It was already supper time, so my mum told us all to have supper and then we could discuss everything. While we made supper hot and set the table, my dad called all our family and told them what was happening. He told everyone to meet after Esha at our house.
Uncle Ashraf joined us for supper, my mum had Yaseen take supper for Aunty Shenaaz and the girls. Uncle Ashraf apologized once again and said that he can’t change his wife or his childrens mindset. They don’t see people for who they are all they see is money. 
He said that before he would bring all the money and that time they were well off to do but not multi millionaires. He said what Aunty Shenaaz doesn’t understand that she is not one, her son is. I told him maybe she feels threatened that I would deprive her of her son’s earning. 
I told him that although Ahmed has decided to stay away from them, he will still be supporting them. I told Uncle Ashraf that I don’t want Ahmeds money. I manage perfectly on my salary and I can afford to support us both. Even if it means that Ahmed gives all his money to his mother. 
Uncle Ashraf said that they don’t deserve his money because they don’t care about his feelings. They just greedy and want his money then that’s not family. My dad had this proud look on his face, he said, “today I’m the happiest person, My daughter has made me proud and I know now that my guidance has paid off.”
After supper my dad called Zinats dad and told them to come over as well. While we waited for everyone to come after Esha, we discussed what we were going to do. I called my boss and told him everything and he told me to take two weeks if needed it. He doesn’t care about his office they can manage without me. 
He said I shouldn’t rush things I should take my time. I should have the wedding I deserve. I though that was so sweet of him. I told Ahmed that we didn’t have to rush into things. My boss has given me time off and we can use it to plan things right. Ahmed said he will speak to both our dads.
This is something I definitely never wanted to happen. I wanted his mother and sisters to accept me and be there for our wedding. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do now. Ahmed wanted to speak to me before everyone came so we went up to my room.
He was excited that things were finally happening but disappointed in his family. He said that he wished things would be different but he can’t put things off because of their stubbornness. Anyways he wanted to ask me if I am happy with the way things are going.
I told him that I feel the same as he does. I also wish that his family could be apart of this wedding. I asked him if we should wait until his mother accepts me and he is totally against that. He said if in all the discussion we had she couldn’t accept you then she never will.
We sat upstairs talking about what we would do after the wedding. We decided that Ahmed would move in with me. He said he will still keep his apartment because he owns it, so he doesn’t have to worry about paying rent. I told him that I don’t want his money, he should still give his earnings to his parents. 
He said he would give them money but he will also use his money to support us. I tried to explain to him that we can live comfortably in my salary and that his mother would feel that I’m taking away her money and I don’t want that. Ahmed is also very stubborn just like his mother so when he makes up his mind then you can’t change it. 
Faheema came to call us, everyone was already here. I started stressing because I know my cousins and uncles. They so protective and they will not want me to get married if my mother-in-law hates me. My dad had already started to explain to everyone what had happened. 
My eldest cousin Zunaid said he will join the conversation later he wanted to speak to me first. We went outside to talk, he asked me what I wanted. I told him that I want to be with Ahmed but I also would like for his whole family to accept me. 
Zunaid wanted to know if I would be happy and will his family not be a problem later on in our marriage. I told him how I felt and as I told my family that I can’t guarantee that all these problems won’t come up. We went back inside and my uncle and cousins were all in an argument.  
My cousins all said that they should allow us to get married and make it work. My uncles don’t want me to be treated unfair and have problems. My one uncle said that he doesn’t want me few months down the line to come home saying Ahmed has gone to his family and left me or something like that.
After all the discussion and arguments, my uncle asked Ahmed and I if we would be able to work through any hurdle and would Ahmed be able to not push in my face that I’m the reason he is looking out on being with his family. Ahmed told my uncles that I am the most important to him. 
He said that we would do our best to make this work and that the problem isn’t between us, it comes from his family and no one will be allowed to tell me anything. He would stand by me no matter what happens. His family has to accept that. Finally my family all agreed. 
Then we discussed how we were going to do things. Ahmed told everyone that we had two weeks to do everything so we didn’t have to rush too much. My aunties and my mum all started planning. They decided that we would have the nikkah and reception on Saturday. 
We then can have time to go on honeymoon and get to be away after all this stress. My uncle decided that Ahmed can’t stay by us so he would stay next door by my uncle. I told my uncle that it’s just one night because Sameer and Zinat were coming back tomorrow then Ahmed could stay with them. 
So everything was sorted, my brothers would help Ahmed with his shopping. My cousins and Faheema would help me. My cousin is a beautician and a hairdresser so she said she would keep her Saturday free for me. My dad said he would sort out the catering and my mum had to organise a cook.
It was all exciting, it was such a happy occasion and everyone was so busy planning but there was something missing. I could feel that something was not right and I knew what it was. I decided that I would give it a try, maybe if I spoke to Ahmed mother and sisters on my own they would like it better. 
I spoke to Uncle Ashraf and told him not to tell anyone that I was going to meet them especially Ahmed. I know that Ahmed would be upset if he knew that I was going to try and talk to his mother. He has already asked me not to beg them. I told my mum that I was going out for a few minutes, I had to pick something up from my boss.

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