My mum called us just after 4pm, Ahmed Dada and Dadi were here and they wanted to see us. I became nervous all of a sudden, I couldn’t breath, I felt like something was stuck in my throat. I’ve never felt this way before or at least not all at once, I was a mess. 
Ahmed told me that his grandparents were very calm people. Worldly things never mattered to them. He said they are very close to him, he is their only grandson so he has always been their favourite. I hope they like me, I don’t think I can handle anymore people disliking me. 
When we walked in the house Ahmeds Dadi told my mum, my grandson is here. She didn’t even see him, we didn’t make any noise or even speak but she knew. I went to his Dada first and greeted him, then I went to his Dadi and greeted her. She was getting up to hug me but I stopped her, I went on my knees and hugged her. 
Ahmeds Dadi called him to sit next to her, she told him so you finally manage to convince your mother. She asked where Aunty Shenaaz and the girls. Uncle Ashraf told her that they all don’t approve and he told them all the things they did to me. Ahmeds Dadi apologized to my parents and I, I felt bad that she was apologizing, my mum did say that they don’t need to apologize.
After all the introductions and discussions everyone started to get along very well. I was glad that Ahmeds grandparents really took a liking towards me. I made tea for everyone and then Ahmeds Grandparents wanted to rest a bit so my mum gave them the guest room downstairs. 
My dad decided that they should stay at our house but Ahmeds Dada said that they should rather stay with Ahmed. I understand why they feel that way. He needs their support now more then ever. I took Ahmed grandparents to their room and made sure they were comfortable. 
Faheema and Shuaib went to see his Aunty in town so I didn’t get to see them from the morning. They came home just after Asr, the kids were all asleep, I missed them so much. When Ahmeds grandparents came out of the room we had supper and then tea and desserts. 
My last night seeing Ahmed until the nikkah is over. I don’t know how will I manage because I’ve gotten so use to him being around. I guess I will because everyone will be around. Ahmeds uncles and aunties and their families will all be arriving tomorrow. I will only meet them on Friday and Saturday.
I went upstairs after Ahmed and his family left. He called me when he got to Zinats, he was already missing me. He was very emotional and expressed a lot of his feeling for me. He was happy that his grandparents were supporting him and said that he only needed their support.
After I got off the call we texted each other until I fell asleep. Today there is so much to do, we have the ladies khatam in the afternoon and then Zikr at night. My mum was as usual panicking and getting annoyed at all of us. Faheema is the only one who can handle my mum when she gets all hyper.
We kept all the dishes one side that we were going to use. Faheema, Zinat and myself got the plates with biscuits and cakes ready. My Aunty made milkshake and my cousins were bringing savouries. The khatam was for 3pm so we had enough time. We had lunch and then we set the table and chairs in the tent. 
I made Zinat call Ahmed and ask if he and his family were okay and if his other family had arrived. Most of his family had arrived, he was just waiting for two of his cousins. His grandparents were doing okay, he took them to do some shopping. 
Uncle Ashraf stayed at home, Ahmed said that he called home and tried to convince Aunty Shenaaz to agree. He said that she said she is hurt that her son has agreed to get married without her approval. She has no problem with me but her son has hurt her. Uncle Ashraf asked her to think how much she has hurt Ahmed and I. 
I told Zinat to tell Ahmed to call his mother and sort things out with her. We can’t start our life together by hurting people, Ahmeds Dadi told him she would sort things out and that we shouldn’t feel bad because we are not wrong. Ahmed and his family were also having Zikr, so my mum helped them out with organising everything. 
Anyways the ladies started to arrive for the khatam, so we started although my mum was not yet home. Faheema and my Dadi handled things so it wasn’t so bad. I was glad that all our family were here although it was short notice, it made it more special.
My mum came back just before the dua was read. I was glad she was helping Ahmed like a mother would. He messaged me and told me that today he didn’t feel like his mother was missing because my mum was there all the time for him. He didn’t have to worry about anything. 
I made a lot of dua today that Aunty Shenaaz ends up changing her mind and comes to be by her sons side when he needs her the most. Aunty Rubina was sorting out our house in Jo’burg, she cleaned up and changed the bedding and stuff like that. 
I am so lucky to have such good people around me, who are ready to help without expecting anything in return. In times like these you always need your friends and family around. Having that helping hand really takes off some of the stress from the family. 
After supper we set up for Zikr in the sitting room, all the ladies sat in the tent. I started to feel the pressure now, everyone was around, it felt like a wedding house. It knocked me that soon I will be married, yes to a wonderful person that I love and that loves me but at the same time I would be leaving my parents. 
I know I am already away from home but still it was my home I was only away for work. Now I will be away because I am married. The sacrifices a woman has to make, I can’t take all the credit for the sacrifices because Ahmed is sacrificing a lot for me. 
I haven’t asked him to but circumstances  have forced him to do so and I can’t ignore the sacrifices he’s making. I just want him to be happy, I do have a fear that if things don’t get sorted out they could get worst and I could be blamed for it but I have to have faith and trust in Ahmed. 

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