Ahmed left to go home just after Esha, I didn’t want him driving around so late at night. Aunty Rubina suggested he sleep by them until Sunday and then he could go back after the wedding, since our area is getting very dangerous at night. I thought it was sweet of Aunty Rubina and would relieve my worry.
I got home quite late, I didn’t want to be a bad friend and leave before everyone else, also I lives in the same complex so not like I had and excuse. Well the next few days are going to be somewhat the same. I’m not complaining, I enjoy doing new things and having some excitement is good but it is quite tiring all the late nights.
The next morning before I went to work I made rafaello mousse dessert for the evening. I made two batches so it would be enough for everyone. When I got to work, the first thing I didn’t was check my schedule for the next few days. I couldn’t afford another day of tension of being late to Safiahs house.
Today I had to go to Pretoria for the day, I had to plan my day so I could be back in Jo’burg before the evening. I took the driver with so I wouldn’t get lost, I wasn’t really familiar with the roads as yet. I only knew my way to work, Sandton and fordsburg and my way around the area I live in. Lucky my work got finish on time.
Just two more days and then it’s the weekend, then I don’t have to worry bout time. I’m trying to get off for Friday from the morning so I can be of some help to Safiah. I know Ahmed will be around that’s because he is his own boss, I work for a boss and I’ve taken a lot of days off.
Anyways my mum called me today, she was a bit upset, at first she didn’t want to say why but I made sure I pressurized her into telling me. Apparently Ahmeds mother called and complained that Ahmed wants to move to Jo’burg and doesn’t want to live with them. 
She made it clear to my mum that she should talk to me and ask me to tell him to not move because she feels that I am telling him to move because I want freedom. What the heck! I was furious, how could she think like that and what was the need to go through my mum, couldn’t she speak directly to me. 
Instead she made my mum worry about such a trivial thing and something I didn’t even do. My mum said she did try explaining to Ahmeds mum that I wouldn’t tell him to move because I told her we would be staying with them, my mum also told her that I might not even know that Ahmed wants to move.
I told my mum not to worry I would handle it but you know mums they still worry. I didn’t want to wait till it’s too late so I called Ahmed and told him to come to my place before he went to Safiah. He was worried what it was about but I told him it’s nothing major. 
I got home early because I asked the driver to drop me at home and have my car sent to my house. Ahmed came home just after Asr, I tried to play it cool and drag the tension a little but he insisted I cone out with it. I told him everything my mum told me and everything his mum said and then told him to sort it out. 
There was no way I was getting into a marriage and having my inlaws hate me. I wasn’t going to sit back while his family makes false accusations. He was quiet the whole time and he knows I hate that. He knew he decided something and he knew his parents wouldn’t approve. It’s not like he is moving for me. 
He decided to move to extend his business. It has nothing to do with me, but my future mother- in- law proved that she is just that a mother- in-law. Glad I am getting to see his families true colours before I get married into their family. First his sisters and now his mother.
His only question and that was an hour later before we could go to Safiah and that was if I had told anyone. That annoyed me more, I mean really, after all the drama your mother makes that’s all you have to say. Men I tell you, sometimes I think their brains are stuck somewhere. 
I tried not to show I was upset, otherwise everyone will ask what happened and it would make me feel worst so I wore a fake smile on my face and tried to enjoy my night. When ever I get some joy in my life there always has to be someone to bring some sadness to the picture. 
I’m not complaining, I’m grateful for what I have and what I have accomplished and all the credit goes to the Almighty, but sometimes you made to feel so worthless, but I’m not going to let that put me down. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let anyone get me down and definitely not my future inlaws.
Things were more exciting today. Safiah’s family all got together and gave her a surprise, they had a full show prepared for her. They sang film songs and performed dances for her. It was so much fun. It was a great way to get things off my mind. I didn’t even thing about my problems until I got home. 
Ahmed was going to sleep by Aunty Rubina until the weekend and Farzeen and was coming to sleep by me. She is so sweet she gave up her room for him. Ahmed came to sit by me after the function, we didn’t chat much, anyone could sense the tension between us. Farzeen left us alone and went to bed. 
I asked him to go because it was getting late and he was making no difference being around, he was just working in my nerves. I didn’t really want to speak to him until he sorted things out or at least apologize to me for his mother’s part. I think I’m waiting for a miracle. 
After Ahmed left I went to bed, I tossed and turned for a while before I could fall asleep. I kept thinking what would Aunty Shenaaz have against me that she would think I changed her sons mind. My mind just wasn’t at ease, I had a sleepless night, I left in the morning without meeting Ahmed. 
I didn’t want to see him, I would of just ended up being more upset. When I got to work I called my mum to see if she was okay. I know she is worried for me, she is stressing because jo mother wants her child to have problems with inlaws before she even gets married. 
My mum said she isn’t so worried about Faheema because although her inlaws are strict they don’t make unnecessary problems and never gave her trouble. I always prayed for good inlaws, I’m not saying they bad but they seemed so different when I first met them and even our meeting after that. All this trouble only started when Ahmed decided to get engaged. 
Maybe they thought I was just another fling and I would pass just like his other girlfriends. They never expect him to say he wants to get married to me and having an engagement makes it official. I don’t know what jog they get out of it,its actually nasty. 

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