games like musical chairs and monkey in the middle, we played with all the kids, it was so much fun because we got to feel like children. Then we took lots of family photos, had tea and then we left back to the hotel. I fell asleep in the car, that’s how tired I was, I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days.
I went straight to bed when we got back to the hotel, Ahmed and Reeza stayed up and watched some sports. This morning Ahmed woke up before me, he told Reeza and Safiah that we won’t be joining them today. He said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay in. After breakfast Reeza and Safiah went out, they said they would be back only after supper. 
At breakfast,Ahmed told me that there’s nothing wrong with him, he just said his sick. He actually wanted to spend the day with me, he said he has something special planned. I was wondering how come he was awake before me, when that has never happened before. Safiah and Reeza knew why he said his not feeling well, I was wondering why Safiah said, “Enjoy.”

After breakfast we went back to the suite and got ready for our day. Ahmed said I should dress smart but comfortable. We got to the car and I was blindfolded, so I had no idea where we were going,even if I was not blindfolded, I still wouldn’t know. I am so bad with directions and landmarks. I wouldn’t remember if they was a petrol station or a house there. 



This morning we woke up to rainy weather, it’s just what we needed, a day to sleep in. We were so exhausted mentally from all the stress that went on at my parents, then the news of Ahmed’s mother not doing well, the rush back home and early morning flight to our holiday. It was just too much to handle, I was really drained.
We didn’t want to spoil the day for Safiah and Reeza though, we told them we were staying in and they could carry on without us but they loved the idea of spending the day in bed watching movies and just relaxing. Reeza said they don’t know when last they just got to spend with each other. 
He has been so busy at work, Safiah has spent most of her time alone at home. We sat in the lounge in our pj’s, we ordered in for breakfast and lunch, It was such a relaxing day. We only got out of the hotel for supper, we only got back at 11pm, tomorrow we got a whole lot of activities that we plan on doing.
Safiah and I made tea for everyone and we discussed what we were going to do, We have similar taste, so most of the things we all wanted to do. We were leaving after breakfast so we had to be up early. This morning I checked Ahmed phone, there were 27 missed calls from his father. 
I woke Ahmed immediately and told him to call his Dad, it could be something important, if it wasn’t, his Dad wouldn’t call so many times. Ahmed called his Dad, He didn’t answer his phone. Ahmed was taking this so lightly, he said, ” If he didn’t answer his phone, it’s not important.” I tried to explain to him but he didn’t listen. 
I also tried calling but no one answered the house phone or their cells. I didn’t tell Ahmed that I tried to call anyone, he would of been upset. We got ready to go for breakfast, I suggested to Ahmed, maybe we shouldn’t go out today. He ignored everything I was saying, which annoyed me to a point where I decided not to speak to him. 
We eventually left for breakfast, I was still worried about all the missed calls and what did Ahmed’s Dad want. I hope his Mother is okay, I was worried the whole day but Ahmed looked like it didn’t bother him. I think he was worried, he just didn’t want to showcase it, he wants to make himself believe that he doesn’t care. 
After lunch I called again, my Father-in-law answered, my mother-in-law was admitted to hospital late last night. She couldn’t breath properly, so they took her to the hospital. I couldn’t make a promise or even say we would go see her, because Ahmed is not willing to go. Maybe he thinks I will be disappointed if our holiday gets cancelled.
