I couldn’t sleep the whole night, I was too excited to go back home. We left after breakfast and we reached around lunch time. I made my Zohr, off loaded the car and then spend the rest of the day with my mum. All my mum spoke about was the engagement. 
My mum had already booked the hall, spoke to the caterers, printers and cook. All I had to do is choose the colour scheme and engagement cards, shop for a few things, the rest was taken care off. My mum even took care of accommodation for all the guests who were from far. 
I told my mum I don’t want anything grand, I want both engagement and wedding simple and as small as possible. We rather save the money and use it where it’s needed. My parents wanted everything grand like Faheema’s wedding.
After supper I went to my uncles house to see my dadi, I asked my dadi to come spend a few days with me at our house. I missed visiting dadi everyday after work. I told my mum to let Zinat help her with the engagement and all the preparations because I will only becoming a day before the engagement. 
I haven’t spoken to Ahmed in two days. I’ve been busy the weekend and I was feeling guilty for doubting him but I had to speak to him now or later, I don’t want to hide the fact that I sent those photos for checking but I am afraid because I’m not sure how will Ahmed react. 
I spoke to Faheema about it and she suggested I tell him the truth, she said it’s better for him to know from me then from someone else and I should tell him that at that time I was confused and didn’t know what else to do. 
I tried calling Ahmed but he didn’t answer my calls. I then messaged him and told him everything. I waited for a reply or at least a call from him but he didn’t call or message. I started to panic what if he was upset after knowing the truth. 
He usually calls after seeing so many miss calls. I called Kausar to see if they had any contact with him but I asked her not to tell the family, they will get worried and it could be that his just busy. She said they spoke to him via Skype about two hours ago. 
I asked Kausar to message him and tell him I’ve been trying to get hold of him and maybe my messages are not going through to him. So why didn’t he call me or reply to my message. Did I make a mistake by telling him the truth. Is this the silence before the storm? 
I sat in my room waiting for a message or a call but there was nothing, I fell asleep waiting for a response from him. I woke up a few hours later upon hearing Fajr Azaan. The first thing I did was check if there were any calls or messages but there were none. 
I read my salaah and then went downstairs. I kept thinking things are over, all the preparations for the engagement were for nothing, our parents are so excited, how will they react. I couldn’t stop stressing, what was happening. 
Has this girl succeeded in her efforts to separate us? Is Ahmed ever going to forgive me? What are our parents going to do? How will my family take this news? I tried calling Ahmed again but still no answer. Now I was panicking, why was he not answering? He spoke to his family so why not me? 
My mum came down to make breakfast, I helped her and soon my dad and brothers came down. They all left for work, it was just me and my mum. We had breakfast and then my mum said we had an appointment with the caterers and we had to choose fabrics and dishes.  
I couldn’t tell my mum that there might not be an engagement, I had to go with her. We went to the caterers first, I choose my colour scheme, I chose colours that didn’t match, my mum was not happy at all then she decided on purple, silver and white, then tables and chairs I just told them anything, cutlery and dishes I left to my mum.
We then went to the printers. I had to choose a design and tell them what I wanted to be on the card. I was so confused and worried about Ahmed, I couldn’t concentrate, I told them to choose any card and write what they wanted, the uncle just looked at me like I was mad. 
My mum told them she would call them and then we left. We had other things to do but my mum noticed something was bothering me so she drove straight home. I didn’t even realize that we were home. I asked my mum why she came home when we still had so much to do. 
“Your mind is not with you, so we will do everything when your mind is with you” she said. I felt bad but I really was not in control of this situation and I couldn’t tell anyone anything. 
Kausar sent me a message to say she told Ahmed to contact me because my calls and messages were not going through, she asked if he had called because he called them in the morning to say that he was taking a flight back and he would be in South Africa by Thursday morning. 
I had to meet him, I decided that I would fetch him from the airport. I told Kausar and asked her not to tell him. Ahmed arranged with his assistant to have a driver fetch him from the airport, I made her cancel that and told her not to tell Ahmed. 
I have to make things right. Since I knew Ahmed was coming back and I would see him soon I called the printers and told them which design I wanted and also emailed them what I wanted on the card. I called the caterers and I told them what tables and chairs I wanted. 
I took my mum for lunch and then we went to do whatever shopping we needed to do. I made sure I sorted out everything before I left. I had to leave tomorrow so I could be in Jo’burg to fetch Ahmed from the airport. 
I went to see Zinat and told her to please help my mum with all the preparations and I also told her what happen between Ahmed and I and that I needed to sort it out. I asked her to tell my parents she needs to go Jo’burg for something and I asked Sameer if I could take Zinat with me. 
Zinat and Sameer agreed, Zinat said she would say she needs to see a doctor in Jo’burg. I can’t tell my parents I messed up. I have to tell this lie, although I hate lies, I have to sort out this before telling anyone in both my family and Ahmeds family anything. 
I got home and told my mum that Zinat had a doctors appointment on Thursday and I had to leave on Wednesday. My mum asked why can’t Sameer take her, I told her that he had work and his boss didn’t want to give him off. 
For the first time I have lied to my parents, I felt bad telling these lies but I had to in order to save my relationship with Ahmed and I had to do it without anyone knowing. I couldn’t allow a third person between us or to take advantage of the situation. 



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