She was adamant at first that she is right and that he can’t do this to her. She also mentioned that his mother would be so disappointed because she had sent her to Jo’burg. I was shocked that Ahmeds mother went to such an extent. Anyways I offered to drop her off somewhere but she said she would go herself. 
She apologized for the wrong and wished us luck. I don’t blame her, now knowing the truth behind all that she did has made me see why she did things. Ahmed was furious after hearing that his mother was behind everything. His never seen this side to his mother. He even went as far as to say he hates his mother. 
I felt hurt that he was hurt and also that his mother wanted me so badly out of his life. I told Imraan to go home, Ahmed would drop me off. Ahmed and I need to discuss a few things. After Imraan and Ahmeds ex left, Ahmed and I sat and spoke about what we were going to do next. 
I asked him what should we do now, how will I manage to be with his family when there’s functions or when he wants to be with his family. They don’t even like me, at the moment this is the biggest obstacle in our relationship. Which is also making me think if we should get married or not. 
Ahmed says that he will not go to see his family and he will not attend family functions. I can’t expect that of him, it’s wrong. He will live such a miserable life, thinking about them and wishing he was with them are thoughts he can’t avoid. I suggest to him that we should not set a wedding date as yet, first we have to sort out this problem. 
Ahmed is determined that he will cut ties with his family or at least change their misconceptions about me. I am so confused, I don’t know how to deal with this. What do I do, how do I make his family like me or at least accept me as their daughter-in-law.
I have to find a solution and quick because if I don’t it will just delay our wedding. Ahmed dropped me off at home after we spoke. We haven’t come to a solution as yet and I Don’t think we will come to one so soon. Anyways I get to bed, hoping the next day is better. 
At work we have two audits and I have to go see a prospect client. I get home exhausted and in no mood to do anything. I checked in the fridge for leftover so I don’t have to cook and then decided to go to the gym to relax my mind. Rizwana joins me to the gym.
So I try to not concentrate on my problem and start asking Rizwana about her day at university. She tell she about her friends and her admirer. I was excited to hear she has a admirer but he sounded a bit freaky. She even said that he is such a freak and she needs to get rid of him. 
She doesn’t like him and he annoys her. Her friends have now decided if they don’t take the same lectures then they will pick her up from her lectures just to ensure she is never alone. I got a bit worried about that, is this guy stalking her. She said she did tell him to leave her alone but he doesn’t want to. 
The best is to have a word with the university chancellor and take it from there. I think I should speak to Imraan first and then take action. After gym I went home and took a nice long shower. Ahmed called to say he was still at the office with clients and he would check with me before he goes home to see if I’m awake.
Ahmed doesn’t end up calling and I fell asleep waiting for his call. In the morning he called to apologize, he got home very late and didn’t want to disturb me. He sounded worried, I asked him what was wrong but he didn’t want to say so I didn’t force him. 
The whole day it bugged me at work what was wrong but I just ignored it. The weekend was eid so I was excited to go home and see my family. I decided after work Ahmed and I would go shopping together. I needed to get eid gifts for everyone in his family as well as mine and not forgetting our friends. 
I called Ahmed to see what was his plans for the day. He didn’t have much meetings so he could join me for shopping. I told him where to meet me and then he can send one car home with the driver. After work we met at the mall, did our shopping and then decided to have supper. 
When I got home I wrapped all the gifts and then gave him the gifts for his family. He didn’t want to take them but I forced him. He said he would post it or send it with someone because he was not going home for eid. I tried convincing him again to go home for eid.
He is so stubborn at times, he never changes his decisions, once his mind is made up it’s like talking to a wall. He said if I didn’t want him to spend eid with my family I should just say. What could I say to that. Anyways after Ahmed left I called my mum to see if she needed anything. 
My dad wants to speak to Ahmed about all these problems we’ve been having. I don’t think it’s such a good idea but my mum said I can’t expect them to see me in this mess and not do anything. They can’t give me into a family that hates me from the beginning.
My parents want to invite Uncle Ashraf and Aunty Shenaaz to discuss all these problems that they have created. My dad says he has to sort all this out before he agrees again to get me married in that family. I didn’t want to upset my dad so I just agreed. 
I am not going to tell Ahmed about my dad’s plans. It will just be a battle between them. I had a hectic day coming up so I went to bed early. In the morning Ahmed called and said he won’t be in Jo’burg today he is going to see a site. He wanted me to make something for him to take with.
So I quickly made lunch for him to take with,made something for me and then got ready for work. Ahmed came over to pick up his lunch. The advantages of having a fiancé, he said. Today I was meeting a realtor for new office space for our company. 
We having problems with the owner of the current place we at. He keeps coming up with silly stories. I spent the whole day on the road running around looking for the perfect space. Some are just too small and some perfect but the location and rental price. My boss definitely won’t be happy. 

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