Everything went off very well last night, it was really tiring because we finished quite late. My mum phoned Ahmed last night to see how things were going there and he also said that it went well. Today we also have a lot to do. it’s a short day being Jummah. 
Everyone will be coming to us for lunch today so my mums already started in the kitchen. We have a cook preparing the food for today and tomorrow but my mum won’t be at ease if she doesn’t do half the things. Everything was such a rush and so much things had to be done.
I was ordered not to enter the kitchen or do any work but I couldn’t watch everyone doing things and just sit. I knew that my mum gave Shuaib to do the parcels so I went to help him. He did try to stop me but after begging he finally allowed me to help him, can you imagine making 7 parcels by himself.
Anyways we finished with the parcels before Jummah, we had to just make the ring tray and then we were done. Shuaib said he would make that when he got back from namaaz. After Jummah everyone came for lunch and then everyone started preparing for the mendhi function.
We were having it in the tent so everyone was busy there. We decided to set tables for supper in the garage. I was ordered to sit inside so I played with the kids inside and sat with the oldies. My Dadi was telling me about her time when she got married. How my Dadi and Dada  had a arranged marriage.
They didn’t even meet each other, the only time my Dadi saw my Dada was after their nikkah at the reception. They didn’t even speak to each other or anything. When she went to her inlaws she didn’t know what they liked but luckily she had a elder sister-in-law who told her about everyone in the house.
They also stayed in one house all her brother-in-laws, their families and her mother-in-law and father-in-law. They had a small house, it was just three bedrooms and they had to share the space. There also all had different duties, everyone had to do their duties and her mother-in-law would check when they were done. 
So glad things are not like that anymore. Imagine living such a strict life, your husband had no say his mother would give all the instructions and make all the decisions. You had to follow orders, sat when they said, stand when they said. I don’t think I would manage a life like that. I can handle staying with the inlaws but with some space and freedom. 
Well after supper we all went to get dressed, Faheema got me a special outfit for tonight. I had a green and red anarkali suit, it was all done up with silver and red bead work. I usually don’t wear such fancy outfits but she forced me so I had to. I was made to sit on a lounge chair. 
We had a lady come put mendhi on for me, my cousins danced and everyone said a little something about me. It was so overwhelming,  my mum said the most loving things about me growing up, how I brought happiness into our house. Although Faheema and Ziyaad were around, they were not as naughty as I was. 
I was really spoilt when I was younger, my dad says I’m still spoilt because I always get my way. I would do things they wouldn’t even think of. My dad’s speech was also very touching. He spoke about my school days and how he and I would go to the movies without telling anyone. 
My mum would ground me and my favourite movie was releasing so dad use to take me. My Dadi said that I always had a special place in her heart, I always took good care of her, I always made her feel special. Faheema said she always wanted a sister, she would tell my mum when Ziyaad was born that they should return him and get her a sister. 
She was just two when Ziyaad was born so she didn’t know how babies came. My Dadi was the one who told her you buy babies at the shop.  Ziyaad said that I was always his special sister because I was the smallest. He loved to act big and protect me, he would never let anyone come near me, my cousins had to play with me from far. 
Yaseen was the most special, he even cried when he was giving his speech. He spoke about how I was always there for him, he never missed out because before Faheema gave him pocket money for school and when she got married I carried on and gave him pocket money for college. 
He said how he could always come to me whenever he had a problem, I would never ask him questions or take him wrong and if he did wrong I never misunderstood him. He would always steal my school stationery, everyday he would loose his pen but I never complained. He said some really sweet and touching things.
After all the speeches, some of Ahmeds family came over. His aunties put mendhi on my hand as part of tradition. After that we served tea and a whole lot of goodies. It was getting late so my Dadi told me to go in the house. I’m not allowed to be out of the house from midnight.
Ahmeds family were still around so I greeted them all and then went upstairs to my room. I haven’t spoken to Ahmed since yesterday. I so much wanted to speak to him, I sent Faeez to call Zinat so I could get her to check if he is okay. I made her put the phone on loud speaker so I could hear his voice.
He was okay, he knew I was listening so he made like his speaking directly to me. He can’t wait for tomorrow, he just wants to see me and he mentioned that the next time we see each other we will be husband and wife. Just a few more hours, the excitement is there, the butterflies and stress as well. 
I think we both feeling the same, I can only imagine how Ahmed is going to feel tomorrow when he has to go to the mosque for nikkah, you always wait for your mum to be by you when you leave and when you return. At the reception as well, everyone will ask where is the grooms mother and what will people say. 
I guess there’s not much we can do but make dua that his mother’s heart softens and she comes to be part of her sons nikkah. I at this moment don’t care if she doesn’t accept me all I’m praying for is for her to be there for Ahmed. I went to bed just after midnight. 
There was still some of the family around but I had a hectic day ahead and needed the sleep. It was just my family so I didn’t really worry. In the first place I found it so difficult to fall asleep with the mendhi on my hands and legs. That packets around are so annoying and make so much noise. 

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