We left after lunch with a car full of things. Ahmeds mum brought him so much of things, he hardly stays in Jo’burg so I don’t know why she sent all his things. He won’t even pack them he will probably ask me to do it for him, not complaining but more work for me.
Ahmed and I got a lot of our feelings out on our way back home. We discussed why he was rushing everything, first the engagement and now the wedding, he didn’t have much to say about it besides he didn’t want anyone causing any problems and it will only stop if we are married.  
I feel that we shouldn’t get married out of fear for someone else but we should get married when we want. We also spoke about where we would stay he said I should check for a place in the complex or ask the owner to sell me the one I’m staying in, so that means that we not going to stay with his parents. 
Ahmed wants to expand his business in Jo’burg and move his main office as well. I was happy that we were not going to stay with his parents but I know he probably would want to spend all if not most if our free time with his family. I just hope it doesn’t become a rule. I know I’m sounding like I hate his family…  
I don’t, I just feel that visits should be equal, I don’t want to end up like Faheema, she stays with her inlaws and spends most of the year with them even eids. They only come to my mum when it’s december school holidays and if there’s a function in our house. She doesn’t even come if it’s a function in my uncles or aunties houses. 
Anyways I didn’t mention all this to Ahmed, he would freak out. Those are basically the two main things we needed to discuss, why he was rushing everything and where we would stay after we got married. I’m glad we got to speak, it really makes things easier.
We got home just before maghrib, we bought take outs for supper. None of us ladies were going in the kitchen after such a hectic weekend. I made Ahmed take my car home because he had a lot of things and instead of moving everything to his car,it would be easier. I was glad I didn’t have to go into work the next day. 
I slept till late and relaxed in my pj’s most of the day. Ahmed came over after work. He told his mother that he decided that he wants to move to Jo’burg after the wedding and also move his business, she wasn’t happy about it. She said a daughter-in-law has to serve her inlaws and that’s how it’s always been. The daughter-in-law has to stay with her inlaws. 
I told him to keep the peace in the family we should rather stay with them, although I didn’t really want to leave work and my friends but Ahmed refused and said for his business to expand he needs to be more in Jo’burg and it would be senseless me being at home with his parents and he being in Jo’burg.
I can’t handle all this stress, why do women have to go through all the adjustments and sacrifices. I can’t say anything that will be against his family because no person wants to hear bad about their family, so I just accept whatever they say. I hope this doesn’t lead to them thinking that I will be like this always. 
Safiah came over to visit and to give us an invitation to her engagement and wedding. It was so exciting for her. Her parents came to stay with her for the week, they were going back after the wedding. I will miss her, she is going all the way to Cape Town. She said for now she will still have her apartment here only after her honeymoon will she cone sort out her things. 
I offered to help her in anyway she needed. She needed to use the two rooms in my house for sleeping for a few girl cousins. Safiah was so excited, she couldn’t believe her wedding was one week away. Wedding excitement is alway fun to experience, it only comes once in your lifetime. 
Well there was still a lot to do and unfortunately I couldn’t help her much with running around during the week but Ahmed asked his driver to be available to them whenever they needed him. I was glad he was doing something for my friend. 
He had more free time then I did this week so I got him to get a gift for Safiah and Reeza. He got exactly what I wanted for them. From tomorrow they having meals in the evening for all Safiahs friends and family. Now to think what to make everyday to take to her house.
I woke up this morning thinking what to make to take to Safiahs house.I have so much work today at the office I don’t know if I will make it for supper at Safiah’s. I asked Aunty Rubina to send the food I made to Safiahs place in case I’m late. I made roast chicken and Aunty Rubina made the veggies. 
One last meeting before I leave and I’m sitting in the office praying that I finish this meeting on time. I can’t be late to someone’s house for supper. I sent a message to Ahmed to let him know I might be a few minutes late. I won’t make it to go home and change, I will have to go in my work clothes.
My meeting finally finishes and on time so I won’t be late, I hate being late wherever I go I have to be punctual but others aren’t the same so when meeting people never depend on them being on time. I got home and quickly went to check by Safiah if everything was okay. 
I was glad that there were only her house people there so I could go home and shower and then come back for supper. Ahmed came just before I could go to shower, he brought some stuff in a box, I didn’t have time to ask him what it was. After got ready I told him we could go, he picked up the box so I asked him where he was taking it to. 
He said it’s for Safiah, he bought some stuff they might need in a wedding house, I was surprised that he even knew people usually offer to bring things. He told me he had called them today and asked them what grocery things they need he wanted to get it.I was so proud of him. 
When we got to Safiah she couldn’t stop thanking me, she was so pleased that Ahmed was helping where he could. There were just three days until the engagement and there was a lot of work. Supper was so delicious,Safiahs aunty cooked the food. Her family wasn’t so big but the amount of love and warmth they have. 
We were strangers to most of them yet they made us feel like family. Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina and their family were also invited so I didn’t feel so lonely. Ahmed was with the guys making friends with everyone. 

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