We decided to leave after Fajr because Ahmeds  meeting got cancelled. I want to spend all the time I get with my family. So in the morning Ahmed came over and left his car by my house,I informed my mum last night that we would be home by early morning. My mum was more excited then I was.
When we got home everyone was awake and waiting for us, no one had gone to work as yet, for the first time my dad was opening his shop late. My dadi was also there, she slept over so that she could be around when I got home. It was so sweet of my family and Ahmed felt special as well. 
My sister Faheema and her family were also here and so were my cousins from Canada. The house was full of people. It was so exciting, it was only my engagement but my family being around made it very special for Ahmed and I. My mum had made a huge breakfast spread for us. 
There were so many things that I didn’t know what to eat and the excitement was too much to handle. After breakfast I had to go into work just to drop of some papers so Ahmed and I went to drop it off. Then we went to the mall for a little bit. We wanted to spend sometime alone, with all the family around it’s impossible. 
After the mall we went to Zinat to leave Ahmeds bags, I arranged with Zinat for Ahmeds family to stay at her place. Zinat was so happy to see us. We had lunch at Zinats place and then we went back home. The minute we got home we were apart. My mum called for me, she needed me to fit on my outfit for the engagement. 
Faheema and my cousins were wrapping gifts and making the parcels. Unfortunately no one was around to help mum with the parcels so they being made last minute. Everyone is running around for last minute things. My mum is busy with the caterers, my sister has to take care of everything at home. 
My father and uncles have to keep Ahmed occupied so he doesn’t see any of our plans. My brother and cousins are organizing things for tonight. We having supper tonight and some entertainment after. My parents have called the town people and our family as well as Ahmeds family. 
Ahmeds parents and his sisters are arriving later before supper. I’m so nervous, I hate having all the attention on me. No one is letting me do anything, I feel pampered with everyone taking care of my every need but I feel silly sitting in one place looking at all the action around me.
Ahmed brought his clothes home so he didn’t have to go to Zinats place to change. After Asr we all started to get dressed, my mum didn’t allow me to go out of my room until supper time. I don’t know why, it’s not like I was getting married and I couldn’t see the groom before or anything custom or anything so I don’t know what was up with that. 
Ahmed family got to town just before maghrib, we sent them straight to Zinats house so they could dress and relax a bit before supper. Before maghrib all my family started to arrive all dressed up and looking lovely and pretty and Ahmeds family came after maghrib to the house. 
His mum was not too happy seeing him at my house before them. She slyly made a comment to him about it. We all set down for supper, my mum had a separate table for Ahmed and I, she told me earlier that amongst all the people we probably wouldn’t get to speak to each other, so sweet of her. 
After supper we cleaned up and everyone sat around making jokes and playing games while we waited for Esha azaan. We were only starting our entertainment after Esha. My mum, my sister, some of my cousins and aunts helped in the house with setting biscuit plates and getting things ready for the function. 
After Esha we all gathered in the tent, there was a music band as well as some games my cousins came up with. Luckily Ahmed and I didn’t have to partake we were the judges. They played games like antakshari,passing the parcel, musical chairs and some other games. 
They divided the teams in two,the boys side and girls side, so it was fun to see them trying to beat each other. We had some chaachi aunties that’s were pulling their faces at every game and didn’t want to join in bug I guess you get them at every function. Then the band played some music and everyone enjoyed that. 
People were shouting out their requests and dancing about. The kids enjoyed the musical chairs and dancing more then anyone else. I got to meet a lot of Ahmeds extended family, his father’s brothers, their wives and children, his mother’s brothers and sisters and their wives and husband and children. 
There were still a lot of people to meet, Ahmed said that some of his mother’s and father’s cousins and some of his close cousins and friends were only coming on Saturday. I was exhausted by the end of the night. Everyone left after midnight. I was totally finished,after everyone left I didn’t sit up with the cuzzies and catch up. 
I changed and went straight to bed, I had a early morning and another hectic day ahead. My mum came to wake me up for fajr,she knows when I go late to bed I find it very difficult to get up. After fajr I sat with my dadi for a little while and then slowly everyone came downstairs for breakfast. 
I had an appointment with the beautician and also wanted to do a facial so I would look fresh on my face although I didn’t feel so fresh. My brother drove me around wherever I needed to go. Ahmed called to check where they can ho have lunch, Zinat did offer my mum to make for them lunch but my mum said she would send for them.  
Ahmed was glad that my parents were taking care of all his families needs. I finished all my work and was home before Zohr, my dadi was very strict she said I should be back before Zohr and that I couldn’t step out of the house after that until the engagement. I don’t know why, I never asked her why whenever she told me things. 
My parents would always says they never asked why because if they did they would get a shouting, so we never asked as well. Anyways I spent the rest of the day relaxing, everyone hot together and did the work and I enjoyed watching them. 🙂
The engagement was only in the evening so by Asr I was bored. I started playing with the smallies. My niece Faeeza was crying since lunch because her father told her I’m getting married and leaving them. She was so emotional that every time someone mentioned it she would cry until I told her they lying to her. 

2 thoughts on “PART SIXTY ONE

  1. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    I strarted reading ur blog on Saturday,and finished today.
    Wat C∕̴Ɩ lovely blog. Can’t wait for the next post….
    Keep up the good work! 🙂


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