After the men left for Fajr namaaz, we went to read namaaz and then got the kiddies up and got them dressed, then we got dressed. I sat and played with the kids so they wouldn’t trouble while we waited for the men to get back. My mum was already stressing about the day. 
We kept telling her she has been doing this for so many eids and twice in the year plus for family functions and she still stresses like it’s her first time. My dadi even told my mum to relax and sit down everything will fall into place. Her added worry was that Ahmed was round and he must feel bad or out of place. 
Mothers I tell you they worry about everything. The men came back and took over looking after the kids so Faheema and I went to set the tables outside for lunch time. We had a tent out up in the backyard so we laid the tables there. Breakfast we have inside so my mum took care of setting that table and my brothers always help her. 
Ahmed and Shuaib came to help us lay the table in the tent. My mum has never used paper plates and that. She feels guests are coming over so she can’t serve them in paper plates and it’s eid. So you can imagine the dishes. Lucky for the helpers we hire for eid day. Otherwise we would be washing dishes the whole day. 
The men went then for eid namaaz, I told my dad we would meet them at the farm, instead of them coming to fetch us. So after eid namaaz my brother called to say they were going to the farm. When we got there they already had one sheep prepared to slaughter. 
The kids really enjoyed watching them slaughter. Sabiha who is 2years old tells me the story of why we slaughter. I was shocked that she knew, Faheema said she asked a few days ago. So her dadi told her the story, at first she said no we can’t harm the sheep but then she understood.
When we were done at the farm we went back home, my mom cooked the meat and then we had breakfast. After breakfast the men were playing soccer outside while Faheema and I made goodie bags for each house. Then we went to do our rounds of greeting. 
We don’t go to any family, we use to but my one uncle said because my father is elder so they have to come to him, since then we don’t go. We visit our friends, the sick and funeral houses. After that we go back home, then my dad’s family all come over to greet us.
My mum lays a table with snack and drinks inside the house for everyone that comes to visit. Eid day is more like eat day by us, every few minutes we serving something. Sometimes it gets a bit too much, my mum says that sometimes people are shy to ask so always have on the table where they can take. 
Anyways it was a long and tiring day, only after lunch we got to relax for a little bit. Then people who didn’t visit in the morning came and Zinat and her father’s family all came. Shew it was like a army of people. We served them all in the tent, they were so many.
Ahmed didn’t call his parents the whole day, it bothered me because I told him a few times and he kept saying not now. I told my niece Faeeza to call him to my room. When he came in I was already on the phone with his dad. 
I spoke to his mum after and then gave him the phone. When he got off the phone he asked if I called or they called me. I told him I called, he looked upset but didn’t say anything. He left the room and went outside, I went after him and kept trying to ask him what was wrong but he kept ignoring me. 
So I decided that I also could be upset with him. I didn’t do anything wrong and if he didn’t call his family they would say that I was keeping him away from them and now I don’t even want to call them. That would just make them hate me more and we need to change things. 
I stayed away from him for the rest of the day. Faheema came to ask me what’s wrong with Ahmed his so quiet. So I told her, at first she said we looked so cute fighting but when I gave her a annoyed look she walked away. Faheema told Shuaib what happened. 
The two of them decided to play referee and called Ahmed and I to my room. When I got to my room they were already talking to Ahmed. Faheema told me that they want us to sort out things now. I told her things can only be sorted out if Ahmed is willing to sort them out but he only wants to make things worst. 
Shuaib explained to Ahmed that he can’t get upset with me for everything and what I did was not wrong. If I don’t make attempts to make things right with his family then how will matters become better. After speaking to him, he realized that I was not wrong. 
Faheema and Shuaib left the room, Ahmed apologized and then he sat on the bed and wiped his tears away. I went to him and gave him a hug, I told him I know it’s difficult for him. Especially after speaking to them today he must of missed them a lot.
He said he wants to be with them but he doesn’t know how to forgive his mother. I was confused, what he meant by wants to be with them. Did he mean that he doesn’t want to be with me. I didn’t ask because Ahmed was stressed already and it wasn’t the right time.
I let it go but I couldn’t take the words out of my mind. We decided to stay one more day and only go back on Tuesday. I anyways had to go to our main office and pick up papers which were only going to be ready Tuesday morning. Ahmed had to come stay by us because Zinat was going out for a week. 
She said we could use the house but we didn’t feel at ease with them not around. Ahmed and my brother Ziyaad were sharing a room, so I told Ahmed if he wanted he could go relax in Ziyaad room. He said he was fine and wanted to spend some time with my family. 
Is it wrong for me to know that he doesn’t want to be with me and still allow him to get close to my family. Should I say something, how will my family take it. I thought of taking Ahmed away but then I thought that would just be so odd. My family would think we can’t get enough of each other. 
I don’t know what to do, I can’t keep this to myself. My mind is going crazy, maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Maybe he meant he wants to also be with them. I’ll leave it until we back in Jo’burg so that there’s no tension at home. 

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