I spent the rest of the day with my parents, we went out for lunch then we went to the farmers market, when we got home we sat and watched all the old home videos. Only when you watch old videos do you realize all the silly things you did as a child. 
After supper my brothers and I went out with Zinat and Sameer. We went to watch a movie and then we went for bowling. I really enjoyed my weekend, sad though it was coming to an end and I was leaving in the morning but I was coming back after two weeks.
This morning I woke up and got ready to leave after breakfast. I was not too eager to get back to Jo’burg, it was not going to be the same. Ahmed was not coming to Jo’burg and non of my family members either but I had to get back for work. 
At least I have uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina and their family so it’s not so bad. When I got home they were so excited to have me back. Imraan said it was so weird having the door next door closed for such a long time. They not use to it. 
Safiah phoned me, she said she saw me coming in, she wanted to talk to me and asked if she could come over. I made coffee for us while I waited for her to come. Safiah didn’t come alone, she came with Reeza, I thought he left already for Cape Town.
Safiah and Reeza wanted to invite me to their engagement and wedding. They were getting engaged on Friday night and the wedding was set for Sunday afternoon. I was happy for them but shocked as well, so quickly they doing everything. 
Safiah said that Reezas parents want to have it like this and they don’t want to wait between engagement and wedding. If you look at it, it’s the right way. I was going to do my shopping so I offered to take her around as well. It was difficult for her since she can’t drive and doesn’t have a car. 
I told her that I was getting engaged in two weeks time but our wedding date hasn’t been set as yet. This is so exciting, engagements and weddings have a different kind of excitement. The joy of the families and the two people who decide to get married. 
The atmosphere at the wedding house and the fun and also the mischief that brings the excitement to the functions. Having all the family gathered at one house making the bride or groom feel special, All the attention they get. 
Reeza left to go to the hotel, it was getting late and it’s not safe to travel so late. Safiah and I sat and spoke till midnight. She was so excited, I was happy that she finally found someone who appreciates her. 
The next day I went with Safiah to do all her shopping and got some of my shopping done. I couldn’t buy jewelry or anything else because in Ahmeds family it’s tradition for the boys side to buy the girls engagement and wedding outfit.
So I had to wait until Kausar and Sumaya came to take me shopping. They were going to be here the weekend so I didn’t have to wait long. I got all my shopping done, Safiah had a few places she still wanted to go to so we first went for lunch and then I took her to do the rest of her shopping.  
I was so tired when I got home, I just put all the packets in the room and went straight onto my bed. I needed a nap before I could do anything. I fell asleep and only woke up when Ahmed called me which was 2 hours after. He was happy that my shopping was getting done. 
He also mentioned that he was sorting things out regarding the letters and photos. He said he now has the police involved and he was not hoping to stop until his ex stops. His mother doesn’t want him to involve the police because it’s her best friends daughter but he said he doesn’t want her to harm us. 
I was so hungry I told Ahmed to hang up and call me after 30 minutes. It was pass supper time so I just made me a toasted sandwich and a cup of coffee. I’ve never shopped so much before that I got so tired. I can’t imagine what I’m going to go through the weekend. 
After I ate I messaged Ahmed and he called me. It was strange not having him around, although it was just for few weeks but I got use to meeting everyday. When I’m at work I don’t really worry for lunch so I don’t feel it much then but for supper I feel Ahmeds absence. 
Afterwards I decided to watch some tv to get rid of my boredom. When my brother was around I had some noise in the house, now it’s so quiet I sometimes just put the tv on to have that noise even if I’m not watching. 
Before going to bed Sakina called to check if I was still going to go with her to the weekly community get together. I was excited about it, I really needed to make new friend especially ones that that live in the same area as I do. At least I can have people to do things with.
Anyways I spent the next few days in a routine, it was work, gym, home but I was getting annoyed by Wednesday. Well I was going to the get together today so I was excited. Imraan and Farzeen came with Sakina and I to the community get together. 
It was fun, we first got to know each other, they had a 15 minutes chat session where you walk around and make friends, I got to know a lot of women in the community. All were not far from me, some were younger, some older and some same age as me. 
I decided to sign up for one of the Islamic games they were playing, I didn’t know what it was about but there is nothing better then trying and I was keen on learning something new. I was excited but skeptical about this get together but I really enjoyed myself. 
I met a lot of people and made new friends. I will definitely be going for more of these get togethers. The great part is you choose whether you want to only make friends with females or males or if you don’t mind making friends with both. I prefer making friends only with females.
After we got home I got into the shower and then went straight to bed. I was too tired to message Ahmed or even talk to him, I would of probably fallen asleep while talking to him. 



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