Mariam and I cleared up and then sat outside, we exchanged details as it was my last night here. I am glad for this time away and for meeting the people I met. Something Arshad said to me that made me really think and also helped me with my decision. 
He said,” We often don’t realize what we have in our lives until we take a look at what others have. We make everything about us and that makes us selfish and blind. We don’t think what the next person had to go through to do what he did or be where he is.”
Ahmed did what he had to do to keep his family together, he can always replace me but he can’t replace his family. He went through all the stress and pain alone. He didn’t tell anyone his problem, I can only imagine the frustration and stress that it had in him.
I felt bad for putting him through more torture but I was also hurt by his actions. I decided when I get home that I would call him over and speak to him instead of just messaging or calling him and telling him my decision. After Mariam left I thought about what I would tell Ahmed.
In the morning I got all my things ready to leave. I decided to eat out for breakfast since it was the last day of my break. On my way back I kept thinking what I was going to say to Ahmed. I decided that instead of calling him over to my house, I would go to his place.
When I got home I took everything out of the car and had a quick shower and changed. I messaged Ahmed to see where he was, he was at the mall with a friend. I was a bit disappointed but it was my fault I shouldn’t of waited until last minute. I told him to let me know when he was home.
I quickly made supper for myself and then went to see how Aunty Rubina and Uncle Abdullah were doing. While sitting there Ahmed called to say he was at home and I could come over. Excitedly I grabbed my keys and bag and drive off to see Ahmed.
When I got there I see his friend is also there. He introduced us, he told her I was a work friend. I felt so out of place like I was the one disturbing them. Everytime I said I’m going he said no wait she won’t be here long so I waited and waited and his friend didn’t go so I left.
When I left he was in the bathroom so I just told her to tell him. Then she said,”oh I will, thanks for leaving we were waiting for you to leave so we could go out for supper.” I felt so bad but then I thought maybe she knew who I was and was just adding to the fire.
When I got home, Ahmed called and asked why I left. I told him his friend said they had supper plans and I didn’t want to be in the way so I left. He just said okay and put the phone down. I feel like my time away was a waste because it’s like the drama hasn’t ended.
Just before I got into bed Ahmed called again but I didn’t answer. He tried a few time but I wasn’t in the mood of explaining to him anything. I went to bed and left my phone on silent. In the morning I saw all his missed calls. He left a voice mail message.
When I got to the office I saw a bouquet on my table, the secretary didn’t know who sent them and there was no card with. I had no time to figure out who sent them so I just continued with my work. After work I stopped at the bakery to get some treats.
Ayesha from our weekly club invited me for a light meal and tea at her place. A few of the other ladies from our club were also invited. I didn’t even have time to check with Rizwana and Sakina if they were Also invited. I thought I was late when I got to her house there were so any cars already.
Ayesha had also invited people that were not from our club so I didn’t know most of the people. Lucky I spotted a few familiar faces and started to speak to them. I heard a lady talking about a guy named Ahmed but I didn’t know which Ahmed.
It sounded so much like my Ahmed, she mentioned the business he is into, where he stays and also about his family. I tried to ignore her conversation but I just couldn’t. When I turned around it was the same girl he claimed to be his friend. She told everyone at the party that she was his girlfriend.
Sakina also heard her and came to me and asked isn’t she talking about your Ahmed. I just said sounds like but I’m not sure. Rizwana wanted to go up to her and tell her nonsense but I stopped her. I didn’t stay long at the party, I decided to leave before supper was served.
I excused myself and told Ayesha that I wasn’t feeling too well. I went home only to find Ahmed waiting outside. I was so upset I didn’t realize what I was saying and just blurted out “you not with your girlfriend tonight? Oh I forgot I just met her at the party.”
Ahmed stood there in shock, I went in and closed the door behind me and went to my room, closed the door and sat on the floor crying. Ahmed came in and heard me crying so he came to the room door. He asked a few times if he could come in but I didn’t reply to him sorted so he sat on the floor on the other side of the door. 
He asked if I ate and I said no, so he went to the kitchen and checked what there was in the fridge and took it out. He made the food hot and came to the room. I moved from the door and sat on the carpet near my bed. He came in and sat on the carpet as well. 
He tried to feed me but I didn’t want the food. He said he was also hungry and also won’t eat if I didn’t. I got up from there and sat on the chair, Ahmed still sat on the floor. He said,” first eat then I will tell you everything.” I was too hungry to say so the second time so I ate. 
After supper he went to the kitchen left the dishes there. He locked the front door first which I found strange, he never does that, I didn’t ask him why. He came to the room and closed the room door. Then he asked me to come sit on the carpet so I sat on the carpet. He said he would tell me everything but I shouldn’t interrupt until the end. 
Then he explained everything, this girl is his ex girlfriend. She came to Jo’burg to ask him to leave me and marry her. She doesn’t know I’m his fiancé because she hasn’t seen photos before, that’s why he said that I was a work friend. His mother told her to come and convince him because she knew that there were problems between us.  
So he also played along and never told her anything. He spent the day with her how she wanted and told her that he doesn’t mind getting back with her. He then brought her home knowing I would come there so that she would get jealous. He ignored me because if he got too close she would of known.
Then he asked,” so why were you crying?” I told him that I didn’t know all this and what else did he expect I should do. His ex was telling everyone at the party that she is his girlfriend and soon they going to get married. Only Sakina, Rizwana and I knew what was the story. 

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