This morning I woke up early and made breakfast for everyone. My niece And nephew Faeez and Faeeza helped me in the kitchen, more like Faeez made the mess and Faeeza cleaned it up. Ahmed came downstairs and joined us to make breakfast. 
We made so much noise that eventually everyone woke up and came downstairs to see what the commotion was about. I put all the blame on Ahmed and the kids. After all the blaming we finally sat and had breakfast. My dad got a call on his cellphone so he excused himself and went to the lounge. 
When he came back to the kitchen he looked worried. My mum asked him what happened and he said that after breakfast Ahmed and I should take the kids outside. I got a bit anxious, I wanted to know what was wrong. Why was my dad so tensed. 
Anyways after breakfast Ahmed and I took the kids outside. Ahmed asked if I knew what was happening, why we were asked to go with the kids. I told him we just have to wait and see what happens. My dad sent Yaseen outside to look after the kids and called Ahmed and I back inside.
My dad asked us to sit down, he needed to discuss something very important. Ahmeds father had called and said that eid day he found out what was happening between Ahmed and I with Aunty Shenaaz and Ahmeds sisters. They were on their way to us and he wants to sort out this problem. 
My dad said that he doesn’t want any kind of conflict and would like to have this matter sorted out in a calm way. He said that we as a family should not forget that they are guests in our house and we should respect them. He also said that while we were outside they discussed a few things. 
My parents were worried so they took everyone’s opinion whether they should still let Ahmed and I get married. They also discussed if Ahmeds family were still not willing to accept me and Ahmed refused to break off this engagement what would they do.
Ahmed told my parents that he doesn’t step away from his commitments and he is committed to marry me and if we call of the wedding he will not marry anyone. He has explained this to his mother and he would do it again. He said that no matter what he wasn’t leaving me.
My dad asked him that he can’t leave his family for a woman. He will find plenty women but he won’t get another mother or father. Ahmed said that he is not the one who is creating the problems. He said it’s a different story if I created the problem then he would of made me understand and if I didn’t want to understand he would break off this engagement. 
Problems were created by his family and if they can’t accept his choice and respect his fiancé then he can’t stand that. He wants them to understand and to not hate me but after so many tries he has given up. My parents said that they have never dealt with something like this before so they don’t know what to do. 
My mum says the best thing to do is to break this engagement off. They don’t want any conflict or problems and this is the only way out they see. My dad said he can’t see his daughter put through all this trauma and there’s no guarantee that after we married that things would be okay. 
My dad made Ahmed understand that they know that even if I marry someone else that they might be problems there but they seeing this problem before we even get married. My mum told Ahmed that they respect his parents but they can’t trust his mother not to repeat her actions.
Ahmed said that he won’t defend his mother because he knows that she has wronged me and he can’t give a guarantee but he can say so much that he will never allow his mother to disrespect me. His mother will have to learn to accept me as his wife and respect me. 
My parents were still not at ease but agreed to let Ahmeds family come home and give them a chance to make things right. I called Faheema one side and asked her to tell Shuaib to come with her to my room. I needed them to help me sort things out, they are my only hope.  
When they came to my room, I made them understand that I can’t loose Ahmed but if my parents want me to leave him I will. My parents have always had my best at interest and they wouldn’t do anything to harm me. I told Shuaib that I want him to keep things calm and make sure everyone understands each other. 
Faheema and Shuaib said they are with us on this but if my parents at the end still feel that we should not get married then there’s nothing they can do. They left my room, I sat there praying that things would work out okay. I kept thinking about my parents and Ahmed. 
How will I move on if I have to leave Ahmed. I don’t think I would be able to, it’s so disappointing that families have become nasty to their own. Maybe his mother doesn’t see me as the best for him and just how my parents want what’s best for me so does his. 
I am so confused at the moment and I don’t know what will happen. His parents are just a few minutes away and I feel like someone is choking me. I feel so afraid that the outcome will not be good. Ahmed comes to my room to look for me because his parent had arrived. 
When he came to my room I was standing by the window, he asked if I was okay. I asked him how he expects I should be, should I be okay knowing his parents are here and things might not be the same as how they are. I might not see him or be with him after today. 
He sat in the bed and asked me to sit next to him. He took my hand and told me that this is his promise to me that he would never let anything happen to me or us. He wants us to be together and he will not let anyone or anything separate us. He also said that even if he has to wait all his life he would. 
I didn’t want him to make such a promise that he didn’t know if he could keep it or not. So I pulled my hand back and said,” your parents are waiting we should go.” I then went downstairs leaving Ahmed behind. His family were already inside and seated in the sitting room. 
 I went downstairs and greeted them, Ahmeds mother looked at me and made like she had no interest in seeing me or even greeting me. I anyways did my duty and then stood one side. Ahmed came downstairs and then sat on the chair in front of me. 

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