Ahmed slept the rest of the day and Yaseen went out to see Raeesa. I wasn’t really bothered about Yaseen because Ahmed was back and I needed to be there for him getting him sorted after his flight. 
He is very fussy and wouldn’t stay at his apartment if it isn’t cleaned on the day he arrived, although he has it cleaned everyday when he is using it, so I had his cleaners come in during the day. When I got back from work Ahmed and I went to his house and got him settled in. 
In the evening Ahmed and I went out for supper to ocean basket, it is so delightful to have Ahmed around. Somehow when he is around life seems so simple and stress free. I have good days and I start looking forward to the days. 
On our way back home Ahmed says he has something important to tell me but I shouldn’t get upset. His ex girlfriend who he dated 2 years ago who is also his mother friends daughter found out that he is seeing someone and we planning to get married. 
So she has been sending him messages and emails telling him that she wants to get back together and how sorry she is for breaking up with him. He hasn’t replied to any of the messages or emails and says he doesn’t intend to. He just needed to tell me before I found out from someone else.
Apparently he only dated her for a few weeks and only because his mother kept pushing him but then they found out some horrible things about this girl and Aunty Shenaaz was not too happy with her anymore. 
I didn’t know how to react, should I be worried, I hope she doesn’t get my contact details, I don’t want drama in my life. We discussed this issue and how we would deal with it, I have to tell him if she contacts me and he will do the same. 
He said he will change his personal phone number and his personal email address and ask all his friends and family not to give her his details. I was a bit worried about this but I was glad that we trust each other and we honest. 
He told me all about his past and so did I. I told him about Asad and Ridhwaan, I also told him that I was still friends with them but they were not a psycho like his ex. They understood our relationship and accepted that I could only offer them my friendship. 
Ahmed just left and Yaseen came home, I was still upset with him so I locked the doors and went to my room. Yaseen came to my room, he apologized for the other day and told me who Raeesa is. They have been chatting over social networks for the past 8 months and have met three times already. 
The first meeting was at his friends wedding that happened back home and the other was when he came to Jo’burg with his friends to fetch a car. Third meeting was in my house. They were friends for the first five months and have been dating for the past three months. 
That’s why he came to Jo’burg for the week he got off and she also took of from work. She is a receptionist at a doctors surgery. I felt bad that I lashed out at her. He said she was upset that he didn’t tell us about her and that he didn’t even tell me that she was coming over to my house. 
I thought she would be upset with me but he said she wasn’t, she said she would of reacted the same. I told him to invite her over for supper tomorrow, I needed to get to know more about her. I’m glad he found someone but I hate the lies that he keeps telling just to meet her.
Ahmed called before I went to bed to ask if everything was okay with Yaseen and I, he noticed the tension and that we were not speaking to each other. I told him the whole story and told him he has to be here for supper because I invited Raeesa over. 
The next morning I made all the preparations that I could do before I left for work. I made the salad, dessert and side dishes, I marinated the chickens and meat and made rotis, I would prepare the rest when I get home later. 
My boss was coming to the office today so everyone was informed yesterday that all their work needed to be up to date. As far as I know everyone was on par and I didn’t have to stress. When I got to the office, my boss was already there. He finished all his work by 10am and left to go back home. 
Anyways I left work early and stopped at the mall to get some things for the house and a little something for Raeesa. While shopping I met Sakina, she was shopping for a gift for Imraan, his birthday was coming up soon. 
Sakina invited me over for a girls get together she was having Friday afternoon, she said there’s a Apa that comes to her house once a month and give a talks. 
I got back home and continued with supper. Ahmed came by, I made him tea and we spoke about our day while I put up the food. He helped me lay the table and sorted out a few things. I went for a quick shower and got ready. 
I heard someone talking so I went to the lounge, Yaseen and Raeesa were here, lucky Ahmed was here so he took care of everything. I greeted her and also apologized for the way I behaved the other day. She was more apologetic, all because Yaseen didn’t tell the truth.
Ahmed and I left Raeesa and Yaseen alone for a while, we went to sort out things in the kitchen, I could see Raeesa was nervous around us. She wanted to make a good impression after Yaseen told her that Ahmed and I have the final say on things. He was really adding to the fire.
We went to sit with them afterwards and I got to know more about her and her family. She has no father and no siblings, she lives with her mother and Aunty. They don’t mix a lot with both her mother’s and father’s family ever since her father passed away the family felt like they were going to ask for things.
She is the only one earning in the house. Her mother was working but got very sick so her aunt came over to help and has been staying with them ever since. She seems to be a nice girl, I don’t know if my mother will approve because she has strong opinions on everything. 
Yaseen was really worried that my mum will not approve, his reasons are my mum always said she wanted educated and qualified partners for her children and because Raeesa came from a middle class family. 
My mum never use to worry about all this until my sister got married. My sister inlaws always stressed about class and how educated the girl is, Faheema is a lawyer and so is Shuaib so they approved immediately and they were so particular about things. 
I didn’t know what to say and Ahmed was also quiet for a minute until he tried cracking a joke, which I never found funny. However I tried to assure them I would try my best to get my mum to agree and I would get Faheema involved as well because she knows exactly how it is to go through the whole thing. 
Anyways we served supper shortly after the men came back from maghrib. I made a sesame chicken for starters, Portuguese chicken and Mutton Karai for mains served with salads and homemade rotis and for desserts I made a fererro dessert, supper was awesome we really had a great time.

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