I called Ahmed immediately and apologized about forgetting to call him. I didn’t tell him I know his sisters were here to see me. He didn’t mention anything also, I asked him a few times if he had something urgent to tell me and I didn’t call back but he said no he just wanted to speak to me. 
He kept asking what I did and what I was doing the rest of the day. He probably thought I was lying to him. I wasn’t going to spoil my day so I left it at that. Then I went to shower and changed for the braai, I asked Sakina to fetch me. 
While I was waiting for Sakina, Zinat called, she was checking on how I was doing, she knows I worry quickly and small matters worry me. She was so surprised that I was not worried about the incident with Ahmeds sisters. I decided that I wouldn’t let them bother me because that is what they probably want. 
We finally got to the braai, it was so nice to see some of the ladies, we got a chance to get to know the ladies more and it is always nice making new friends. On my home from the braai I received a message from Imraan, Rizwana was not well and they were taking her to hospital. 
I asked Sakina to drop me off at the hospital, when we got to the hospital they had already admitted Rizwana. Aunty Rubina was crying non stop and Farzeen was trying to calm her down. Uncle Abdullah was sorting out the paper work and Imraan was sitting with Rizwana while they waited for the blood test results. 
We waited for an hour until we got the rest results back and fortunately it was nothing serious, they admitted Rizwana to keep her under observation and said she would be discharged the next day. We were all relieved, we got home just before midnight. 
Next morning I went to check if Aunty Rubina was okay. They were getting ready to go to the hospital, I told her I would prepare lunch for them,she shouldn’t worry. After breakfast I got to work on lunch. I made chicken biryani and sojee. Uncle Abdullah loves the sojee I make. I made chicken soup with croutons and I made baked fish with spinach and butternut. for Rizwana.
Ahmed called to let me know his sister were leaving Jo’burg and they wanted to meet me if I wasn’t busy so I called them and asked them to come over. When I went to Lenasia for lunch on Saturday I bought gifts for them. Although they made a fuss over nothing I didn’t want to make them feel like I was a cruel person. 
Aunty Rubina and them came back from the hospital and soon after them Kausar and Sumaya came in. They acted so sweet and like nothing happened, so innocently they answered Aunty Rubina and Uncle Abdullah. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes, they such drama queens.
Anyways when they left I set the tables and we had lunch. Ahmed called after lunch to say I should get his apartment cleaned he was coming to Jo’burg for a court case. I was a bit worried, what court case? He didn’t want to say what it was about. I felt a bit disheartened, he could of just told me instead he got angry at me. 
I’m so stressed out and people in my life are not making it any easy for me. I can’t deal with all this drama and stress, I want some peace and quiet. I think when Ahmed is around I won’t meet him and I will try to just focus these next few days on work and my friends. 
I have just four days at work until I’m off again for my engagement. I need some alone time and some space. In the evening I called Ahmeds assistant and told her what he wanted and I asked her to tell him that I will be out of reach for the next few days so we won’t meet and my cellphone would be off. 
I called my family and told them that if anything important happens or urgent messages can be given to Aunty Rubina and she will tell me. I sat on my bed and watched comedy movies until bedtime. It was so relaxing, laughing and enjoying myself. It felt so good not stressing or worrying about anything or anyone. I switched off my phone and went to bed.
At the office I was so relaxed, my meeting finished early, I had my office cellphone still on so I used that while I was in the road. I had to visit two clients today and I really enjoyed my visits. It was such a lovely feeling meeting new people getting out of the office and seeing how others work. 
When I got home I found Ahmed waiting outside my house. I was a bit upset because I had informed his assistant that I wasn’t meeting anyone for a week. Why can’t he just give me few days alone, I’m not the one who decided I wasn’t coming back to Jo’burg after returning from Australia, I wasn’t the one who said ” I’ll meet u now only at our enggement.”
I got out of my car and made like I didn’t notice him sitting in his car, I went straight into the house and closed the door. He got out of his car and knocked on my door like he didn’t have a key, not like I locked the door. I was in my room and shouted out ” come in.” Ahmed came in and sat in the lounge like a real visitor, I was surprised.
I asked him how he was and if he wanted anything to eat or drink but he said he was okay. Then I asked him why he came over, did he not get the message from his assistant. He just ignored my questions and said ” I’m looking for my Saajidah, she lives here but I don’t see her. ” Huh? I was so confused, what was he getting at. 
Before I could say anything he stood up and took off with me. ” What do you think of yourself, I have come from so far just to see you and you say you don’t want to meet me, you switch off your cellphone, tell your family also not to contact and no reason given why.” I sat there and just listened, I promised myself that I was not going to upset myself. 
Then when he was done asking all his questions and making his own opinions about me, I calmly said ” Why would you care? I wanted a few days away from the people who were adding stress to my life and I’m entitled to that, you just listen to your sisters and believe them and I’m left to apologize for something that wasn’t my fault. Then they come in front of me like nothing happened.”
“So you taking it out on me, how am I to be blamed just because I listened to what my sisters said, so this is why you upset and don’t want to meet me or talk to me, do you even realize that we re getting engaged in a weeks time,” Ahmed replied. 
I kept quiet for a while and then I sat down and said ” don’t you think I realize that. Why do you think I need this space, I’m so stressed that I need alone time, I felt so much pressure just by you and your sisters that I was not happy to even wake up because all I could think off was how your sisters played me and then to make things worst you tell me you coming to town and you coming for a court case but won’t say what court case. “



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