I woke up early this morning, my parents were coming to visit for the day. I asked Ahmeds cleaners to come help me since I was still feeling drowsy from all the medication. Aunty Rubina cooked lunch for us and Raeesa offered to make desserts. 
Ahmed thought it was a good idea to introduce Raeesa to my parents. They were coming and it would help if they got to know her on a casual meeting. I was a bit stressed, I didn’t know how my parents would react. My mum is more my worry then my dad but Ahmed said he would take care if everything. 
My parents arrived very early, my mum rushed in like she hasn’t seen me in ages. She was in her panic mode, it took a few minutes to settle her down. I messaged Ahmed to tell him my parents were here. Yaseen went to fetch Raeesa and my mum kept asking where he went so early in the morning. 
I didn’t know what to tell her so I needed Ahmed to come over as soon as possible. I’m on my nerves and my mum keeps asking all these questions, I try to avoid answering her and change the topic. I was hoping that Ahmed would come before Yaseen and Raeesa.
I saw Yaseen and Raeesa pull up at the front gates, I started to panic, I messaged Yaseen to wait until Ahmed comes. My mum would interrogate Raeesa and Yaseen and they wouldn’t be able to handle her and nor would I. Ahmed being around I know my mum won’t say much.
I send my mum to see Aunty Rubina so she doesn’t ask me too many questions. Ahmed, Yaseen and Raeesa finally come and I introduce Raeesa to my dad and explain everything to him while my mum was by Aunty Rubina so my dad can help us. 
I went to Aunty Rubina to call my mum, as we walked into the house my mum sees Raeesa, “Have you made a new friend Saajidah who is this pretty lady?” My mum asks. I went cold and didn’t know what to say. 
Ahmed stepped in and introduced Raeesa to my mum and told her who she was. My mum was not happy about the way my brother handled things but didn’t say much about Raeesa. I was relieved but at the back of my mind I still have that thought what if my mum was quiet then and the storm is still to come. 
My dad asked Raeesa a few questions about her family and my mum just asked her what she does, I’ve never seen my mum so quiet before. Anyways we had lunch and desserts and it was already time for my parents to leave. Ahmed wanted to discuss something with my dad so they went to my room before my parents could leave.
I wish they could stay longer but my dad had to open shop the next day and since Yaseen left back with my parents since his one week leave was up and he had to return to work. Ahmed and I went to leave Raeesa at home. We met her mother and Aunty. 
When we got back to my apartment I asked Ahmeds what discussion he had with my dad. He didn’t want to tell me, I was annoyed at him for not telling me but I tried not to show him. We went out for supper then Ahmed dropped me off at home and we said our goodbyes because Ahmed was leaving early the next morning for Australia, he had some business to see to. 
He was going for a month, I don’t know what I’m going to do for a month without him. I’ve gotten so use to having him around. I watched some tv and then went to bed. The next morning I sent Ahmed a message wishing him a safe journey. 
I got ready for work, my first day back after the accident. I had so much of pending work that I had to take some work home. I had to finish all my work before my boss comes. He was coming to Jo’burg on Friday. 
My mind was on Ahmed. I hope he is okay in that long flight. He can’t sit still and for so many hours, he also can’t sleep if there’s noise. He has to have complete silence to sleep, otherwise he wakes up after every sound. 
Safiah called to check how I was doing, we haven’t met in so many days and she went to Cape Town for the long weekend with her parents. She wanted to meet up so she invited me for supper.
I needed to get out so I accepted her invite. 
When I got home I made a quick dessert from one of the ready made mixes my mum brought for me. I changed my clothes and went over to Safiah’s house. Safiah made chicken tikka, butter chicken and roti. The food was delicious, I really enjoyed the company as well. 
Safiah told me about her holiday in Cape Town. Her parents actually suggested Cape Town because they wanted to introduce her to someone. They want her to get settled but she doesn’t want to marry a Malay. She says she has nothing against them but she prefers to marry a surti boy. 
Personally I think it shouldn’t matter but she feels if she marries a surti she won’t have a problem adjusting with him and his family and their ways because she is also surti. Her parents don’t mind her marrying from any caste.
She was so lucky her parents didn’t mind, it’s so difficult these days, a lot of parents are forcing their children to marry in their caste. At the end of the day it’s her choice. I thought maybe she had someone that’s why she was making excuses but she told me there isn’t anyone. 
Anyways I went home after supper and relaxed in front of the tv. It felt strange being alone after so many days. I have to get use to this now that Ahmed is also away. There was still a few hours before Ahmed would land in Australia. I was so restless, I couldn’t sleep. I knew he would only land at 2am but still I was worried.
I fell asleep while watching tv, Ahmed called me at 4am to let me know he reached and he was okay. He was tired so he was going to sleep for a few hours and then go to his first meeting. I was glad to hear his voice. He said he would call me all the time but I told him not to as it’s too costly. 
I told him to rather bbm or whatsapp me and only call when it’s urgent. He said he wanted to Skype, he wanted to see me even if it was just once. I asked him to message me when he wanted to Skype. 
I was just relieved that he reached safely and he was okay. It’s so difficult in another country when you don’t have family and have to be there for long. Although he will be working most of the time but still the worry for family back home never stops. 





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