I sat there literally in tears and Ahmed just walked out, got into his car and drove off. There was complete silence and then it hit me, could I be wrong? Was I too harsh? Am I to be blamed? Does someone really take alone time before their own engagement. 
Was I unsure of something I was so sure about before, am I having second thoughts. I needed to speak to someone who had a rational mind and wouldn’t only take my part so I called Sameer. He is the only rational person I know, who doesn’t only see one side.
I told Sameer everything that had happened from Friday, he already knew about Ahmeds sisters, then I told him what I decided to do and asked him whether I was wrong. So according to Sameer, I am a soft person so these things would worry me but what would I do when problems like this will come up once I’m engaged or married. 
In a way he was right but do I stand for it now or do I do something about it. Sameer also mentioned that I was not wrong in wanting alone time but the manner in which I did inform Ahmed was wrong. So what I’m getting from Sameers answer is that I’m wrong and right and Ahmed is wrong and right. 
Once I put the phone down I called Ahmed and told him to come see me. I felt so bad that I treated Ahmed badly for something his sisters did. I was doing to him what his sisters did to me and it was not fair on him. When he came I first apologized and he just smiled. 
Then he went on his knees and apologized for how he reacted and for his sisters behavior, he also apologized for not telling me the truth about why he was coming to Jo’burg. We spent few hours together and then I told him I still want my space for the next three days. 
At first he wasn’t too happy but then I asked him if he was going to go home and come with his family to our engagement or if he was coming from Jo’burg,He said he is going from Jo’burg  and then returning after the engagement so I suggested we go together in one car instead of taking both our cars. He was pleased with my idea, it made up for not meeting for three days.
I didn’t have to rush this morning because I was not going to the office, I had to go to our clients offices and we had a 10am appointment so I took it easy. I woke up a bit late and then lazed around before I got ready for work. I even managed to bake a chocolate cake for Safiah. 
Safiah was having a small get together in the evening just for her close friends, she is getting engaged next Friday and married that same Sunday. After I told her that my engagement was for the weekend she chose to get married she moved her date by one week. I didn’t even ask her to but I felt a bit bad. 
She said she didn’t mind it’s just a week. Anyways I finished off quite late with our clients so after work I went to a nearby restaurant for supper, It was weird but nice also to have supper alone in a restaurant. Lucky I didn’t know anyone there otherwise I would of been laughed at. 
I rushed back home after supper and got dressed for Safiahs little get together. I don’t really know any of her friends and she doesn’t have many friends from the complex. I was hoping it wouldn’t be some boring party. I wasn’t really in a mood to be around a lot of people but I couldn’t not attend her party. 
It was a really small get together, I expected move people but we were only six of us including Safiah. I was actually shocked when I asked her if more people were coming she said “no these are the only friends I have, I’m not really good at making friends.” I’ve never realized that it’s difficult for some people to make friends. 
It’s always come so easy for me. Maybe because my family is so loud and outspoken it’s easier for me because I’ve picked up their habits. Safiah’s parents are quiet very shy and quiet, soft spoken  people, even if her mum or dad screams they won’t be heard. 
The party finished off quite early, it was a weekday and people had work the next day and it was a bit boring. No offense but it was more like a sad get together. If I knew before I would of planned something else more appropriate for the crowd, like a peaceful supper at a restaurant or a fun day during the weekend just her few friend going out for a fun, bowling, putt putt, table tennis, ice skating…
Tomorrow I’ve taken off and plan on spending my day pampering myself, I’m going to shop to my hearts content and I’ve also booked a spa treatment and made an appointment with my beautician and hairdresser. I don’t plan on rushing and I want to sleep till late, I need some quality sleep. 
I decided to switch in my phone and check with my mum if all the preparations were going well and if they needed anything. She gave me a list of a few things she wanted me to bring for her and my dadi wanted something from one Aunty in Mayfair. 
I then called Ahmed just to check if he was okay, he was happy to hear my voice but said he wasn’t okay. He said he doesn’t like that we so near to each other yet we can’t meet, we like to strangers in the one town. He so much wants to come over, he kept begging me but I told him no. I didn’t speak for long because I would be breaking my own rules. 
After my calls were done I switched my phone off again and went to bed. I was so exhausted and I had a headache to fit the world map. I took meds and went straight to bed. I kept tossing and turning because my head was so sore. I didn’t know whether to ignore it or go and have it checked at ER24. 
I decided that if in a few hours it didn’t go away I would go. Finally I fell asleep and woke up at 10 the next morning. If felt good to have a good night’s sleep. My headache was gone and I felt so much better. I had a shower got dressed and went out for breakfast at Isabella’s. 
Then I went to my beautician and then I went into Mayfair to pick up my dadis parcel. After that I went to do my mom’s shopping at the oriental plaza and finally I was done with doing things for everyone and I could enjoy the rest of my day. I went to a few shops in fordsburg and then I headed to Sandton for my shopping. 
I spend a good few hours walking around, checking around and shopping. Then I went to the spa for my pampering. I had a full body massage. It was so relaxing although I know my body will be a bit sore after a while but after that I will feel like a princess.
After I finish pampering myself I went home and called Ahmed over for supper, I ordered take aways for us, while waiting for him I packed my bags and got all my things ready for our trip home. I packed everything in my car and told Ahmed to bring his bag one time so that he didn’t have to bring it in the morning. 

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