Imraan said I should wait till the weekend he would sort everything out by then. it’s only three days until the weekend I have to pull myself together and be strong and confident that things will be sorted by then. 
I didn’t feel like going to work but I had to. I had deadlines to meet and meetings to go to so there was no way I could skip work. I was at work but my mind was on the photos and the letter. I couldn’t ignore the photos even if this girl was not telling the truth. 
Imraan said he would get the photos checked but I don’t know how. He said he knew someone that could help. After work I went to see Sakina, Imraan said she was not well so I decided to pay her a visit and besides I haven’t seen her in a while. 
Sakina was telling me about this new place she had been to, it’s a get together for the muslin community that happens every Thursday. They play games and have Islamic lectures, Quraan classes, it’s separate male and female facilities. it’s something that was started to keep people off the streets and help people make friends. 
I would really like to go for one Thursday at least to see if it’s something I would like. I do need to do something other then my routine work, gym, home. So I made plans with Sakina to go next Thursday. I was excited about meeting new muslimahs and making new friends. 
For a while my mind was distracted so I didn’t think about my problems. I’m glad I went to visit Sakina. When I got home I told Imraan about this new place Sakina was talking about and he wanted to join in as well. I didn’t want to tell Farzeen and Rizwana to join us. 
It’s on a weekday and they still have school work to do. Maybe once they free like holidays and when they finish school. After supper I spoke to Ahmed for a little bit, I didn’t mention anything about his ex or anything related to that matter. I didn’t want to cause a drift between us without knowing anything. 
He did ask if I was okay after all the drama yesterday, he said that he was worried that I wouldn’t believe him and that I would end things between us. I did ask him what he wanted and he was silent for a few seconds then he said that he feels that I am doubting him. 
I changed the topic after that and tried to ignore him everytime he went back to that topic. Ahmed told his parents about the engagement and asked his sisters Kausar and Sumaya to come to Jo’burg and sort out the shopping. 
I offered to take them around as Farzeen took me to a lot of places and I knew where all the shops were. Ahmed also asked me to pick out an engagement ring for myself so that I get what I want and I’m happy with the ring. 
I was hoping he would do that but he is not around. I put the phone down and then I thought is there really going to be an engagement? I couldn’t wait any longer to know what the truth was. I was anxious and it made me scared. 
I decided I will still do all the preparations needed and hope for the best. I’m not doubting Ahmed, our bond is too strong to doubt him but with the interference of someone else things can go wrong and could end. 
I was stressing a lot so I called Zinat, she would definitely know what I can do. Zinat said the same thing Imraan said, Ahmeds ex is just looking to make trouble and Ahmed wouldn’t do something like this to me. Everyone was very confident in Ahmed. 
Zinat was coming to Jo’burg for the weekend and said she would visit me even if it is for a few minutes. I’m thinking of taking a week off from work and going home atleast I will keep busy and my mind will be at ease. 
After maghrib I read my salaah, had supper and went to Safiah’s house, she asked me to come over she had something important she wanted to speak to me about. She was very nervous when she saw me. 
Safiah said she had a secret she needed to get off her chest. I was sure it was the reason why she rejected that Cape Town guy, she must be want to tell me about a guy she is seeing.
She said she wanted to introduce me to someone, I asked her who was it and when does she want to go and meet this person. She then said he was in the house in the room. I was shocked, what is she up to. 
Then this guy comes out from the room, he greets me and she introduces us. He is the same guy she went to see with her parents in Cape Town. So what was he doing in Jo’burg and why were they meeting if she rejected him. 
Safiah said after I spoke to her she realized that it didn’t really matter what background he was from, it was more important who he is and that he has a strong imaan, morals and values. He respected his elders and was a loving and caring person.
So she contacted him, apologized for her mistake and they started speaking, he had to come to Jo’burg for a conference and so he decided to come and see Safiah. She has not told her parents as yet but I feel she should. 
They were the ones who took her to go meet this guy and they would be happy for her, she doesn’t have any worries because her parents already know him and accepted him. She was the one who needed to accept him and now that she has she should not hide from her parents. 
You never get anything by lying to your parents and hiding from them. I hope she tells her parents. So this guy’s name is Reeza, his family lived in Pretoria and he spent most of his life there, his mother’s family is Malay so that’s why he looks Malay, he is in Cape Town for a few years only.
They moved after his father passed away to be closer to his mother’s family. He has a good job and earns enough to live comfortably. He told Safiah that she didn’t have to even work after they get married, he would take care of her.
I was glad that they were together and I told them to inform their parents, it was only right for them to know and it would save them from committing sins and they would be able to get engaged and then married.  
I went home afterwards and I realized how lucky I was that my parents agreed and so did Ahmeds parents, I was lucky to find someone like Ahmed and most of all lucky that I was brought up in a environment where my parents were strict so before doing anything wrong I am reminded of how my parents would react. That is why we told our parents before we could go further in our relationship. 

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