I went to the lounge and Ahmed was sitting with a box in his hand. I asked him what it was but he said I should open it and see for myself. I opened the box and found two tickets to Thailand. I was absolutely excited, I didn’t expect to go anywhere for honeymoon. 
Because of the short time we have I never even expected a honeymoon and I know everything was so last minute it would be impossible to plan something. We were leaving in the morning, we had to leave early because it’s a 11 hour 40minute fight to Phuket. I still had to pack and call my parents and tell them.
Ahmed and I went to the room to pack our bag. Then I called my parents and told them about our honeymoon plans. My mum said that Yaseen was coming to Jo’burg so he would pick us up from the airport on sunday. By the time we sorted out all out things, it was late and with the travelling we both were very tired. 
I set the alarm for Fajr, We were leaving at 6am to the airport. Ahmed arranged with his driver to pick us up. After fajr we got ready to leave, it was too early for both of us to have breakfast so we just left like that Aunty Rubina and them all came to see us before we left. 
I told Rizwana to call Safiah and tell her everything, with all the rush I forgot to contact her. On our way to the airport Ahmed remembered he didn’t lock his apartment. We called his assistant to go and check on his place. When we got to the airport we checked in and then went to have breakfast. Our flight was at 9am so we had to wait a little. 
While we were waiting Ahmed and I spoke about maybe getting his family to move to Jo’burg. It would be better for us and them as well, Ahmeds work is now more in Jo’burg and he hardly gets to spend time with his family. We thinking of maybe getting one big house and we all stay together. 
He is the only son and it is his duty to look after his parents, it shouldn’t be that when the daughters get married and his parents are old and sickly that the son-in-law should take care of them. How bad would that look for me as a wife. Well we said we would decide when we got back. 
We boarded the plane at 8:30am, I was nervous, I’ve been in a plane before but I always get nervous. It was a very long flight, 12 hours of sitting in one place. Ahmed is use to it because he travels a lot, he slept for a bit, I couldn’t move in that time because Ahmed held my hand while he was asleep. 
We finally reached by the time we got to the resort it was pass supper and most of the places were closed. We asked the hotel manager if he could arrange for some snacks for us. We had milk and biscuits before we showered and went to bed. We only woke up at 11am, half the day had gone by already. 
We got ready and went to the restaurant to have breakfast. Then we walked around the resort, which is called Grand Mercure. They have great facilities at the resort so our first day wasn’t really wasted, also everything is in walking space of the resort so we went for a little shopping.
After supper we decided to just relax in our room. We sat and spoke about the wedding, I asked Ahmed when his mother came and how did they manage to convince her. He said that his Dadi did everything, she convinced his mother or rather threatened her by saying that if she doesn’t agree to our marriage then his Dadi won’t accept her as part of the family. 
That is blackmailing but it worked so I guess it’s not that bad, sad parts is she came just before he could come to the hall. So she wasn’t around when the nikkah was taking place. After our talk we decided to look at things we could do in the area. We planned the next few days, we got three more days because Saturday afternoon we leaving back. 
We decided to do shopping today, we saw some lovely things yesterday and we know exactly what we want. The resort has a fitness center so we both decided to go for a work out before breakfast, after breakfast we got ready and went for our shopping trip. We wanted to get something for everyone at home. 
After shopping we went back to the resort and had lunch, went for a swim and then relaxed at the beach. I sat and read a book while Ahmed took a 30 minute nap before we went back to the resort. We showered and got ready for supper, the resort was having a entertainment night for couples so we thought it would be a good idea to check it out. 
It was a good night, we had a choice for entertainment, we could choose from a theatrical play with a picnic or music concert. So we went for the play and the picnic. It was a Shakespeare play with a twist, they added a lot of Thailand into the play. 
After the play we decided to just sit on the grass and look at the stars, it was a very nice evening, it was not too hot, there was a nice cool breeze. We met a couple Kevin and Natasha also from South Africa, they were in Phuket on a vacation. They were going to tour around tomorrow so they asked us to join them. Ahmed said we would be but I was not so keen on going with people we just met. 
Anyways we got back to the room and I told Ahmed I don’t feel so comfortable going with total strangers. He said I worry too much and we will have fun. I guess I didn’t have much of a choice and I didn’t want to spoil things for him so I agreed to go. 
In the morning we met Kevin and Natasha for breakfast and then went on our tour.  First we went to The Escape Hunt, Kevin and Natasha had booked for it already, it’s a puzzle challenge and you have to solve the puzzle, it was quite fun actually. 
Then we went to the Phuket FantaSea show, which was also nice and then we had to look for a place for lunch. I thought Ahmed and I were the only two who were gonna starve but Natasha only eats halaal so it was a problem we three had to share but to our surprise there are actually a lot of halaal places. 
Luckily we had a guide so he took us to the Potang Mosque area where there are a few halaal places. Then we went to a few other places and went back to the resort. It was around 6pm when we got back and we were so stuffed from trying all the different food that we didn’t end up having supper. 
I was absolutely exhausted, I just wanted to sit in front to the tv and relax. Ahmed had a few messages so he had to attend to those. He tried not to do business on our honeymoon but it was a very important deal so I told him he could attend to that. 

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