I can’t wait for the weekend, just one more day and the weekend will be here. I have many reasons to look forward to the weekend but the most important is the outcome of the photos, Imraan said they would be ready by Saturday morning.
I phoned my mum and told her I will be coming home for a week. I know she is already planning all the things we can do in that week. My mum would probably want to get things for the engagement. Next weekend Kausar and Sumaya are coming to Jo’burg to do shopping for the engagement. 
This morning I got a call from Imraan saying the results for the photo’s are out and he wants to see me. It was just after Fajr that he called and being a Saturday and I don’t have work so I planned on sleeping till atleast 9am but I was too anxious to know what the results were. 
I got up,took a shower, got ready and had breakfast. Imraan came over and as usual was testing my patience, he kept talking about other things instead of telling me what happened. Then he tells me ” you can be at ease those photos were photo shopped.” 
I was relieved but I was feeling guilty that I actually, even if it was for just once but I sent those photos for checking and that means I doubted Ahmed. I was annoyed at myself and angry at his ex. She has no other work then to make my life miserable. 
Zinat was on her way to Jo’burg, I was so excited, the last we met was when Ahmed and his family came over to meet my family. That was a month ago, we had so much to catch up on. I know first she will tell me all about the town people. 
While waiting for Zinat and Sameer I decided to do some baking. We planned to go out for lunch so I didn’t have to cook. I baked all Zinats favourites and some of Sameers. When they arrived we left for lunch, we went to a place Imraan suggested called Khashif’s. The food was delicious and the service was very good. 
After lunch we went to Sandton for shopping. If Zinat could help it she would of spent her whole day in Sandton but Sameer hates shopping so we didn’t stay long, she got just what she needed. When we got home Zinat made tea and we sat and caught up on all our stories. 
Imraan and Sameer sat in the lounge playing games. Zinat and Sameer actually only planned to spent lunch with me and then they were suppose to go visit all their family in Jo’burg but they decided to stay by me. I told them to stay over by me. 
They actually came to attend a wedding, one of Sameers friends was getting married. His friend organised accommodation for all those from out of town but apparently they double booked some rooms and so some people had to last minute find other accommodation.
Farzeen and Rizwana were excited that Zinat and Sameer were around. Farzeen liked Zinat a lot after they met when we went home for the weekend. After Asr Sameer and Zinat got ready for the wedding. Zinat was panicking because she knew no one at the wedding. 
She is so friendly she will make friends with someone there, she stresses for nothing. Once they left, Imraan, Farzeen, Rizwana and I went out for supper, we first went to fetch Sakina. Imraan took us to one of his friends restaurants. 
After supper we went to the Zone, then we went back into fordsburg to meet some of Imraans friends. Imraan said he would catch a lift with one of his friends we could go home. We dropped Sakina off at her house and then went home.  
When I got home, Zinat and Sameer were already there. I didn’t expect them to be back so early. Zinat said that the wedding was so boring, they went from the boys side and the people not even the boys parents noticed that any of his friends came or gave them any attention. 
They were seated in one corner behind a walk where they couldn’t even see the stage and they were told no photos for his friends. What was that, then why invite people over if you going to treat them bad. 
The groom saw his friends trying to come on stage to greet them but he didn’t say anything. I found it very strange, Sameer didn’t even say anything, he was so upset, they came all the way to be treated like they didn’t even exist.
Sameers phone kept ringing all his friends were calling, they wanted to meet. I told him they could meet at my house this way they could discuss what they wanted and didn’t have to worry about disturbances or anyone seeing them. 
We all went to bed, I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing and turning, I felt very restless. I messaged Ahmed to see if he was awake but he didn’t reply. I didn’t tell him that I had sent the photos in for checking so I was worried how he would react when he found out.
The next morning Zinat and I made breakfast and then prepared for lunch, all Sameers friends that attended the wedding were coming over for lunch. Imraan helped me organise tables and chairs for lunch. 
It’s the first time I will be entertaining so many guests at one time and I was glad my mum filled my house with everything I needed. I always complained that I was only living in Jo’burg for work so why world I need all this extra dishes and table clothes and cutlery. 
Sameers friends all came few minutes before Zohr, they went to the jamaat khana in the complex for Zohr. Afterwards we had lunch and then I left and went to Aunty rubina’s. I didn’t want to be in the way and they might not want to discuss their personal matters with someone they don’t know.
While they were busy in the meeting I made tea at Aunty Rubina’s house, after tea they all left. I am going home tomorrow so Zinat and Sameer decided to stay one more night and we all could leave together in the morning.
I packed my bags and packed all the things I bought for my engagement. I am ready to take a break and spend some time with my family, I am excited to see all the things my mum has done and has planned. 

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