This morning I had a few meetings to attend to and then after jummah I was meeting Kausar and Sumaya for shopping. They wanted to get done by Saturday so they could return home. I was hoping Ahmed would come with them to Jo’burg but he didn’t come. I was disappointed but what can I do.
We went to Sandton to do some shopping and then we went to fordsburg to do the rest, we had supper in fordsburg and then I dropped them off at Ahmeds apartment and went home. I was glad we finished all the shopping in one day. I couldn’t manage another day of shopping. 
Also a few more hours with Kausar and Sumaya, I would probably gone insane. Don’t get me wrong I like them but sometimes they can get a bit too much to handle especially since they got a lot of growing up to do. Kausar is 18 and in university but is still very childish and Sumaya is 17 but acts like a 12 year old. 
I don’t know how I’m going to handle them once I’m married. I hope Ahmed decides that we can stay in Jo’burg, I’m so use to Jo’burg now and to move again, I know it’s not how things are done in both our families and that the daughter-in-law has to stay with her inlaws and take care of the house but I really don’t want to be my sister. 
Farzeen and Imraan came over to see how shopping with the future sister in laws went. I was actually surprised at how Kausar and Sumaya went on for the guys in fordsburg. I never really spent much time with any of Ahmeds family so this was the first time I got to see how they really are.
Imraan, Farzeen and I sat and laughed at all the things that Kausar and Sumaya did and how they carried on for things and people, then Ahmed called so Imraan and Farzeen left. He wanted to know how my shopping with his sisters went, I didn’t tell him all the childish and silky things they did, I just told him it was great. I had fun. 
Afterwards he told me he called them before calling me and they said I wasn’t looking too happy to be spending time with them and that it seemed like I preferred to be elsewhere. They also said I took them to fordsburg and that I was fussing over everything they did like I was embarrassed to be with them in fordsburg. 
I was shocked, like OMG!!! I was being nice, I didn’t even have to go with them but I went. I was still being good to them, yes after a few shops I felt like I was in the way so I went in my own and told them to call me when they were done but that was only in Sandton. In fordsburg I was with them all the time and I didn’t even complain or fuss over how long they where taking or how they were acting. 
I didn’t say anything to Ahmed, although I wasn’t at fault I apologized and told him I didn’t mean to be like that, I will call his sisters and apologize. I told him to call me after few minutes because I wanted to call his sisters immediately and apologize.  
I could not believe my ears, I didn’t even spend a whole day with them and I’m not even married to their brother and already I’m the villain. Anyways I called them and apologized, I didn’t give any excuses or make much conversation. They just said it was okay, they didn’t even have the decency to say they read things wrong and it was a misunderstanding.  
I didn’t want to make a big issue out of this because I am getting married in their family and I don’t want things to start on a bad note. I messaged Ahmed and told him he could call me. He asked what happened, he said he was stressing that things would get out of hand. 
I told him not to worry, I apologized and left it at that. I didn’t want to make his sisters look bad to him so I didn’t tell him that they were lying and how they behaved in front of strange men. I was ashamed to be in their company. I guess they didn’t want me to tell him how they behaved so they put the blame on me. 
I was upset but I didn’t want it to come between Ahmed and I. I feel they are hating on me because of the action their brother is taking in his ex, apparently they very close to her and they adore her, so to no surprise they would take her side and I’m just and outsider so why would they like me. 
Although it’s not even my fault that their brother is taking action against their friend. I guess I have to take some blame because I came into his life. After my chat with Ahmed, I called Zinat and told her what happened. She would know what to do and if I did the right thing and if she didn’t know Sameer would definitely give me good advice.
Zinat said I should of told Ahmed the truth and Sameer said I did the right thing by not complaining to Ahmed but he feels I shouldn’t of apologized to Ahmeds sisters because now they will think they can complain to the brother and I will just keep apologizing. I get his point but I will let it go this time, next time I will not be so polite. 
Zinat was more upset than me. She said she would of told my sister in laws to go to hell and would of made a big issue about them lying and how they behaved. That’s how Zinat is, she wont let anyone walk over her and is very straight forward, I’m more timid and will rather take the blame on myself instead of spying someone out.
I asked Zinat and Sameer not to tell anyone because if my family found out they will be problems. My mum would never keep quiet and things would get from bad to worst. I had to deal with this one on my own. It’s just one week until the engagement and I don’t want any commotion.
Anyways in the morning I phoned Kausar to see if they were okay and if they needed anything. She said they were fine and had made arrangements with the driver to take them around. I didn’t bother to offer to be their driver because I didn’t want anymore problems.  
I have a lunch date with Sakina and Safiah so I just chilled for the morning. I got a call from Hasina, one of the ladies j met at the weekly get together, she was having a braai at her house in the evening and was inviting all her new friends. Sakina was also invited so I decided I would go.
I made a pasta salad and a oreo dessert for the braai. Then I went to lunch with Sakina and Safiah, we went to Lenasia trade route mall, we shopped a bit and then we went for lunch. It was nice being in a Indian town, where I stay we only 7 muslim families and the rest are whites and Africans. 
While I was having lunch I got a call from Ahmed. I told him I’m having lunch and would call him back, after I finish eat I forgot that I had to call Ahmed and continued enjoying my afternoon with Sakina and Safiah. I got home just before Asr, I unpacked the car and then read my Asr. 
After Asr Farzeen and Rizwana came over to see all the goodies I bought. Then Farzeen tells me that there were two girls that came to see me but the guard didn’t let them in because he didn’t know them and I wasn’t at home. He just told Farzeen to tell me I had visitors. 
I started panicking because I knew who it was and them I remembered I had to call Ahmed. Maybe he called because his sisters were waiting outside the complex. 

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