Ahmed hasn’t told her anything and his going to play along with it and then the day she is leaving Jo’burg he will tell her. I think it’s mean but he says this is the only way she will learn and so will his family. He hasn’t told his mother anything yet but he will. 
He says that after he tells his mother his decision, he is going to ask her to leave us alone. He has also decided that we will stay away from his family and I also should not tell them anything that goes on between us. I don’t agree with his decision to keep away from his family. 
I tried to convince him otherwise but he doesn’t want to listen and said if I want to be on their side then he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Now what can I do or say to that. After Ahmed left I called my mum and told her everything and then I told her what he decided.
My mum wasn’t very happy at the situation I was in and also how Ahmed was handling things, she feels that it will just make them hate me more. My mum wanted to call Aunty Shenaaz to see why she was doing all this. Why she came all the way to ask for my hand in marriage for her son and also have us get engaged only to treat me bad. 
I stopped my mum because Ahmed didn’t want anyone to contact them before he told them his decision. My life and it’s dramas never end. No matter how long I go away for something new always pops up. Anyways everyone in my house got to know as well as Faheema. 
Before I knew it they all called to see how I was and what I was going to do. Shuaib was so furious he told Faheema when he brought a proposal we didn’t accept it now we stuck with this problem when I could of been happy with the guy he brought. I got a shouting from Faheema for that.
I had to stay away from Ahmed for a few days and that was so difficult. We just manage to sort out something and I haven’t even told him my decision. I called him once to meet once at least. He agreed, so after work he came over for supper. I told him my decision and that he should go home for eid and I would go home for eid. 
He didn’t agree to me going to home for eid but said that we both should go to my family for eid and that’s how all our eids would be spent. There was no use arguing with him, I had to slowly get him to agree to things. Ahmed was really happy, he stayed for a little bit and then had to go.
After Ahmed left I went to the shops to get milk and bread and guess who I see there. Yes it was Ahmeds ex girlfriend, she saw me and came up to me. ” I know you from somewhere,” she said. I just told her I’m Ahmeds work colleague and I had come over to fetch some paper the night she was by him.
Then she was all sweet and asking about myself and if I had anyone in my life. I didn’t want her to think I was after Ahmed because I felt she would feel it as a threat so I said yes I’m engaged. She wanted to know who but I didn’t say. I made like I was in a hurry just so I could leave. 
Before I left she offered me to join them for a movie, she said she was going with her boyfriend. I just said no my aunt is waiting for me at home so I should go. I know all this was just a act on Ahmeds part but yet I felt bad. I felt hurt and lonely, tears just rolled down my cheeks. 
When I got home I put the milk and that away and called Zinat. I needed a friend to speak to, after I poured my heart out to Zinat I felt so much better. Sameer even spoke to me a little, shame he felt bad for me. He said I shouldn’t worry he has my back and that good things happen to good people.
I was still worried but waited for Ahmed call to say he was home and how was his time. I fell asleep waiting for his call, when I woke up I saw no missed calls. Maybe he got home to late and decided not to call. Anyways I had to leave for work and couldn’t wait for his call or call him. 
I had a busy day with audits, I had to go to a clients place so my team and I decided to meet there instead of going to the office first. We worked until 3pm and then left to go home. I decided to go to the nearby mall before going home. At the mall I saw Ahmed and his ex, they were holding hands and walking as if there was no one else around. 
I decided not to stay, it would just upset me more, as I was going out his ex spotted me and scream out my name. I tried to ignore her but she ran up to me. She took me to Ahmed and kept saying my boyfriend this and that. I was getting so annoyed, I wanted to tell her off but decided not to.
I excused myself and left, I was furious, can’t he tell her no, people are seeing them together. I think this is going too far. I didn’t feel like doing anything when I got home, I didn’t even cook for supper. Imraan came over later to see if I was okay, Aunty Rubina told him I didn’t pop in at all today. 
This weekend is eid and I haven’t even told my parents that I will be home for eid and Ahmed plans to come with. So I called my mum and told her we will be coming for eid. My mum was really happy and so was everyone else. I wonder what’s going to happen tonight. 
Ahmeds ex is leaving Jo’burg tonight and he is going to tell her the truth. He wants to introduce her to me but I don’t think this such a good idea. Ahmed called me around 7pm to see where I was. He called me over to his place, I quickly got ready and took Imraan with me. 
When we got there, Ahmeds ex was sitting in the lounge like she owned the house. She was so boastful about things she didn’t even own. She even lied and said she got him one of the ornaments in his apartment. That ornament he got from a company he deals with. 
She was in for a surprise, Ahmed told us all to sit down he had something to announce. She asked what was so important that he called a “mere colleague and her pet.” I wanted to punch her teeth in but then I thought shame she is going to be heart broken so I left her to boast.  
Ahmed: Wait a minute and listen to what I have to say. So the person you calling a mere colleague is actually the same Saajidah I’m engaged to. 
Ahmeds ex: The Saajidah that I sent all that photos to? 
Ahmed: yes the same one and thanks for admitting you sent those photos. 
Ahmeds ex: but you said we were back together and now you leaving me for her. 
Ahmed: well technically you and I were never together, I just played you to show you and my family a point. I wouldn’t leave Saajidah even if my mother or anyone for that matter paid me to.
Ahmeds ex was in tears and she was definitely shocked. I pulled Ahmed to one side and then sat next to her and explained to her how she has tried and tried to ruin our relationship but at the end only she is getting hurt. I also told her that his family is only doing all the drama because of her and her mum being a friend. Otherwise they would never bother.

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