The week went by so fast, it was already time to go back to South Africa. We landed at 6 in the morning, Yaseen was waiting for us. I was so excited to see my brother. When we got home Yaseen sat for a little bit and then said he would see us later.
He didn’t stay by our place because he felt a bit awkward now that it’s no longer only my place so he booked out at a nearby bnb. Ahmed told him nonsense and told him that it’s still my place and he doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or like his in the way. Ahmed made him book out and fetch his stuff from the bnb. 
Uncle Abdullah and his family came over to see us, Aunty Rubina made lunch for us. It was nice having them around, they really take care of us. I needed sleep so after lunch I got into bed while Ahmed and Yaseen watched a soccer match. Ahmed and Yaseen had a very good talk about Raeesa( Yaseens girlfriend). 
I was glad that they were getting along and that Yaseen confided in Ahmed, he took him like a big brother. Ahmed decided we should go out for supper since we both go back to work the next day. We decided to go to Jimmy’s in fordsburg, I always like their steak and their garlic bread.
When we got back home I ironed Ahmeds clothes for the next day. He had a early morning meeting so I had to be awake very early. After ironing Ahmed and I went straight to bed. It was a bit weird having someone else in the same bed in my house. It took a bit getting use to when we were in Phuket. 
I was telling Ahmed we need to get a queen sized bed, I got a double and we fight for space because Ahmed ends up sleeping on to me. I guess it takes some getting use to, especially if you’ve been independent and living on your own. You sometimes feel it’s overwhelming. 
In the morning I quickly packed our lunch and then made breakfast for Ahmed. I don’t eat so early in the morning, I usually only eat when I get to work. Ahmed got ready, had breakfast and then left. My domestic came and she was shocked to see Ahmed there so early in the morning. 
I told her what happened, she was so upset that she couldn’t be there because Ahmed always teased her and told her we will take her to clean the dishes at our wedding. I told her to iron all his clothes, that’s one thing I hate doing is ironing. 
When I got to work everyone kept saying that our boss was coming and he has a surprise for us. I was away so I didn’t know what it was about. The amount of work I had pending, shew when I looked at the files on my table I knew I had a hectic week ahead. I don’t know how Ahmed would feel but I need to take some of it home. 
Anyways I went straight to work and started sorting things out. It looks like the staff here had a blast when I was away, there was no boss and no me there. My boss arrived at 10am with a bouquet of flowers and food and gifts. I thought it was someone’s birthday. 
He called all of us to the board room, he had everything laid nicely out and told us to sit. Then he said he has an important announcement to make, he then called me to the front and told everyone that I got married. At first I felt a bit embarrassed, in front of everyone he just announced that I got married. 
He threw a small surprise party for me and gave me the bouquet and gifts. I was so surprised, it was really sweet of him to do such a thing, to come all the way just to throw me a surprise party. After the party we all got back to work, I can’t afford to loose another minute. 
The whole day went in me sorting out all the files that were on my desk, I didn’t even have breakfast or lunch. Ahmed tried calling a few times, I didn’t even notice that’s how busy I was. When I got home I had to still cook, there was no vegetables or anything at home so I quickly went to the checkers down the road from work. 
When I got home Ahmed was already home, he finished early today so he came home. I went to freshen up and then got busy in the kitchen. Ahmed came to help me, he cut up all the veggies and put that to steam while I cooked the chicken and made a sauce to go with the veggies,it was actually fun.
Yaseen was not home as yet, I was getting worried, I tried calling him but he never answered. Ahmed and I sat to have supper and Yaseen just walked. He looked so worried, I asked him what happened and he said he just wants to be alone for a little bit. 
After supper I sent Ahmed with supper to Yaseens room, maybe he would tell Ahmed what happened. Ahmed left the food in the room but came back with no answers. I was worried about my brother, I’ve never seen him like this before. Ahmed said that I should give him some space and that he would tell us when his ready. 
I brought some files home to finish my work so that it’s not such a big work load Ahmed was okay with it but I could see he wanted to spend sometime with me. I didn’t get to finish all my work but I did get most of it done. Yaseen came to the lounge to tell us what happened. 
He said that after his talk with Ahmed he knew that he had to decide where he and Raeesa were going with their relationship. He said that she told him to speak to her parents, so he went with her to meet her parents. Apparently her mother is okay with everything and understands that he has to wait until Ziyaad gets married.
Her father said that if he wants to see her again then it will be once he has a marriage proposal and he doesn’t approve of them dating. I can understand that, my father wanted Ahmed and I to get engaged as soon as possible. It just makes the girls name bad if they not and people see them.
Yaseen was down because Raeesa agreed with her father and he didn’t know if my parents agree. He knows my mum is very strict when it comes to choosing a daughter-in-law. I told Yaseen not to stress, we were going to my parents the weekend so Ahmed and I would talk to them. 
I know my mum will want Ziyaad to first find someone but if it has to be Yaseen first she has to accept it. You can’t say 100% that Ziyaad would find someone soon. I think Yaseen is afraid of loosing Raeesa, her father might not want to wait too long. 

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