I had to tell Ahmed that his mother was in hospital, I have to hide the fact that I called his Father. After lunch, we all went back to the hotel, when Ahmed came to the room, I told him that, his mother is in hospital, she was admitted last night, I told him, it doesn’t matter how I know. I had to say that before he bombarded me with questions. 
He called my father-in-law, My mother-in-law is doing much better, doctors say that they have to keep her a few more days, they need to do some tests and take it from there. Ahmed didn’t want to go see her, he said that we could go after our holiday. The rest of the day we spent on the beach. 
After supper, Safiah and Reeza took us to a nice coffee place. Their chocolate cake is to die for, coming from someone who doesn’t like chocolate cake, so you can imagine. Ahmed enjoyed the cheesecake and loved the cuppaccino’s, he had a few. The place was a bit far from the hotel but was worth the drive. 
My mum called me while we were on our way back to the hotel. She just wanted to check how we were doing, she said she called Ahmed’s Dadi to find out how Ahmed’s mother is doing. She asked if we knew that she was admitted again, I told her we know, but Ahmed doesn’t want to go see her. Ahmed gave me a look, like ” Why you telling your mum I don’t want to go?”
This morning was a whole new story, Ahmed was so angry and I didn’t even know why. I thought something happened while I was asleep, because Reeza and Ahmed stayed up watching horror movies. I asked Reeza if anything happened but he didn’t know anything. I was so afraid to ask Ahmed anything, I didn’t want him to think I didn’t bother to ask, so I asked. 
The worst mistake ever, he took off with me, he just started shouting and saying, “his family makes him so angry, they are so nasty, they have made it so difficult and they don’t want to compromise. They just so mean, their ego and pride is riding over their brain, they never see the good in people, I’m so sick and tired of them. I’m going to stop supporting them and then they will see.”
I didn’t know how to deal with this, what brought this on. Ahmed’s sisters apparently sent him a message saying that “his mother is sick and he is not there for them, he only thinks about himself, I’m not letting him go see his mother and they hate me more for that.” He looked really upset, he apologised to me like he did something wrong.
I am very hurt by what his sisters said about me, but I forgive them. I know they want their brother there for them, I would to if the situation was turned. I can also see how they blame me, he has lead them to believe that I am not allowing him to see them. I know that I am the reason that he is not seeing them but that’s totally different from me not allowing him to see them. 
I don’t want to make things worst for them, I asked him to go, even if it’s just one day. Safiah and Reeza are with me so it’s not like I’m alone. We can continue to do what we were going to do and then he can come back when he wants. He doesn’t want to give in to them but he has to. He said he would think about it. 
It frustrates me when he says ” I’ll think about it.” It usually ends up to a no, I’ll think about it is already halfway to a no. We went for brunch, we had to skip lunch because everyone wanted to go for bungy jumping and all those activities, so we had no time for lunch. We got to the place and it was packed, a lot of people didn’t know they had to book. 
Luckily we did otherwise we had to wait and each round of people takes up to an hour, so they had to wait for a cancellation or luck. We only got done at 4pm, by then we were all famished. We looked for a place to eat, even if it was just coffee and cakes, we would be happy. We found a nice little seafood place so we were glad. 

