I got to the hotel and went up to their room. Aunty Shenaaz let me in which was a start, I told her what was happening and why I was there. I asked her to please forgive us both, we have no intention of hurting them. I asked her if her only reason for not agreeing to us getting married was that my family are not multi millionaires.
If that cannot be put behind and for her to see Ahmeds happiness. Aunty Shenaaz has a lot of pride so for her to agree that she is wrong is very difficult. I told her that she didn’t have to answer my questions, she can just think about what I am saying. Sumaya and Kausar were also there so I asked them to do the same. 
I told them that I had come there to see if I could change their minds because in all our happiness we missing something. Everyone is busy preparing but we need them there as well. I made Aunty Shenaaz know that I would never take her place. I am there as a wife not as a mother. 
I also made it clear that I’ve tried and now it’s all up to them, if they don’t come then we will know that they still don’t agree and we will have to accept that they will always be missing in our lives. Ahmed kept calling me on my cellphone so I left the hotel and went back home. 
Ahmed asked where I went I told him I went out for some work. Everything was decided. Today is Monday and we have just a few days to do everything. My mum is already stressing, I told my parents that we don’t have to have anything big. 
Just my father’s brother and sisters and their families and my mums brothers and sisters and their families, our neighbours and friends. Ahmed stayed by us for the night and was going to stay at Zinats the next day. Uncle Ashraf arranged for Aunty Shenaaz and the girls to go back home. He wanted to stay until the wedding.
In the morning Aunty Shenaaz and the girls left, Uncle Ashraf came to our house to help wherever he could. He called all their family and invited whoever he wanted to. Ahmeds Dadi and Dada were happy that Ahmed was getting married. They wanted to come the same day.  
We arranged for flight tickets for them and I had Sakina pick them up at the airport. Imraan said he would bring them so we didn’t have to worry about fetching them. My mums family all were arriving on Friday. After breakfast I went with Faheema to go do some shopping.
We went to look for a outfit for the reception and I needed to get some other things. My cousin Zunaid and his wife went to do all the shopping for the functions. My dad went to sort out things with the caterer and my mum found a cook but she needed to meet with them.
When we got back, then only Ahmed and my brothers went to do their shopping. By the time they got back it was already lunch time. After lunch we sat in the lounge discussing what else needed to be done. My dad decided to not open shop for this week and concentrate on the wedding since we had so much to do. 
Zinat and Sameer came back from their holiday. They were more excited then us, they wanted to do everything. I told Zinat that Ahmed and his family would stay at her house. All the functions they want to have they can have there. Zinat and Sameer said that they would go stay with Zinats parents for that time. 
I told them they could stay by us also but they were okay with staying by Zinats parents. My parents only came back home just before supper. They sorted things out with the caterers and the cook. My dad said that we would have Zikr on Thursday, mendhi on Friday and the nikkah on Saturday after maghrib. 
It would give our family that are coming from far some time. Uncle Ashraf and my dad were discussing a few things. I don’t know what because they sat outside and told us not to disturb them. My mum was busy in the kitchen so I went to help her. She was worried about Ahmed and I. 
I asked her a few times about it but she didn’t say anything. She just kept saying that I will always be welcome in this house. I shouldn’t feel like I don’t have a home to go to. Ahmed wanted to speak to me for one last time alone, before he goes to Zinat and then doesn’t see me or have contact for those few days. 
I told him that he will still have Zinat to use as a means to contact me. We did the same when Zinat and Sameer got married. Anyways after supper Ahmed and Uncle Ashraf left to go to Zinat. I went upstairs to my room while everyone sat in the lounge talking about the wedding. 
I wish I could change things, it just doesn’t feel right to do things this way. I feel like I’m depriving someone of something. I don’t know how to ignore the fact that his mother doesn’t approve of our marriage. It’s making me feel Iike I’m doing something wrong and I need to get this feeling out. 
I need to be alone for a while, I need to think if we are doing the right thing. Imagine how Ahmed felt today he didn’t have his families support when he was doing his shopping. Am I being selfish, I didn’t want to worry anyone with my problems so I didn’t tell anyone.  
I went to bed early, I had a long few days ahead and needed all the rest I could get. Ahmed called but I was already asleep so he sent me a message. He noticed I was quiet so he wanted to know if there was something wrong. He couldn’t sleep because he was too excited. 
He kept sending me pictures of us with cute quotes on them. I just love him too bits, he is so cute and such a darling. So my family put a curfew that from Thursday we can’t meet or call each other. Ahmed decided that we would spend today together. So we went out for breakfast to mugg and bean. 
It was so nice because it’s a week day and the place was not crowded. It was actually very quiet so we sat longer and spoke about us and how we want our future to be. We then went to all the places I usually go to, like the park and the dam. We decided to have a picnic for lunch so we went quickly to the deli and got some goodies. 
Then we went to the dam, we relaxed and had some time to ourselves. The place was empty and we were basically the only ones we could see around. It was nice to be together without any interruptions. 

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