After work I went home and made chicken curry and rice for supper, Ahmed wanted rice for a change. He usually doesn’t like rice besides on a Friday or Sunday. I decided to make a quick dessert, it’s been a long time since I spent some time in the kitchen.
Ahmed got home just before maghrib. He helped me lay the table and then went to mosque. I read my namaaz and then put the food on to heat. Today is Thursday so I have the community weekly get together to go to. I asked Ahmed to join me, I feel it will be good for him to make friends in the community. 
If we don’t make the effort we will never meet people and be part of the community. When Ahmed came back we had supper and cleaned up. He agreed to go with me to the get together so we left immediately after we cleaned up. When we got there I walked in with Ahmed but I left him to make his own friends. 
I went to attend my lecture and then went to the ladies common room to look for my friends. I looked for Ahmed but couldn’t find him anywhere. I messaged him to see if he was okay. He messaged back saying he made friends and they playing soccer outside. I told him to message me when he was done. 
I spotted my gang of friends sitting in one corner. Rizwana, Farzeen and Sakina was also there. I went to join in their conversation. They were discussing marriage and what role a husband and wife have and also how they should handle situations in a marriage.
Not long after we had our discussion Ahmed messaged me to say he was done and we could leave if I wanted to. I was tired anyways so I decided to go home. Rizwana wanted to stay but Farzeen needed to get home so she jumped in with me. 
Ahmed dropped us off and then he went home. I packed my bags and put all the things I was taking home one side. I took off Friday because I was leaving to go home for eid. Ahmed and I were going together. I feel so bad for his family that he is refusing to go home. Imagine how his mother and father must be feeling. 
After I packed everything and put everything one side, I sat in bed and made a list of all the things I still have to do. I have to go and pack Ahmeds bag and then cook for lunch, after Jummah I have to fetch his Kurta at the tailor and few other things.
We plan to leave at three, let’s hope we don’t leave later, I hate traveling at night. My mum called to check if I had everything and if Ahmed was still coming with. She asked me to convince him one more time. I told her what happened the last time I did and if I tried one more time I’m afraid he will not go home or come with me.
After speaking to my mum I decided to check my Facebook and email and then go to bed. Ahmed called and said his father will be calling me but he doesn’t know when. I asked him what it was about, he said he didn’t know, his father just called and asked for my number. 
Not long afterwards Uncle Ashraf called. He asked me what my plans for eid was and asked if I knew Ahmed was not going home for eid. I told him I knew and I tried convincing him but he won’t listen. Uncle Ashraf said it was their first eid without him. 
He asked if there was any problem and do I know why Ahmed didn’t want to go home. That’s when I figured uncle Ashraf doesn’t know anything that has happened and I didn’t want to be the one to tell him. I just said I didn’t know and that he was coming to my family to eid.  
Uncle Ashraf asked if I had told Ahmed to come to my family for eid or did he decide on his own. I told him that I didn’t ask Ahmed to not go home, in fact I’ve been trying to convince him to go home. I couldn’t say much because I didn’t want the truth to come out of my mouth. 
That is their family problem and they need to sort it out. When they ready to tell Uncle Ashraf they will. I went to bed after I spoke to Uncle Ashraf. I didn’t stress too much on what he said because he was unaware of the truth. I didn’t tell Ahmed immediately what his father and I spoke about because he would just worry. 
In the morning I got dressed and then cooked lunch for us. Ahmed came over to see if I needed help with anything. While cooking I quickly baked some goodies to take home. I went to Ahmeds apartment after cooking and baking to pack his bag, then I went to pick up his Kurta, the tailor called to say it was ready. 
At least we can leave a bit earlier because that was the reason we were leaving late. When I got home Ahmed and I packed everything in his car. I sent some baking and a eid gift to Aunty Rubina, they were also leaving today. She was also ready and eager to go home. 
After Jummah we had lunch and then left to go home. I was really excited, I will be seeing my family after a while. It’s nice to see your family especially after a tough few weeks. I can’t wait to see my nieces and nephews, my brothers, my dadi and Zinat and of course the rest of the family.
For a last try I told Ahmed to consider going home or eid, I even suggested us splitting eid and me going with him for the second half of eid. He was so upset that I suggested that he should go home. He stopped the car on the side of the road and got off. 
He gave me the keys and told me if I wanted to go home alone this was my chance. He would find his way, I shouldn’t worry about him. I told him to get back into the car and that I won’t bring up the topic of him going home again. He didn’t speak to me the rest of the way home. 
When we got to my parents, Ahmed made like nothing was wrong he spoke to me nicely and was normal with my parents. I warned everyone not to speak about him not spending eid with his family. I also told him not to expect my family not to ask about his family and if they do I should not be the one who has to hear about it. 
My mum invited Zinat and Sameer over for supper. She said since Ahmed will stay by them it’s only fair that she includes them in everything. Zinat is always by us so it makes no difference. After supper we sat outside by the pool side and caught up on all the juicy gossip. 
Zinat and Sameer told us about the trip they planning to India. Zinat always wanted to go to India. She forced me a few times but I always said no. We also had to bear hearing my brother Yaseen and his stories about his girlfriend. He hasn’t seen her since the last time he was in Jo’burg. 

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