I needed the bed after a tiring day, I just wanted to shower and get into bed, it’s actually nerve wrecking and tiring. Before we go home we need at least two days just relaxing without going anywhere. Everyday since we here we’ve done things that has left us tired at the end of the day. I can’t go back to work more tired than when I left there.  



This morning Faheema and I made breakfast for everyone, then we left the kids to Ahmed and Shuaib to sort out and went on our shopping spree. On our way back home we were contemplating whether to put the gifts into parcels instead of wrapping them. We bought something for Humeira and her parents, I thought we would just wrap up everything because of the limited time.
But my sister says we can do it, so we going to attempt doing the parcels and if that fails we just wrapping everything. When we got home we tried to put everything in parcels but it’s just so time consuming and we don’t have the time. I called Ahmed to help us wrap the gifts for Humeira’s parents and we made a parcel for Humeira. 
My mum baked some things to take with since it was such a last minute thing. We bought a ring and put that also in a parcel, my Dad said he asked them and they spoke about it and said we could come with the ring. So I guess they also want them to get engaged one time. It saves money also, they can save that money for the wedding expenses.
Anyways after lunch, we all got ready and put all the parcels in the cars and went to Humeira’s house. What a warm welcome, it was her Aunty Yasmeen, Uncle Riaz, his brothers and their wives, Aunty Yasmeen’s sister and her family and then Humeira’s grandparents. We were just us, we are a big family to handle so we didn’t want to pressurise them.
My Dad, Shuaib and Ahmed Spoke to Uncle Riaz and the other men about Ziyaad and Humeira, my Dad apologised for coming with such short notice and explained to them that Ziyaad only told us all last night. So we didn’t want to delay the matter, when everyone is happy with a decision, you know it’s right. 
Before tea was served we brought out the gifts, Ziyaad and Humeira exchanged rings and then we all sat outside for tea and desserts. It was such a beautiful feeling, Yaseen kept teasing Humeira, calling her, bhabhi all the time. Uncle Riaz and my dad were just so happy and my dear big brother was over the moon, He kept thanking us all. 
After tea, we sat for a while and then went home. Ziyaad stayed behind, Uncle Riaz said he should stay with them for supper and my Dad allowed him to. We went to Spur for supper, we needed to celebrate the day and that our family can go through any ordeal and make it out of it. We stand with each other, not against each other and work together. 
When we got back, I spoke to Ahmed about going to see his mother. He said if I want to, I can go but he is not going. He made it clear that if I suggest one more time he would be very upset with me. Well I tried and that’s what matters, I can’t really force him to go. I just hope that Aunty Shenaaz will be okay and Ahmed doesn’t regret not going to see her. 
Tomorrow we all leaving, my parents will be spending their holidays alone, my brothers are going with friends for Christmas weekend, Ahmed and I will be in Cape Town and Faheema and her family are going to Durban. My Parents don’t really worry about holidays. Ahmed wants to send my parents away but I know they won’t go unless we all go with.
When we got home from supper, everyone came over to find out how things went. Ziyaad was still at Uncle Riaz’s house, so they couldn’t meet him. They all left in the early parts of the morning, talking about weddings and all the fun times we had at other weddings. It’s always nice to look back at the good times and memories we made together. 
We had some really fun times, being bridesmaids, wearing silly dresses, to organising the weddings and designing our own outfits. We had some weird times as well, some things never worked out and then you have to hide from everyone that something is wrong, all those stories only come out years later, when we all get together. 
Ahmed and I were leaving after breakfast and Faheema and Shuaib were leaving later in the day. After breakfast we got ready and left. It was wonderful spending time with the family. Although there were times we felt like killing each other or annoyed each other, but we forgive and forget because we family. 
I was exhausted when we got back home, lucky tomorrow we not driving to Cape Town. We had lunch and then I packed our bags for our holiday. Then I went to see Aunty Rubina, they were also leaving tomorrow on a holiday to Durban. She was so excited, it’s been two years since they’ve been on a holiday.
Our flight is at seven in the morning, the driver will pick us up and take us to the airport and then we have a driver in Cape Town that is fetching us. He will be our driver for our stay in Cape Town. Ahmed and I are so exhausted, we decided to go to bed early. We have to wake up early as well and we don’t want to be sleepy on our holiday. 
This morning we didn’t go back to sleep after Fajr, we got ready to go to the airport. Our driver was here a little early so we rushed a bit, on our way out we realised we forgot our tickets, we had to go back home and get the tickets, so that delayed us a bit. We didn’t have supper last night so we both were starving but no time for breakfast. 
Two hours later we land in Cape Town, driver picks us up and takes us to Safiah’s house, we were so confused because we know we staying at the hotel. Ahmed asked the driver where has he brought us, maybe he had the wrong information or we got into the wrong car. He said he was just told to drop us off here, he doesn’t know who’s place it is. 
Safiah came outside to welcome us, it was so nice to see her, She told the driver to bring us to her first so we can have breakfast by her. She knows us too well, Reeza was not home, he had to go out for some office work but she said he wouldn’t be long. We waited a little bit until Reeza got home, we wanted to have breakfast with him. 
I’ve never seen Ahmed so relaxed at someone else’s house. He had his feet up on the couch, laying on the couch, changing the TV channels. It was a nice homely atmosphere, we felt so welcome, it was like we were in our own home. Reeza finally came, we had breakfast and then we all went to the hotel to check in. 
They were also staying with us at the hotel, We booked a presidential suite, so it we could be together. We relaxed for a few hours and then we went for a walk on the beach and then went for lunch. After lunch we went to V&A Waterfront, we went to Scratch and Patch for gemstones and then we went to The Wheel of Excellence.  

I’m afraid of heights, so it was a bit of an experience for me. It was just 15 minutes, so I tried to deal with it. The highlight of today was the sunset boat cruise. The view was spectacular, we watched the sunset, it was so beautiful. Then we went for supper, it was an extremely tiring day, I just want to rest for the rest of the night.