This morning I received a call from my dad, he wanted to discuss the same thing that Ahmed discussed with him. Ahmed wants us to officially get engaged when he comes back from Australia. We hadn’t really gotten engaged, our families just met and agreed to us getting married. 
My dad said Ahmed was concerned about something which he shared with my dad but asked him not to tell me as I would worry about it. I think I know what it’s about but I’m not sure if I’m right.  
My dad said he will set the date for the weekend after Ahmed returns so we don’t have to wait long after he returns. My dad didn’t tell anyone in the family about it as yet, he first wanted to speak to me. I was happy that we were finally going to make things official but at the same time I was worried about the reason he gave my dad. 
What is so threatening that he decided to speak to my dad about us getting engaged and didn’t speak to me about it first. I didn’t know whether to ask him or not. I didn’t want to upset him but would I be able to deal with this on my own.
Ahmed messaged me while I was on lunch, he wanted to Skype, I didn’t want to because I didn’t know how to face him without showing him the worry I have. I told him to give me a few minutes I was not in my office. 
I tried to calm myself before speaking to him. Ahmed was so excited to speak to me and see me and so was I. It was only two days but we missed each other so much. I actually was in tears just hearing his voice. 
I did mention that my dad spoke to me about the engagement and he decided that the date will be set for the weekend after Ahmed returns. He was even more excited. I didn’t tell him that my dad told me why he discussed getting engaged all of a sudden. 
I didn’t ask him, I didn’t want to spoil it for him. He just told me that he wanted people to know and that we are going out and being seen together and he didn’t want people to talk bad about me so that’s why he asked my dad to set a date for the engagement.
I didn’t want to worry Ahmed for no reason especially since he was so far. I was not going to be the reason for his trip being spoilt. He was happy and I didn’t want to take away that also from him. I didn’t speak much and told him I had to get back to work. 
After work I went to the gym, I needed to do something that would distract my mind even if it’s for a little while. I met Imraan at the gym, we sat and spoke for an hour, totally lost in time. I told him about the engagement and why Ahmed decided all of a sudden to have one. 
Imraan is someone I can pour my heart out to and I know I will get sound advice and I don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what we spoke about. I needed to get things off my chest and I felt relieved when I did.
After gym I went home, jumped into the shower and got straight into bed, I didn’t feel like having supper. I heard a knock on the door, it was Farzeen, Imraan sent her over to see if I was okay. She forced me to go over to their place and have coffee. I wasn’t in the mood but she wouldn’t take a no. 
I put on an Abaya and went over. When I got back home I sat in bed and completed all my work that I brought home. I’m not going to work tomorrow so I planned a day of shopping, I needed to get a few things for myself and for the house. 
In the morning I got ready and left the house by 10am, I took Farzeen with me because I am still not familiar with the roads and shops. I went to Ameera’s in Fordsburg for Abayas. They have some lovely ones and not badly priced as well.
Farzeen took me to all the right shops, I got some nice things and I didn’t spend much. We had lunch at ocean basket and after lunch we went to Hanover bakery and got some tasty goodies.
We had to fetch Rizwana from school, Farzeen was free today she was not writing any papers and said she studied the weekend, Aunty Rubina didn’t mind her coming with me because she knew farzeen had studied and we were not going to be the whole day.
When I got home Aunty Rubina said there was a parcel delivered for me. I went home and opened the parcel, there were photos of Ahmed and some girl, she sent a letter with as well. In the letter she said that they are still seeing each other and that he has lied to me. He is not in Australia but he is with her. 
She mentions places they have been to together, times they have spent together, she also mentions that they have met each others families and are planning in getting married in a months time. She says she knows he asked my dad to have our engagement then also. 
She says he has no intention of being with me but he is only using me. I am so confused and shocked, I don’t know whether to believe my eyes or do I believe the man I love. Is she out to make trouble? Why should I believe her? who should I ask? What should I do? 
All these questions are going through my mind, I don’t know what to do. I want to meet this girl and see for myself who she is and what she wants. Why is she bent on ruining my life. What wrong have I done to her. 
I message Ahmed to tell him about the parcel I received, I took snapshots of the photos and letter and sent it to him. He immediately video called me. He said it’s all not true, he is being framed and this is what he was afraid of, that’s why he wanted us to get engaged and make things official. 
He knew his ex would do something like this. After my conversation with Ahmed I was still not satisfied. My heart wants to accept that he is honest but my mind is playing games with me. I kept picturing them together. 
How did this girl know where Ahmed was and that he spoke to my dad about us getting engaged. Who else did he tell, as far as I know only my parents and I know. He told me he didn’t tell his parents as yet. What if this girl is speaking the truth. 
I called Imraan and asked him to meet me after work. I think he can help me. I was shattered and in this state I won’t be rational, having someone by my side to guide me will help, someone I trust. I wait impatiently for Imraan to come home.
My mind wasn’t at ease no matter how hard I tried to keep myself busy, I was worried, confused and upset. I have never been so restless before. Imraan came home and I told him everything and showed him the letter and photos. 
He said he would sort it out. I didn’t know how he would do so but he assured me not to worry he would get to the bottom of this. Imraan was confident that this girl was out to make trouble and that Ahmed wouldn’t do anything like this to me. 

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