Hi to all our readers. We apologize for not posting for a while due to family responsibilities it was not possible to post. Here is a recap of our story. 

First a recap on our main characters
Lead character – Saajidah

Parents Mother –  Ayesha
                   Father – Muhammed
Siblings –  Sister Faheema( husband- Shuaib, kids- Faeez & Faeeza(7yrs twins), Moinudeen 5yrs, Sabiha 2yrs)
            –  brother Yaseen (girlfriend – Raeesa)
                           Ziyaad (hafiz)
Best friend – Zinat ( husband Sameer, mother- Farida, father – Rashid, Brother – Jameel, cousin Muneer.
Saajidahs Future husband and family 
Husband – Ahmed. ( mother -Shenaaz, Father – Ashraf, Sisters – Sumaya ( dietician), Kausar ( gr 12)).
Saajidahs father’s cousin from jo’burg
Cousin – Abdullah (wife- Rubina, son-imraan, Daughters Farzeen, rizwana)
Saajidahs friend Zinat gets married and has a very lavish wedding, there they meet her cousins friend Asad, who takes an interest in Saajidah. Saajidah doesn’t give him too much attention. After the wedding they return home and Asad tries to stay in touch with Saajidah. 
Saajidahs sister Faheema comes to visit them for the school holidays, after the holidays were over my brother in law Shuaib came to fetch them. He told Saajidahs father he found Saajidah a suitable boy and his name was Ridhwaan.  
So now there were two boys interested in Saajidah but at the end of it she didn’t approve of any of them because they became childish in a competition to win her over and she didn’t like the idea that they were treating her like a prize. 
After all that Saajidah has to go away for few days for work, her client Mr Khan and his family take very good care of Saajidah and his family takes a liking towards her but doesn’t say anything, she goes back home. 
Then they attend a functions at her mother’s brothers house and things don’t go so well there, her mother tries to hook her up with another guy and Saajidah gets upset with her mother, they get home and things are tensed. 
In all that tension Saajidah gets a offer at work to head the companies firm in Johannesburg. Saajidah accepts but her mum is not too happy. Saajidah moves to Jo’burg in a security complex next to her father’s cousin. 
There she lives alone and makes friends in the complex and some of her cousins friends become her friends. They go out for meals or coffee and even have get togethers.  
Mr khan(Ahmed) our client comes to our Jo’burg branch and Saajidah and Mr Khan meet up for supper, then things get to change. Saajidah and Mr Khan confess their feelings for each other and then tell their parents. They arrange a meeting with both families. 
In their relationship there is a lot if ups. Nd downs but then Ahmeds Ex tries to come between them and break them up but doesn’t succeed. Ahmed decides to get engaged, he feels it would prevent people from making problems for him and Saajidah. ..

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