I woke up this morning for Fajr, prayed my namaaz and then sat to read Quraan. Afterwards I went downstairs, everyone was already awake and already busy working in the kitchen. My mum was busy preparing for breakfast, Faheema was making tea for everyone. 
After I had my tea my mum told me to go back to bed because I had a long day ahead and I would get tired. I woke up at 9am in such a shock like I was late for something. I quickly went to shower and went to see what everyone was doing. My Dadi was the only one at home, everyone had gone to the hall to set up things there. 
My dad went to the florist and Ziyaad and Yaseen went to set up the sound system. I was so hungry, lucky there were leftovers from breakfast so I made that hot and made coffee for myself. I had nothing to do so I watched tv, what else could I do. All my appointments were for the afternoon and I was told not to go out of the house.
I don’t even know what Ahmed and his family are doing, I know after lunch at 2pm he has a appointment at the salon. I was told not to go there, that how I know. Everyone came home just before lunch, after lunch my cousin came to do my makeup and hair. I wear a scarf so she didn’t have to do much with my hair. 
I made her wait. I wasn’t dressing so early and waiting. Uncle Ashraf was coming with the other witnesses to ask for my consent just 30 minutes before the nikkah. Nikkah is at 6pm so I didn’t have to rush. I changed at 4pm and then made my cousin start with the make up. 
We finished just before 5:30pm, everyone was already here, I sat in the lounge waiting for them to come. Everyone was just clicking away while I sat there smiling. My jaws were already starting to pain, imagine smiling the rest of the night. Uncle Ashraf finally came, they asked for my consent and then I had to sign the certificate.
Then the men all went to the mosque for the nikkah and the ladies heard everything on the receiver. After the nikkah the men came back and then everything was a rush, everyone left the house besides Ziyaad, Yaseen and myself, they were taking me to the hall.
I had to wait until Faheema called, obviously I couldn’t be there before the guests. After an hour we got the call that we could leave. When I got there all my cousins and Faheema and Shuaib were waiting outside for me. When I got off the car they all started cheering.
Then Ziyaad walked me in, after a few minutes Ahmed arrived. He stood at the door trying to look at me on the stage. I could see the huge smile on his face, I couldn’t really see anything else because of the people standing in front of him. He walked in with a few of his cousins behind him.
When he came on the stage, we greeted each other, we sat and then he said he has something to tell me. He pointed out at the crowd and showed me that his mother and sisters were here. I was elated, I couldn’t have asked for anything more, I was so relieved. 
His sisters came up to change the bouquet, I was so emotional I cried when they greeted me, I thanked them. We exchanged rings after that and then took photos while the guest ate. Ahmed looked absolutely stunning, I kept telling him that, I was so nervous. 
After we ate I told Ahmed that we should go greet his grandparents, my dadi and our parents. Our grandparents wouldn’t make it up the stage especially Ahmeds Dadi. I first went to his grandparents, before we could get to his Dadi she was already crying. She said that she is so happy and it’s the best day of her life. 
I couldn’t wait to greet Aunty Shenaaz, Ahmed started talking to some people so I left him and went to Aunty Shenaaz, she apologized to me for everything they did. She said that she just wants her sons happiness and if it’s with me she is ready to accept that. 
I know it’s not going to be easy, I will have to work and make my place in their family. Even if they at first are a bit difficult I will have to overlook their faults and accept them for who they are. Obviously with all these problems things haven’t started on a good note so it’s normal for that bitterness to be there. 
After the wedding we went to my house, for the bridal farewell, we call it bhidai. Then Ahmed and I will go to the hotel that my brothers booked a little out of town. Everyone greeted me and we cried buckets but no one could beat my mum and Faheema. They even cried more then me. 
Ahmeds family stayed by my mum and had refreshments, Ahmed and I left to the hotel. I was extremely exhausted, we really had a very busy day. Ahmeds family were all leaving on Sunday, even his parents. So we were having breakfast and lunch with my family and then we also were leaving back to Jo’burg.  
In the morning we went over to Zinats place to see Ahmeds family before they all left. Then we went to my mums for breakfast, it was nice to just relax at mums. I was glad that things turned out the way it did. I got to spend the day after my wedding with my family, not many woman can say that.
Zinat and Sameer joined us for lunch, my mum made all Ahmeds favourite dishes, already spoiling her son-in-law. My cousins and uncles and aunties all came to greet us before we left. I can’t believe that Ahmed and I are finally married.
Although it was all rushed, the circumstances that forced us to do a rushed wedding and also our families dreams and our dreams were not fulfilled but we had a good wedding. With the grace of the Almighty we manage to pull it off and I guess it was meant to be the way it was.
We left around 3pm, we decided to first go to Ahmeds apartment to get his clothing and other things that he needed and then go home. I had to make place for Ahmed and all his things in the house. Ahmed said that we shouldn’t rush, he doesn’t mind keeping his stuff in the guest room until I get time to make place in our room. 
Aunty Rubina invited us over for supper, after supper I decided to go home and sort out some space for Ahmed in the cupboard and the rest I would do tomorrow. I couldn’t let him live from a separate room, it would be awkward. Ahmed said he has a surprise for me but he didn’t say what. He wanted me to go to the lounge and then he would tell or show me.  

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