Today Faheema called to see how things were going, Shuaib had to go to China for a business trip so she was feeling a bit down. Her mother-in-law told her to go to my mum, maybe she will feel better. She said she doesn’t want to give my mum any trouble, she is just recovering from the wedding. 
I told Faheema about Yaseen and Raeesa, she said we should speak to my parents. My mum will have to just give in, she can’t have things done according to her plan. After my talk with Faheema, Ahmed and I went to bed, we sat and spoke about our day at work. I told him about my boss and all the gift. 
Only when we spoke about it, did I remember that I had gifts to open. I quickly went to the car and got them, Ahmed and I sat and opened them. We received some nice gifts, a towel set with our names engraved on them, Ahmed got a nice business set, I got a kitchen aid and a beautiful chain set. 
This morning Yaseen looked very tensed, we told him that he should go back home and we would come the weekend to sort things out. While at work I decided to call Raeesa and invite her over for a meal. I think it would be good to hear what she has to say without the pressure of her parents or Yaseen. 
I invited her for supper by me tomorrow because I don’t want Yaseen around when she comes. It would be disrespectful to her parents. I went home early because Yaseen was leaving back to go home. I told him not to worry and not to tell my parents anything. His course was finish and it was no use he staying around and moping. 
When Ahmed came home I told him that I invited Raeesa over. He was happy that I did that. He said it would give us a chance to know what she wants. After we had supper, I prepared for tomorrow’s supper, Ahmed went for Esha namaaz and when he came back I was done. 
We sat and watched a movie and then got into bed. Ahmed asked me what I decided about asking his parents to move to Jo’burg and also about us all moving in together. I did speak to Faheema about it but didn’t tell Ahmed. I told him that I am still thinking about it. 
Faheema made me think that if my mother-in-law hates me now, imagine how difficult she will make my life if I lived with her. I would probably have to leave work so I can take care of the household duties. Faheema suggested maybe just making them move to Jo’burg. I didn’t know what to do as yet. 
Yaseen called and said that he thought about it and if Raeesa is siding with her parents she will never be his. I told him to be patient and let things happen on it’s own. it’s no use taking the wrong steps because of anger and by rushing. I told Ahmed that we would have to leave Friday to my parents because Yaseen is very impatient. 
Today I didn’t go back for my nap after Fajr, I went to the kitchen to prepare for supper. I left Ahmed to sleep, then I made lunch for us and kept everything ready for breakfast. I quickly went into the shower and got ready for work by that time Ahmed was awake. We had breakfast and then we both left for work. 
Ahmed suggested at breakfast that I get myself a driver, I’m so use to driving myself, although I wouldn’t complain when the traffic is hectic. I told him I’ll think about it because I like to drive. At work we had a short meeting with the staff before my boss left. He gave us more responsibilities and got some new accounts. 
Work is going to get more hectic for me, I don’t know if I can handle all that pressure and taking care of a household. I will have to plan my time out properly. I had a meeting not far from home so I left the office and went for the meeting, I only finished at 5pm so I went straight home. 
I set the table and made a salad quickly, then Ahmed came home and not long after Raeesa came. At first it was a bit weird because we’ve only met her once but then as we spoke we eased up a bit.  After supper Ahmed asked Raeesa what she wants in life, does she see a future with Yaseen and will she give us sometime to sort things out. 
She told us that her father is not willing to wait too long, he doesn’t want people speaking bad about his daughter. He wants Yaseen and Raeesa to do things right and not date and then break up and her name is spoilt. I must say I agree with her father. Ahmed told Raeesa that Ahmed and I would go the next day to speak to her parents. 
She was nervous at first,she told us rather not to. Ahmed explained to her why he wanted to meet her parents and it would make them feel better, they wouldn’t think Yaseen is fooling around. After Raeesa left I called Yaseen and told him that things went well and we plan on meeting her parents. 
Ahmed and I cleaned up and then went to the room. We got into bed and then discussed what we were going to tell Raeesa’s parents. I am so happy that Ahmed is helping my brother and I. I wouldn’t really know what to do. Ahmed told me that he would have to go to China the next week and he would be gone for two weeks. 
I don’t want him to go, I know it’s business and he has to go but my heart is not ready to send him away from me. I said to him it’s okay, I understand, because I didn’t want him to feel bad and cancel his deal. I tossed and turned before I fell asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking of being apart from Ahmed. 
I woke up early today, I couldn’t really sleep. Ahmed asked me in the morning if I was okay, I told him I was but I really wasn’t. I firstly had to sort out Yaseens problem and now this had to happen. How am I going to deal with all this, it’s so much pressure. 
Anyways when I got to work I called Faheema and told her our plan to meet raeesas parents and then we would speak to my parents. I called Ziyaad also and told him to keep an eye on Yaseen. I didn’t want him spoiling things, it would just make matters worst.

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