Ziyaad didn’t have much to say, he was too busy on his phone. I kept asking but he never said who he was busy chatting to. I tried fishing from everyone but no one said. Faheema and Shuaib and their family are only arriving tomorrow. Dadi is super excited Ahmed is around, she always enjoys when he comes over.
Dadi says he gives her more attention then anyone else, that’s why he is her favourite. My mum and dad were just pleased to see me. My dad kept asking if I was okay. Ahmed sat with my dad, my mum and I and told them everything that his family did. He also apologized to my parents for his families actions. 
He assured my dad that he will always stand by my side and he will always protect me. Even if it means he has to leave his family. My father was happy with Ahmed but he also told Ahmed that he should not abandon his family for me. He should stand with what is right and his parents are more important than me.
My father’s words made me realize how good my parents are. If they wanted they could of told Ahmed nonsense and been mean to him. Ahmed also told my father that his father doesn’t know any of this as yet but he does plan on telling him very soon.
After our talk my mum made tea for everyone and then Zinat, Sameer and Ahmed left. Ahmed kept messaging me to see if I was okay, he kept apologizing and he kept asking if my parents were okay. I told him to stop stressing, they are all okay. No one said anything and no one is upset with him.
When they got to Zinats place he went straight to his room and then called me. He was worried that my parents were upset about what his family did. How will he enjoy the weekend if he keeps thinking that my parents are upset. I got my dad to call him and tell him they not upset. 
Then only he was okay and relaxed a bit. I told him not to rush and come in the morning. He should rest as much as he wants. There was nothing for us to do so he didn’t have to stress about anything. After fajr Ahmed messages me and says he can’t go back to sleep. 
I messaged to ask him why? Is he still stressing… he said he was just missing me and wanted to see me immediately. I told him he’s crazy and he should just stay where he is. He woke up and went to make coffee for himself. Zinat and Sameer were also awake so he wasn’t alone. 
Zinat called me and told me to come over to her place for breakfast. It would give Ahmed and I time alone, In my house there’s too many people. I got out of bed, got ready and went to Zinats house. Zinat and I prepared breakfast while the men read newspapers and spoke about sports. 
It was so nice to see Ahmed so comfortable with my friends. He has stayed by Zinat a few times so he is comfortable with them. He doesn’t really like to be out of his comfort zone. He fusses a lot if he is and becomes grouchy. He is then difficult to handle.
Anyways we had breakfast and then Ahmed went to get ready. We sat a little in the room just chatting and bonding. It was nice after a long time we actually spent some quality time together. We always together and alone but we either rushing for supper or to do something.
We never really sit and cuddle or bond. We then went downstairs and sat with Zinat and Sameer. Sameer closed his shop for the weekend because of eid. Zinat and Sameer are planning a weekend trip to the farm and want Ahmed and I to join them. 
Zinat did tell me about it when we were making breakfast, she said it would give Ahmed and I sometime together. It will give us a break from all our problems and help us solve them. Ahmed was ready to go but I didn’t want to go. I feel that we first need to sort out things with his family.
I just told them I would think about it. After our discussion Ahmed and I went home. They were all having breakfast, after breakfast Ahmed and my dadi sat outside talking about marriage and she gave him some advise. After my dadi spoke to Ahmed she called me outside and gave me some advise.
My dad heard my dadi talking to us and also came outside. He said that it’s all a test from the Almighty and the decision is up to us. He also told Ahmed that if he decides that he can’t have both me and his family, he should choose his family. My dad said that he does not want anyone of us unhappy and forced to be with each other. 
Ahmed assured my dad that such a time would never come where he would leave me. He said that he wouldn’t let things go so far as to where he needs to choose. I told my dad that I had told Ahmed that he should rather make his family happy and choose a girl they want but he refused.
Ahmed wants my dad to set a wedding date but my dad said he will only do so once Ahmeds family accepts me. Ahmed said he will speak to his father so that he can help him sort things out. I told my dad about Uncle Ashraf calling me and asking me if I knew where Ahmed was spending eid and if I invited him by us.
My dadi spoke to Ahmed and told him that he shouldn’t take my father wrong he only wants the best for his daughter. He doesn’t want to send me to a house where I will never be accepted. Ahmed said he understand very well where my father’s concern is and he doesn’t blame him for his decision.
After our lengthy discussion my mum came outside to tell us my sister just arrived. I was so excited, finally I get to see my nephews and nieces. Faheema came in and gave me a big hug and then just walked away, Shuaib came in and he hugged me and then looked at me and said don’t worry I’m always here for you. 
Shew that was a intense greeting, why were they so gloomy around me. I was okay and I wasn’t letting my problems put me down. I guess it’s just my sister and brother-in-law caring. Ahmed got engrossed playing with the kids while I helped my mum in the kitchen. 
My uncles and aunties and their families were all coming for lunch by us. Every eid it’s like that, the day before eid and eid day lunch and supper is by us. My parents love to have everyone around.

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