While I was getting ready guests started to arrive. I could hear all the noise from the tent but couldn’t see anything. My mum came to check on me to see if I was done, my sister was helping me. My mum started to cry as soon as she saw me. She said she couldn’t believe I was getting engaged, I always told them I’m not interested in marriage and my mum had given up on me. 
Ahmed messaged me to let me know that he and his family have arrived, I sent my mum and Faheema to welcome them. After maghrib my mum and sister took me out to the tent to join all our guests. Ahmed had this huge smile on his face when he saw me coming down the stairs, his eyes lit up and I could see the tears in his eyes. 
My sister took me to the table which they had set separate for us. Ahmed held my hand and then gave me a hug and then like a real gentleman he moved the chair back for me to sit and then he sat. I asked him why he had tears in his eyes and he answered that I looked beautiful and he never imagined this day possible and now that it was here he was emotional.
The program started with my brother Hafiz Ziyaad rendering a Qiraat and then one of his friends read a naath, my brother Yaseen gave a short welcome and thank you speech and then we had salaami and dua. It was so beautiful and emotional. 
Then it was meeting people and photos and the main attraction was the exchanging of engagement rings. The worst was all the mithais everyone kept giving us. There was a point were I couldn’t take all that sweetness. Ahmeds family were torturing us, all the old aunties were shoving big pieces in our mouths. 
I was glad to see Uncle Abdullah and his family as well as Sakina and Safiah. They made my day by being there for me. I felt bad that it was the first time Sakina and Safiah was at my house and I couldn’t give them more time. 
After a while I got tired of sitting so I suggested to Ahmed we walk around and go greet people atleast that way we would meet everyone and make them feel welcome and special in a way. Also got us away from being fed all that sweet mithais. After the engagement our families exchanged parcels. 
My mum got something for everyone in Ahmeds family including his uncles and their wives and aunties and their husbands. They got gifts just for my family, I didn’t really mind, I wasn’t even counting and I didn’t even know who was getting gifts, my mum made all the arrangements.
My jaws were saw by the end of the night and I was extremely exhausted. I asked Ahmed if we could leave after lunch back to Jo’burg because I was not planning to get up early and leave. My mum also wanted to send some stuff with me so she needed some time. 
After the function Ahmed stayed for a little bit, he sent his family back to Zinats house. Zinat and Sameer wanted to stay but I sent them home because they were by us from early in the morning and never went home once. The needed to get some rest. 
I thought Ahmed stayed because he wanted to be with me but he wanted to speak to my dad. I have no idea what it is about, I hope I find out soon.I couldn’t believe that I was engaged soon to be married. I was a step closer in completing half if my imaan. I was soon to be Mrs Ahmed Khan,Felt really weird.
After everyone left my family sat in the lounge and opened all the gifts. This is what’s Ahmeds family gave my family, My dadi got material, my dad got a shirt, my mum got sari material, my sister got necklace and pendant, my brother in law and my brothers all got watches and the kids got pj’s. They gave me two parcels one was a cloak with matching jewelry and the other was a Indian outfit with shoes, jewelry and a clutch bag.
I didn’t want to take everything with me but my mum wanted me to. She felt when I get married I will already have everything in Jo’burg with me but I wasn’t sure where we would be after we get married. Even if we stay in Jo’burg we would have to move because Ahmeds place is too small for two people and mine is company given.
I haven’t spoken to Ahmed as yet so I don’t want to take anything with me. I chose a few things that I wanted like gifts from family, stuff like perfumes and jewelry. My mum said she would pack all the other things in my room and when I needed them I could take them. 
I made my mum pack all the delicious goodies from the engagement for me, I didn’t get a chance to taste most of the yummy goodies. We sat for a little while chatting and my dad said that Ahmed wants to have the wedding soon. I asked my dad when he told him that and he didn’t tell me anything, also how soon does he want it. 
My dad said he said if possible by next month. I was surprised because we haven’t discussed anything and he keeps making these decisions on his own. I had to have a chat with him, what is on his mind. Anyways we all went to bed past 2 in the morning. I was finished, the minute I put my head on the pillow I was fast asleep. 
Ahmed tried calling, his parents wanted to meet all of us before they left. My dad was still asleep and so were my brothers and my brother in law. My mum gave strict instructions to wake them all up and they should be down in 15 minutes. That was asking for a miracle, my brothers take 15 minutes just to wake up. 
Anyways we all rushed and got ready, I was so annoyed, we greeted them the night before and they should understand that we all tired. Which person has a function and is awake at 8 in the morning to meet people. I wanted to tell Ahmed not to bring them but my mum said it doesn’t look nice.
They phoned at 8am and only pitched up at 11am. I didn’t say anything but inside I was burning to tell Ahmed. He could see I was upset, he asked a few times but I said nothing was wrong I’m just tired. I like his family but I’ve gotten to know how inconsiderate they can be. His sisters were acting all nice with me and my family but I know their true colours. 
They left after an hour, I was glad I couldn’t sit anymore like a statue and just listen to everyone. Ahmed asked me what time I wanted to leave. I told him after lunch, we could leave one time with uncle Abdullah and them. They stayed over at my uncles house and we’re also leaving back today so it would be a great idea to go together. 



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