My dad told Uncle Ashraf that he stands with my decision. They don’t hold anything against them but it’s best for me that I don’t get married into their family. Ahmed asked my father and I not to be so harsh on him. He actually went down on his knees and begged my father. 
I went to him and made him get up and took him outside. I asked everyone to give us a few minutes. When we got outside Ahmed actually cried. He asked for forgiveness and then said that he can’t accept my decision. I first made him calm down and then explained to him.
We have been discussing this matter for hours and still his family don’t want to accept me. What will happen when we have to go there, will they be comfortable with me being around. I’m not worried about myself I will make it work for him but I don’t want to make people be uncomfortable in their own house. 
Ahmed said we wouldn’t visit them then. If we do go it would be for a few minutes and that’s it. He said that we would work around them. I feel it’s unfair that he has to loose his family for me and his family has to loose him because of me. I told him that I am not changing my decision and that this is what is best for us. 
Ahmed put his head on my lap and said I should let him for the last time enjoy putting his head on my lap. I sat there thinking about how much I would miss him and all the special things he does. I couldn’t hold back and just burst out crying. 
I told him that I will miss him and I will always love him, he will always hold a special place in my heart. I explained to him that I had to do this so that his family is happy and so that he doesn’t have to make sacrifices. He said he doesn’t understand any of this and he feels forced into this.
I told him it would be better if we never saw each other after this. It would hurt less and be easier for us to accept and move on. Ahmed said that he wants to be a part of my life and that he will not marry anyone because he cannot love anyone else. He cannot accept anyone else as wife.
I didn’t know what to say to that, I know I feel the same. I still want him to be part of my life and I know I won’t be able to love anyone else and no one can take Ahmeds place. I know that I won’t find a better person then him and I won’t get married. I’ve had too many mishaps with guys and their families, I have given up.
After I explained everything to Ahmed and I thought things were okay because he started to accept that I have made a decision and he has to follow it. Ahmed just stood up and shouted out I’m sorry but I can’t accept your decision. He said he refuses to accept it and has a announcement to make. 
We went back inside and he told his father that he needs to make an announcement. He then said that he is sorry but he doesn’t mean to be rude but he cannot accept my decision, he refused to see reason and has decided that whether his family likes it or not he is going to get married to me. 
He sat my parents down, he held their hands and told them that they know what type of a person he is. My mother already calls him her son. He said that all he is asking for is their trust in him. He said that he is already apart of our family and even if he looses his family today, he knows he still has my family.
He then went to his father and said that his sorry but if his mother and sisters can’t accept me then he can’t be a part of their family. His father was in tears but told him that he understood. He didn’t have any objection to Ahmeds decision. He unfortunately can’t change their minds.
Then Ahmed came to me and he said that he does not see us breaking off our engagement as an option. He hates to see me hurting and we both know that we won’t be able to move on and be happy with other partners. That is why we both decided not to marry anyone else. 
So why do we have to be miserable, can’t we be happy and not care what other people think. I told him that they were not just other people they are his family. At the end people will think I took him away from his family. He said he didn’t care what people say and just wants to be with me. 
He told my father that we would stay another day and we should make nikkah the next day. He said we could hold the reception another time. He just wants to end all these problems and show people that he will stand by me no matter who they are. He went down on his knees and asked if I would marry him tomorrow. 
I didn’t know how to react, making nikkah doesn’t solve our problems. It might just make it worst. Ahmed said that he would not rest until he had a yes from me. I looked at my family to see what they had to say. Shuaib told Ahmed that before I could give an answer he wanted to speak to me. 
So Faheema, Shuaib and I went to the kitchen to talk. Shuaib asked me if I was happy being with Ahmed, he said that do I trust him so much so to say that if a problem comes up later on that he won’t say to me that I split his family apart. Unfortunately I can’t say whether that would ever happen, I would hope not. 
I asked them what they think I should do. Faheema said I should say yes because she doesn’t think Ahmed would ever leave me or let anyone harm me. If he can stand by my side and against his family then he is definitely the guy to be with. Shuaib he likes Ahmed, he is just afraid of me getting hurt but he said I should say yes. 
Yaseen came to call us, my dad said that I should make up my mind and if I needed time to think I should say. I looked at Ahmed and then looked at my granny and she gave me the thumbs up. That’s when I knew I had to say yes. Everyone in my family and my heart cannot be wrong. 
I said yes, Ahmed jumped for joy. In that excitement he started to hug everyone and when he got to his mum he just pulled back. He told his father that he would contact him and tell him when the nikkah is and where and he could attend but he didn’t want his mother and sisters anywhere near him or me. 
He asked his father to take his mother and sisters away from him because they are ruining his moment of happiness. Uncle Ashraf asked Aunty Shenaaz to go with the girls to their hotel room. He said he would meet them there. I asked Ahmed to let them stay, they are his family but he refused. 
I asked my mum to tell him because he always listens to her. My mum tried but he said to her, “I got one mother and it’s you.” My granny said we should leave him for now he is upset with them. He will come around when he is ready to accept them.back into his life. 

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