After supper Raeesa and I cleared up and Ahmed and I did the dishes while Raeesa and Yaseen sat in the kitchen watching us. Raeesa was so shocked to see Ahmed helping in the kitchen and even more so when I told her he helped out with the food as well. 
Then she in a subtle way hinted to my brother that she would expect the same. My brother hasn’t done any house work in his life. My mother never allowed my father or brothers to do house work. 
She was brought up like that. In their house no men did any house work, the women took care of the house and children and the men took care of the business and expenses. 
It’s not a thing about men and women, it’s just how things have been. The wife takes care of the house and the men takes care of the business. My sister got married into the same kind of family, she lives with her inlaws and handles her kids and the house.
Raeesa was very stunned to hear that families still live like this especially rich families as she put it. She had this idea that a rich man’s wife only shops and goes to parties and goes out for coffee/breakfast and lunch with friend.
She was surprised that my mum and my sisters inlaws did their own work although there are domestic workers but they just there to take care of things the women of the house can’t but looking after the kids and cooking is the wife’s job. I was surprised at her thinking. 
After supper we sat in the lounge and spoke about Yaseen and Raeesa and what they plan to do after marriage. I made coffee for us all and asked Raeesa to join me in the kitchen. I wanted to speak to her in private. 
I needed to get more on this girl. I felt she is a nice girl but she sometimes says things that makes you feel she needs to learn a lot about this world and how it works. You know you get people like that who don’t really know much about the outside world. 
Raeesa seemed like one of those types. I was a bit afraid because I didn’t want her to feel bad when she met the rest of my family especially my mother’s side. 
My cousins and aunties are a bit nasty sometimes when they see someone who is not as educated as themselves. 
I know my mother, she is simple but worries a lot about what her family thinks.
This morning I made some blueberry cupcakes with a cream cheese topping and mini swiss rolls before I went to work. On my way to work I witnessed a horrific accident. I was in such shock I actually went cold. I pulled off to the side and sat in the car shocked. 
Lucky there were other cars on the road and I was not alone. Everyone got out of their cars and checked on each other and the car and truck that was involved in the accident. I called Yaseen and Ahmed to come fetch me, there was no way I could go to work after what I saw and the way I was feeling. 
I’ve never seen my life flash before me. I was so scared I thought the car involved was going to knock into me. Lucky there was no one behind me or in the next lane so I could swerve away and slow down. 
Ahmed and Yaseen didn’t want to hear anything and took me to the doctor although I said I’m fine. The doctor just gave me some tablets to calm me down. I slept for a while but I kept having flashbacks and woke up everytime.
Aunty Rubina and Uncle Abdullah came over as soon as they heard, Aunty Rubina also sent lunch for us. I was doing okay by late afternoon but Yaseen and Ahmed didn’t want to hear anything. 
Raeesa also came over to see me. 
I remembered that I was suppose to go for the talk to Sakina’s house, so I called her to apologize. Yaseen went out for supper with Raeesa, they made plans the night before, Yaseen wanted to cancel but Ahmed told him not to. 
Ahmed stayed with me, we ordered pizza and watched a movie. I fell asleep while watching the movie and Ahmed didn’t even wake me. He just covered me with a blanket. He waited for Yaseen to come back. 
It was getting late so Ahmed woke me up and sent me to the room to sleep. He sat in the lounge waiting for Yaseen. I was still having the flashbacks and waking up every 30 minutes so Ahmed didn’t want to leave. 
Yaseen got home pass eleven and Ahmed was asleep in the lounge so Yaseen left Ahmed to sleep and locked up the house and went to his room. I took some sleeping pills so I slept a good few hours before I had another flashback. 
When I woke up it was 4am, I went to the kitchen to get water and saw Ahmed sleeping in the lounge. I woke him up and made him go sleep with Yaseen. 
I asked him how come he slept over, he told me he waited for Yaseen to come back. 
In the morning I woke up and Ahmed asked his assistant to get his clothes from his house. He decided he was going to take me to the doctor again because of the flashbacks. I tried telling him it’s okay, I’m sure it’s because it’s still fresh in my mind with time it will go away but he insisted. 
After breakfast we got ready and went to see the doctor, he just put me on some meds to relax my mind and to sleep and told me to give it a week, If it didn’t come right he wanted me to see a therapist. I don’t really want to see a therapist. I hate telling strangers about myself and how I feel.
Ahmed is so stubborn he doesn’t want to hear anything. He says he doesn’t care what I think because when it comes to my health I’m very careless so he has to make sure he takes care of me. I tried arguing with him that I survived all these years without him to take care of me but it didn’t work. 
As soon as we got home he made his assistant look for the best therapists in Jo’burg, I left him because there was no changing his mind. We spent the rest of the day at home because we both were tired and sleepy from the night before’s sleepless night. 
He played a few playstation games while I went to take a nap. Yaseen ordered lunch for us on his way home from shopping with Raeesa. After lunch my mum called to find out how I was doing, Yaseen told her what happened and she decided that she was coming to stay with me for a few days. 
I already had Ahmed to deal with I didn’t want another person ordering me around, I know they care but I felt I was going to be strangled, I spoke to my dad and asked him to convince her, my mum agreed but said they were coming for a day. 

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